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How to change Hulu profiles on Mac or Computer?

In order to change the Hulu profile, your computer or Mac must be connected to the internet only then you will be able to perform the function. The steps for switching the Hulu profiles from Mac or Windows computer are very easy if you perform and read carefully. Yes, if you find any problem, you can take help from the support team.

Let’s have a look at the steps. Before starting with the steps, we want to shed light on the summary of the points which we are going to discuss today.

  1. Open page.
  2. Click ‘Login’ and sign-in to the account.
  3. Tap on the profile you want to select.
  4. Over the mouse to the current profile.
  5. Select any one profile out of given profiles.

Step 1: Open from the web browser. You can open the browser from Mac or PC for windows. If you have downloaded chrome browser in your computer, then its good otherwise, we recommend you to open the internet explorer and type chrome on it. Download chrome browser and install it in your computer. You can now open Hulu on chrome browser. We are recommending chrome for Hulu because it best supports the streaming channels.

Step 2: Login to Hulu. If you find that you are not signed in to the Hulu page, then log in with the username and password. The username here is an email address and the password is the one you have linked to the Hulu account. In case you don’t find the login screen on the front screen of your computer, check the internet connection. This problem occurs mainly due to a poor internet connection.  For more support and information related to the internet, you can contact the Internet service provider. They will diagnose and fix the issue if any in your network.

Step 3: Select one profile: Once you login to the account, all the profiles maintained under the primary Hulu account will be displayed on the screen. You can select the profile according to you. If you have watched any content from your profile earlier also, then you will get recommendations based on the previous searches and watchlist.

Step 4: Bring the mouse cursor to the current profile: You can check your currently opened profile name from the right corner of the screen. To enlarge the name and settings related to the profile, bring the cursor to the right top corner. You will find your name displayed on the top of the screen. If you find a problem in getting your profile in the list, then there is a need to take some steps. For this, contact Hulu support team. They will help you out in this regard.

Step5: Select another profile: As we have discussed in the previous steps that all the profiles linked to the main profile will be displayed on the screen. You can change the profile according to your preference. Click on the respective username to select the profile.

If you want, you can create a new profile under the main profile very easily. Just open the page which displays ‘Create a new profile’. Click on ‘+’ to create a new profile. As soon as you create the profile, it will start showing up in the list of profiles.



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