How to meliorate HBO streaming problem from Android phones and tablets?

hbo go

HBO GO app is a streaming app which is used to cast contents on the screen with the help of smartphone and tablet. If you are using this app and getting some problem in streaming the contents through it, then do read the contents of this guide. After installing an app, you need to activate it from HBO activate page. If you are still getting problem in streaming the contents, then follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps and check if the problem is resolved or not.

The steps which we are going to discuss are common for all the android devices. If you find that the phone model you are for is not available in the troubleshooting list, then go to HBO Go help link. The steps for a particular device may slightly change from another one.

General troubleshooting steps

  1. Check the internet connection: To enjoy seamless contents through HBO go app, a strong internet connection is required. To stream full HD videos from the source location, minimum of 3 Mbps is required then only you will be able to enjoy the best streaming experience. Apart from this, you need to visit HBOGO com activate link to activate the service.
  • If you are using a Wi-Fi network and getting problem in connecting to the network, then power cycle all the devices. This will solve the network problem.
  • In case, the network is still encountering the same problem, then it is recommended to call internet service provider. You can troubleshoot this problem by resetting the router and wireless modem.

2. Clear cache and restart HBO Go: Open the HBO GO app and restart it after clearing the cache and old files. You can do this by tapping on ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Applications’. The steps for clearing the cache may differ with the model number and product. Force stop the app and clear the data. Now try playing the contents by visiting HBO Go activate

3. Restart your compatible device: Another method to troubleshoot the problem is by restarting the devices like Android phones and tablets. To restart the device, press power button for 10 seconds and restart the device. You will find the android logo on the screen. If you are still getting the problem, then go to HBO go activate device

4. Switch off the device and wait for 10 seconds.

5. Turn on your device after 15 seconds and now open HBO Go app.

6. Check if the problem is resolved or not: If the same problem still exists, then follow the next troubleshooting step.

7. Remove and reinstall HBO app: For this, you need to go to ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Applications’. You need to search for HBO streaming service in the list and click to uninstall it.

8. Open the app store on the phone and install HBO Go app from there after downloading it. This app is available for free on all the app stores.

9. Install updates: Another technique to solve the streaming issue on your HBO Go app is by updating the OS of your mobile phone and tablet. You can check the update from the official android link.

In this way, you can troubleshoot the streaming problem. If you still find any doubt or problem, then you are free to call at HBO support number without any hesitation. The support executives sitting at the help desk will guide you properly through simple steps. If your phone is rooted, then the HBO will not support this phone. You can resolve this problem by resetting the phone to the default settings. This option is available on the ‘Settings’ menu of your Android phone.