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HBO GO Offers The Best Lot Of Movies To Watch When You Are On The Go!

Would you like to watch a good movie or your favorite series on vacation? The HBO GO video on Telekom Slovenia’s television allows you to view HBO’s content anytime, anywhere and as many times as you wish.

A well-deserved vacation or spending a weekend in a holiday home can quickly spoil the bad weather. In this case, an entertaining film or episode, if not a season, a top-of-the-line series.

However, how to get to them the moment we want it?

5,000 hours of content on five different devices

On, hbogo com activate a web-based video service on demand (SVOD), which Telekom Slovenia offers to subscribers of the HBO software program, you will always be waiting for over five thousand hours of quality content, and you can access them on five different devices at no extra charge.

So you can see your favorite series or movie on your laptop, smartphone or tablet, which is a great advantage in today’s mobile world.

You can access the content on the HBO GO website, there are also mobile applications for the Android and iOS operating systems, while Telekom Slovenia is the only Slovenian provider of television services that provide access to HBO GO via BOX, which means that you can also view all the content on large screens.

A rich video store anytime, anywhere in Europe

What if you want to see Game Of Thrones while your kids are cheering on Disney cartoon?

No worries, HBO GO provides two streaming playback simultaneously, which means that both of you will come to your own account – you will be able to have fun with the computer, and your kids on the table.

Not only is there a rich set of content among which you will find the latest Hollywood hitters and series that are or still are writing history, many times a week, which are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It doesn’t depend on whether you are in Slovenia or you are vacationing in the countries of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA / EEA) or the Adria region.

What does the HBO GO video store offer?

As we have already mentioned, more than five thousand hours of quality content are always available in the HBO GO platform. These are suitable for all tastes and different age groups because they are refreshed several times a week, but there is no danger of seeing everything at any time.


On the HBO GO in July arrived movies Wonder Woman, Kong: The Island of Skulls, Thor: Ragnarok, the next week you will be able to see Iztrebljevalca 2049, and in August, movies made under the production of Kingsman films such as Golden Circle, Father vs. Photo 2 and Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be shown.


With HBO GO, you will never miss the premiere of the new series, who are destined to become hits, not the new season and episode episodes that are already there.

In the first category, we can include the series Ostrina, The Deadly Game, Who is America ?, Famous and In Love, Black Lake and Patrick Melrose, in the second series Girl’s Story, Young Sheldon, Westworld, Scam, Silicon Valley, Vice President, Footballers and Negotova, to name a just a handful.

HBO GO is also a popular show Last week: Tonight with John Oliver, and next year a new season of the HBO flying horse – the Games of the Thrones will also arrive there.


 hbo activate is renowned for the exceptional and award-winning series that were recorded in their original production. We have already mentioned some of those that will continue, and with HBO GO you will be able to enjoy the marathon hits of cult hits that have attracted viewers from small screens before years or even decades.

Soprano, Sex in the City, Pod rušo, A handful of chosen ones, The Secret Circumstance, The Empire of the Overheat and The Real Detective are series to which we will no doubt come back and the younger generations through HBO GO will discover the contents that defined the modern TV-entertainment highest quality.


In it, you will find more than 500 hours of animated and feature-rich content, which especially target young spectators of different age groups.

The youngest individuals will be entertained by Pujsa Pepa, Master Miha, and Kung Fu Panda, among which there is also the popular animated series Spuži Kvadratnik and Lego Ninjago. While the youngsters will be able to see some animated or featured features, such as the Lego Batman movie and the Diary of a Shrewed Mole.

Many contents in the Kids category is synchronized into Slovene, and among the content that will entertain the whole family, special attention deserves a special collection of Disney’s animated and feature-rich hits such as Princess’s Diary, The Upper, Wall-E and Breakthrough World of Toys.


With hbo go login, film lovers will not be able to get into their own account, which does not suit contemporary Hollywood production.

You can see a number of documentaries including Robin Williams: “In my head and Dangerous binge” and the documentary of Slovenian director Žiga Virca Houston, we have a problem! A number of Cult movies and film classics such as Truman’s show and the Fallen Bull, the pearls of the European cinemas, such as Ona and Toni Erdmann, and music lovers will be able to have fun while watching and listening to musical films and recordings of concerts.


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