How To Resolve An Issue Of Using Netflix Streaming Video In Your Internet Explorer?

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You are required to install a Microsoft Silverlight in your system if you want to watch Netflix videos with internet explorer. We are going to discuss the troubleshooting steps for resolving any issues related to Netflix streaming videos in this blog post.

If you are also facing the issues like:

  • Unable to stream media through Netflix com activate
  • Unable to re-install or uninstall the Silverlight

Then read this blog post. The steps for resolving this issues are

1st step: confirm that you are running the latest version of Silverlight software in your computer. To check, follow these steps.

  • Open the start button then type Silverlight in search option.
  • Open the program from list of programs.
  • The version must be higher than 5.0.61118.0.
  • Install the latest version if not downloaded earlier.

If the Netflix still not working in your computer even after downloading the exact version of Silverlight then perform the following troubleshooting steps

  • Log into the system as an administrator. For this, you need to close all the tabs including internet explorer window.
  • Now open the internet explorer by logging in as an administrator from the start button.
  • Click on allow if you are prompted.
  • Now try to get into free Netflix with the help of Silverlight. If the issue is still not solved, then adjust the date and time, if these are incorrect. To adjust the date and time:
  • Click on time located at the bottom right of computer screen.
  • Change the time and date and select the right date format.
  • Select ‘ok’ after editing.
  • Now check and go to Netflix com login with the Silverlight if issue has been resolved or not.

In order to check whether the issue has been resolved or not, an In Private browsing must be enabled. To enable the browsing, follow the below mentioned steps

  • Click on the safety menu available in browser then check mark the InPrivate browsing.
  • Open the new tab with in Private browsing enabled.
  • Press the Ctrl+Shift+P together.
  • Open the Netflix now with the help of Silverlight. You can test by visiting the www Netflix com

Occasionally, you require to enter Netflix activate link in trusted websites in order to solve the issue. The steps for entering the site are discussed below

  • Open the internet tools from the internet options.
  • Select the security menu.
  • Click on trusted web links and uncheck the verification box that requires verification of link.
  • Delete the Netflix data if available already.
  • Enter Netflix com in the safe website zone.
  • Click on ‘ok’, then add.
  • Check if the problem has been resolved or not.

The application storage in your Silverlight must be enabled in order to play the things in Netflix. The steps for enabling the application storage are discussed here as under

  • Open the Silverlight program and click on the application storage.
  • Tick mark on ‘enable’ icon.
  • Now test the Netflix for streaming videos.

Remove all the interim files of Silverlight from the operating system I: e, window 7 and vista by using the following steps

  • Close all the running tabs inclusive of internet explorer.
  • Open my computer from the start menu.
  • Click on c: drive and open the user files.
  • You will see the username folder.
  • Open the application folder under username folder.
  • You may not find this folder directly because these files and folders are hidden by default. You can unhide them by clicking on ‘organise a folder’> search and folder option. Unmark the hidden files and folder option.
  • Open the Microsoft folder and delete the files from the Silverlight subfolder.
  • Run the Netflix now. If you are facing any problem yet then go to www Netflix com activate to try streaming service on some other device.