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Facebook And Its War Against Clickbait

Facebook has just hit a 2 billion users mark. It has more population than any country in the world. Mark Zuckerberg sees it as 5 billion more potential users who do not have joined. Additionally, out of these 2 billion users, the aim of Mark is to make users stay on the website for a time if possible. Unfortunately, the inputs which were thought of to retain the users are also used as some items which are antisocial. For instance, the use of news was to know more on Facebook without switching websites but it has grown in a negative manner. We will see how.

About the introduction of the news section:

The success of a social media website is in retaining its users on the website for as long as possible. While they are paying attention to the social part of the website, they are also adding more functionality than ever. You can get access to those features by getting in touch with Facebook tech support. The social part of the website has got a total overhaul. It has added emoticons, reactions, commenting gifs and new congratulations button in the text box. These features ensure that the social media users do not feel outdated and bored with Facebook.

Normally users switch when they feel bored on any social media website. This has been a continuous pattern and can be seen in a lot of websites too. The failure of Orkut and google plus is because of the same reason. The website also caters to a lot of other needs too nowadays because of which users already have stopped leaving for good. For instance, users needed to go to twitter for trends and to news websites for news. If you want to deactivate your account, but don’t know how then contact Facebook customer support.


Currently, Facebook trends are powered by 2 billion strong users and Facebook has also introduced news in it. The news feature automatically shows news based on the geographical location of the users. Unable to use this feature? Better contact Facebook customer service. The news, however, is a source of a lot of controversy for a plenty of users. There have been reports of wrong news being shared and spread on the Facebook while united states elections. This was due to a lot of efforts by political parties to get under the skin of opposing candidates. This has brought a need to control a share of news on Facebook.

Dealing Fake news displayed on Facebook by calling at Phone number for Facebook

The Facebook team, under the vigilance of Mark Zuckerberg, is trying to fix this issue. Not only fake news, but fake play buttons, phishing websites and click bait are also heavily targeted by Facebook for now. Dial Facebook contact number to know more about this issue. When users click on a photo or a video, they expect an action to happen. However, there have been reports of websites which show a play button on Facebook and when users click on them, they take users to some low-quality websites. Facebook has these kinds of websites on their radar to cope with.

Facebook’s algorithmic features are also being benefitted from by spammers. Facebook heavily favors video content. Hence, if there is a fake photograph with a play button and users fall for that, due to high hit rate Facebook will promote it. Hence spammers and guerilla marketing sellers make use of these kinds of techniques. Not only that they get the visibility, but also they do not have to pay anything to Facebook for boosting their posts. If you want to protect your Facebook account, then seek for Facebook help contact as they can only fix this problem.

Facebook is consistently updating itself. An earlier update included not promoting content with some click bait kind of content. This was done to ensure that users don’t go to dubious websites by mistake. Another update included checking news stories and posts with third party fact checking. This is also implemented in the news section of Facebook. This is how it deals with fake news over the website.

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