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How to manage and add Donate button for Facebook posts?

Users can generate funds for their Non-profit organization through their Facebook account. To get funds users need to add an option for Donate under their post. So today we will go through the required steps to do so.

Log in to your account using Facebook login credentials and click on the option for “What’s on your mind?” to add the donate button under your posts, News Feed, Page or Timeline and then go through the following procedure.

Create a Post: Depending upon the requirements assemble the content you want to post from your Facebook ID.If you want to name any anyone in the post or Facebook comment, then Enter the full name of that person. Make sure the first letter of the name should be capitalized. It will show up the results for it to select the person whom you tag the post.

In case you want to add any Page or any of your groups to your post, then type the symbol “@” followed by page or group name. Once you find the relevant results for it, then select the particular name from it. Remember sometimes you won’t be able to add a page or group depending upon its security levels.

If a user mentions the name of a person, Page or a group within the post, then a hyperlink is added to it. The audience for that name, Page or group depends on the privacy settings of it. Like if you add a personal group, then that link would only be visible to the allowed users of that group. All those users will receive notification related to posts and comments that might appear on Timeline.

Once you have created a Post click on it, then select the option for “Add Button” to add the Donate button.Else you can choose any feeling or activity and then move down to the option for “Supporting. Select the option for “Nonprofit” and click on the “Post” button. Now Click on “Add Button” for adding a Donate button.

After you have created a donate button, you might start getting donations so you must specify the method for receiving those funds. You can start receiving funds in two of the following ways:

  1. facebookLogin with your Facebook account to manage payments and donations directly into your account. It allows the users for direct contributions without ignoring the Facebook, which might bring a down falls in donations.
  2. By redirecting the link under Donate button to any other payment site may be any banking site or any other safe payment gateways.

If you use Facebook payment method for receiving donations, then it might take up a processing time for around a week. If your payments are not processed within a week, then make sure you entered the correct email while applying. If the processing remains pending for more than three weeks, then immediately report the issue to Facebook.

Also, make sure you are a part of the Charitable organization then only you will be allowed to receive donations directly from Facebook as it a part of the Facebook policy that it does not allows non-charitable organizations to receive direct funds.

So this was all you need to add the button for Donation with your Facebook Posts and receive the funds directly or indirectly from the donators.


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