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Do You Really Need To Upgrade Hulu With No Commercials?

Do you really need to upgrade Hulu with no commercials? Let’s find out the difference between Hulu with commercials and Hulu without commercials.

Since its launch, Hulu had always been on second in the list of streaming services. Netflix, being on the top of the list always try to provide the best to the users. Hulu gets a license from different companies in order to provide movies, shows, and music to the users. To cover up these costs, Hulu always places Ads with content. But, you can’t say that it will keep on distracting you while watching content. These ads can be tailored according to your needs. If you want, you can stop seeing the ads by subscribing to Hulu with no commercials. This offer is available for premium and exclusive customers of Hulu streaming service.

Now, let’s analyze the difference between No commercials and Hulu with commercials

In the normal plan which you can subscribe with limited commercials will offer ad during the starting of the show and during the ending of the show. And if the show duration is of 30 minutes, then you will get 2 ads in-between the show. Likewise, the frequency of ads keeps on increasing with the increasing duration of the show.

On the other side, if you analyze subscribers with no commercial plans, they can stream the content without any ad in between. In other words, you can say that the user can enjoy the best streaming experience with Hulu without ads. If you are binge-watcher, then we recommend you to prefer this plan. The same plans are also available on Netflix as well.

The only drawback or this subscription is; you will not be able to watch ad-free content if the duration of the show is less than 30 minutes. So, No advertising rule doesn’t apply here at all. Only long length shows with more than 30 minutes of duration are covered under Hulu no ads subscription. The latest list of shows on which you will not get any commercial at all is;

  1. Scandal
  2. New Girl.
  3. Once upon a time.
  4. Marvel agents.
  5. How to get away with murder
  6. Grey’s Anatomy.

If you have subscribed to Hulu with no ads plan, then even you will have to watch house commercials during the starting of the show or each episode.  Take for example, if you are going to watch Billion 3 with commercial on, then a 30-second break will be played after each episode.

How do you compare Hulu ads with Broadcast TV?

Not all shows report the same ads. Some report more and some are lesser. According to Nielsen, a total of 14 minutes of ads are being played in 1-hour show. If you compare it with cable network, then you will get a minimum of 16-minute ads during one hour show.

Hulu cost: A complete analysis of Hulu plans has been done and the plans are mentioned here as under:

Hulu with no ads: $12 a month.

Hulu with limited ads: $8 a month.

Hulu Live: $40 a month.

Is it worth upgrading Hulu?

At last, we can say that Hulu weakness is its main strength. Though it is offering the services with ads, at the same time it is offering services at affordable rate. If you really want to enjoy streaming service, then nothing can be better than subscribing to Hulu without ads.


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