How To Get Rid Of eBook Downloading Problem In Your Amazon Kindle E-Reader?

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Are you a routine user of Amazon kindle E-reader and facing problem in downloading an EBook from the online EBook store. Today, in this blog post I am going to provide the ways by which you can rectify this problem of downloading in your amazon kindle device.

The very first thing that you must know is that you need to create an account on the amazon link. After creating this account. You have to do Amazon kindle login through this credentials, which you have used for creating an account on the amazon. You will get all the downloadable data on the screen after successfully login to the amazon account. Once, you finished with the authentication part, you will now able to access the eBooks from the kindle owned book store. There is no need to carry the books along with you, everything will get accessed through this digital E-reader. You can do any shopping and purchasing from the kindle download page.

After analyzing deeply, I have come to the point that this problem is mainly resulted from the bad internet connection at your home. If your home Wi-Fi network is not properly working then this problem will definitely arise. The kindle app that works on the android and iOS based smartphone is main sufferer of this problem because the link between the server and the app gets disconnected after the poor internet connection gets lost. The users of smartphone devices, who have installed this app on their phones are getting this problem. They have tried to get Amazon kindle support from everywhere but they didn’t get any fruitful results.

Now I am going to provide the ways through which you can get rid of this downloading problem. After reading this blog post carefully, there is no need to take help from Amazon kindle customer service number.  Yes, if you are still doubtful with the points, then you can take support from the above mentioned support link. After downloading a particular Book, if you want to manage or remove it, then you can easily do so by tapping on ‘settings’ then go to ‘manage kindle devices’ menu. You can easily delete and uninstall the book from here. The books here are arranged according to the downloading date and size.

If you are using a kindle fire series tablet or HD models, then the chances of getting this problem are rare. In case you find any problem in downloading a book form your kindle fire tablet, then you can take assistance and support from kindle fire support help link. You just have to enter the serial number on this link, henceforth everything will be displayed automatically. There is no need to move around here and there after opening this link.

Now I am going to explain the troubleshooting points for this problem. You must read them carefully and implement them on your device. These points are verified even by the official amazon link. So you can move further with these points without any jitter and problem.

  1. Turn off the kindle device and wait for 5 minutes. Restart your device again. This may solve your problem.
  2. Turn off all the network devices like router and modem and wait for few seconds to get proper network strength.
  3. Delete the eBook from the main memory of your kindle E-reader, if the book stopped downloading in a middle.
  4. Re-install the book from kindle cloud reader service.
  5. You will find all the options like deletion and un-installation under ‘manage my content devices and storage’ section.
  6. Check the digital order section of amazon kindle, if the book is not available in the above mentioned section.
  7. As a last resort, you can take support from the authorized amazon kindle link.