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How To Get Rid Of PB4 Error From Hulu On Windows 10 And 8.1 OS?

Hulu fits well on windows 8 and 8.1.  This app offers a lot more to users so as to entertain them. However, if they started getting errors on their screen, then nothing can be seen anywhere. In recent complaint forum, some users have mentioned that they have got PB4 error on their Windows 8 and 8.1 OS which has restricted them from watching their favorite shows.


Some people in their comments have also mentioned that they are getting error PB3 on screen. They found no solution to this problem. Now, we are going to discuss some useful tips, which will help you in fixing this annoying error.

A number of problems are somewhat correlated to this error code. If you come across this error, then other problems may arise with it.

  1. Hulu app not working on 10 OS: If you have been facing this error, then you must take some steps to fix it as early as possible.

  2. Hulu plus PB4 error on windows 8: This error mostly displays on windows 8 screen. If you are using this version of windows, then there are chances of getting this problem.

  3. Hulu windows 10 PB4: If you are getting a PB4 error on Windows 10 OS, then it occurs due to non-functioning of drivers. If the drivers are not installed properly on your computer, then you may get this problem.

  4. Hulu plus not start: To fix this app, you need to go to your app store and click on ‘Uninstall’ button from the given options.

As per latest reports and analysis, it has been found out that this error is mainly reported in Windows 8 and 8.1.

Solution 1: Update your system driver:

If you come across with PB3 and PB4 errors, then this is due to the driver problem. If some audio or video drivers are not properly installed, then update them at the earliest. Check the graphics driver whether it has been properly installed or not.

Solution 2: Edit windows registry:

Sometimes editing windows registry may solve the error. If a number of old driver files are available on your PC, then this may result in a PB4 error. We recommend you to manually install and edit the registry. If you want some help, you can call at windows support. The technical experts will guide you in a right manner.

Solution 3: Set the speaker as a default device for audio:

This solution has been already tried by a number of users. They have bypassed the HDMI output and set PC speakers as an output source. If you have connected 2 devices simultaneously to your computer, then you may get this problem. If you have connected 2nd device to the HDMI connection, then this will act as a primary source of input on your computer as a result, a PB4 error appears. We recommend you to change the output from the system to external speakers.

Solution 4: Reinstall and reset Hulu app

To fix the above-mentioned error, you need to delete the app and then reinstall it. After reinstalling the app, it will automatically reset itself. If you don’t know the steps to reset and re-install the app, then stay in touch with the Hulu Help technical support team.


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