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Google Assistant Support Is Now Available On Hulu For Android TV.

You can now control the functioning of Hulu on Android TV with the help of Google voice assistant. We will discuss this in detail in this post. You must pay close look to this post if you are curious to use this function.


Despite of having spectacular features in Android TV, it has not been able to gain interest from most of customers. Maybe the people are neglecting this product due to its insufficient support for Hulu. But with the changing markets trends, the product is no longer remain a dumb. You will find latest stuff in Android TV now. There are more than thousands of movies and TV shows available on amazing app. Hulu has now added voice assistant facility even in the App. With this feature, you don’t need to enter the words manually with hands. Just speak words in mic, the app will automatically sort the things and display relevant results on screen. Botheration of searching the movies or touching hardware has no longer remain a limitation. Just use your commands to control Hulu.

We can’t deny the fact that Android TV has kept the voice search feature at its primary vision. The Android TV has now updated the software with latest features. The developers have done a good job in bringing the Google voice assistant on Android TV platform. It was not as easy as it sounds. It took nearly half year to put this assistant on this application.

The company has brought this feature with the view to migrate most of the people towards Android from other platform. The company has played an important role in bringing this association within short span of time. You can easily notice difference between the new and existing Hulu app.

Hulu has been able to add this feature into the app after a year almost. If you want to see this feature on your Hulu, then download the latest Hulu app. You will find this app easily on Google play store. Download the app and install it on your device. Try opening the content with google assistant without opening the app. If you are able to navigate through menus, then you are good to go now. If you are using NVidia Shield TV, then you can easily use this feature without any trouble. This is the only android TV which supports this app fully. You must try this app once.

As far as new update is concerned, the voice control of Hulu on Android TV is also available in the form of Google assistant. People can control app through voice. You can also play, fast forward, stop, resume and rewind any show and movie. It is an amazing addition to the app. You won’t find these features in every app. This is extraordinary app that will attract more and more customers.

So, this is all about the Google voice assistant feature added in Android TV. If you are having any question or query, then feel free to contact at www Hulu Com Account Settings. The team will help you in a most efficient manner.


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