Do You Know The Important Things About Roku Premiere Plus?

Roku premiere plus model is a premiere model developed by Roku in 2016. The main feature introduced in this model was its support for HDR and 4k playback. This model was designed mainly for those people who have an interest in HDR and 4k streaming.

If you are going to buy this product in the coming days, then there are 5 points about this device which you must know prior to buying. We are going to provide these steps just for the knowledge sake so that you can decide the best product for yourself.

  1. No optical or USB port: If you love to enjoy high beats or music sensation, then you will be shocked to hear that there are no optical or USB ports available in Roku premiere plus for best sound output. You will have to accommodate in terms of sound quality if you are going to buy Roku premiere. While streaming any video or show through media streaming player, sound quality matters a lot. If you are watching a movie at low quality of sound, then you may feel disappointed and the whole streaming experience may get affected. You can connect external speakers only through optical output or through some other alternative. If there is some alternative available with you, then you can go for Roku premiere plus.
  2. Voice search feature is not available in the remote: The next thing which is absent in this model is ‘voice search’ feature in the remote. The remote of this model is normal. You will have to type the keywords related to the search manually with remote keys whereas in Roku Help you will get a voice remote through which you can search for the title through your voice. There’s also remote finder button given on the ultra player hardware which helps you to locate the remote at home. No such button is available in Roku premiere plus.
  3. High network speed required: In order to watch the HD or 4k content, a minimum speed requirement must be met. The normal speed recommendations from the company side are:

         3mbps for normal or standard streaming.

         5mbps for HD with 720p resolution.

         25mbps for ultra HD streaming.

  1. No HDMI cable inside the packing: We all know that for seamless streaming of videos, we need two things. First one is network connection on a streaming device and the second one is a Roku Com Link established to the TV. To connect the device to the TV, you need an HDMI cable. Without this, there is no other option to connect the device to the TV. You will be surprised to hear that no HDMI cable is coming with this Roku model. You have to purchase it separately from the online or retail store.
  2. A number of options are available: If you are not interested in watching 4k or HDR content, then there are a number of options available for you other than premiere plus models. You can go with roku com link code enter which supports HD streaming. Moreover, the price of this models is also low and include all those features which are available in premium-segment models.

At last, we will suggest you to take the decision wisely and analyze your requirements before buying any model. If 4k or HDr is not your requirement, then you can save few dollars by purchasing Roku ultra instead of Roku premiere plus.


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