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How Can You Watch Hulu With Live Television On Your Computer?

Hulu is one of the business organizations, which have reconstructed their network as per the feedback they gather from their customers.  It is a very good step to be taken, as this can make the bond between customers and company more strong. 


Hulu has introduced number 0f new services and features over the web and all these services are the result of feedback gathered from customers. If you want to access applications based services over the web, then carefully go through the information mentioned below.

1. Things you require to get started:

The very first things you need to check out is a browser, the browser must be supported by Hulu and it can be any like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari 10+, and Firefox 15+. Once the browser version has been checked, you are required to visit  You are suggested to make a bookmark of this website as it will introduce a number of scopes in front of you in future.

When you will surf the website, it will ask you to “Enable Location Services” for the web browser, you can choose the “Yes” option, if you enable the location services, you can have access to the better website services. If you do not select “Enable Location Services”, you might face issues in website loading and it might have to manually enable “location services”.

2. Finding the best way:

You can choose the other medium of accessing material on your web browser, you can go through “home, search, browse, live and my stuff” menus and can access whatever content you want.

In, when you go on “Home Screen”, then you can have access to the wide content collection which can be beneficial for you, all this content available is based on your previous search and preference. There will be “keep watching” section included in the content from where you can easily resume TV serial and movies that you are watching presently.

 If you want to search the platform through genre, network or by random content present over the platform, then it is important for you to stay on “browse” menu.  In this section, you can have access to gamut content.

You can simply go through search menu if you have clear idea regarding the content you are looking for. In the search box, you can search for TV shows, pictures, and sports etc., easily.

“MY stuff” option will provide you with all information that has been chosen by you to keep the entire track, here you can make modifications easily and if any problem arises, you can have a conversation with experts upon the issue.

At last, you are supposed to choose “live TV” menu, it will take you to the last channel you watched. Through “Guide Option” you can access all the details about TV shows (running currently and upcoming next). You can sort the channel list in an alphabetical manner and can find out the particular content as per the requirement. Viewers having paid subscription for Hulu can only watch the live shows.

If there is any type of trouble, you can contact the Hulu “Help and Support” providers for their helpful assistance.


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