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Different Problems Faced By iPhone Users During HBO Sign-Up

HBO launched its OTT service for iPhone users a year back by the name of ‘HBO now’. There are some users who are using this service successfully on their device but some unlucky users are getting the problem with the HBO Sign-up.

Some of the users in the complaint have said that they are not even able to access the ‘Help’ page from the HBO support website. When tried to contact the support engineers, they replied that the problem is with your network, you must call your internet service provider to solve such issue. However, there is no link of HBO login with the ISP.

Another user in the complaint forum has written then he is not being able to see the billing account. He is trying to pay for the services but couldn’t do so due to billing page issue. He said that the iTunes page is accessible from the Apple device but HBO Now is not opening on it. However, Android and other OS users are enjoying 2 months free trials on their OS based device. They are not getting any problem as of now.

Another thing that has been noticed by some iPhone users is that when you sign-up for the HBO subscription, you will be asked to first enter the mail address and password for receiving the registration code whereas, in other OS like Android or Amazon, this is done in the last. You can enter the mail address even later.

There are some users who are getting the problem in receiving the registration code on their mail. They also commented that no clear-cut instructions related to linking of email have been mentioned on the page.

When some users tried to fix and diagnose the issue on their own, they find a block of text in a complicated language that can’t be understood. However, there are some users who are able to solve this problem by restarting the . If you are among the unlucky users who are getting the problem, then must try this step.

Keeping the interest of users in mind, Apple has come up with too many workarounds. Out of which it has shared some on the forum. The solutions are available on the forum from where users can read and try the same on their device and check if it solves the problem or not.

According to the HBO officials, if someone has purchased the subscription through Apple TV, then email address is mandatory for signing-into the app. Though this doesn’t work at all times you must give a try. One of the irritated users in the comment section has posted that he has not got the slip for the subscription he has subscribed and he is not been able to login to the account due to lack of information, though no registration code has received yet in the account.

According to the latest press release by HBO, all the iPhone, and iPad users, you must log in to the app from the device itself instead of signing in from the computer. If you are an Apple TV user, then you must not try this method because you will find the same problem appearing on the screen.


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