How to Activate Netflix on your Device

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Netflix has overshadowed most of the streaming services that are available on the market. Netflix offers a plethora of amazing digital content that can’t be found on any other platform. But, in order to watch all those contents, you will first have to activate your Netflix. Refer to below-mentioned post for that process.

Netflix is a digital streaming service that you must subscribe to. Netflix is free for the first month, but even after the first month, the services of this amazing platform is quite affordable. Let us find out the process of setting up Netflix on your device.

  1. Check the compatibility: Netflix com activate only on those devices that are compatible with it. There is a big list of devices that are compatible with Netflix. It includes iOS, Kindle, Apple TV, PS3, PS4, Chromecast, Android, Xbox One, Xbox360, Wii, Samsung Smart TV and more. All these devices support Netflix.
  2. Visit the website: Irrespective of your location, go to www Netflix Com Activate from the computer. It will automatically direct you to the website of your location. If you are not registered member of it then click on ‘free one month trial’.
  3. Choosing the Plan: On the next screen, you will see the details of three plans available in Netflix. These plans are basic, standard and premium. You can choose any one on basis of your choice and pocket. The plans are distinguished on the basis of features like HD facility, Ultra HD, watching more than one channel at a time, unlimited movie shows and episodes. All these features are different in a different The basic pack is available for $8 a month and the premium pack is available for $14 a month. You will enjoy 4k videos on the premium pack. Select the pack from Netflix com login link. The premium pack covers all the features discussed above.
  4. Creating a Netflix account: after selecting a suitable pack from the three option, you will be asked to create an account on the Netflix. Enter the details in the related box. You will be asked whether you want to receive special offers on your account or not. Give your consent accordingly. If you come across any issue, then log onto
  5. Payment: once you decided the plan. Now it’s the time to decide the payment option method whether you want to pay through credit card or through pay pal account in order to activate Netflix. If you select the pay pal option then simply enter the email address and password but if you select credit card method then you have to enter the credit card details in the box. Payment method is secure in both the options.
  6. Setting up Netflix: some devices already have Netflix app built-in, some require to download. The ways to download the app on different devices are discussed below.
  • Computer: simply go to the website of Netflix and enter the sign-up details for using the services.
  • IOS: Go to the app store and find Netflix app in it. Download and install it. The size of the file will be 50MB max.
  • Android smart phone: Go to the play store and enter Netflix in the search bar, you will see the app on the first page. Install it for free then launch in the smart phone.
  • Play station: go to the home screen of PlayStation and find for Netflix. You will easily get this app on your home screen within next 10 minutes. You can now easily sign into the Netflix. In case you don’t, then go to com sign in help link.
  1. Start browsing the app: Once everything is done, start browsing the contents on the Netflix. For the first time, it will ask your personal details for filtering the contents according to your profile. You can create multi profiles in a Netflix. If you don’t find anything or facing any weird issue, then visit Netflix help center to know the details regarding the issue and its solution.

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