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CBS Will Now Get Available With The Hulu Streaming Service On TV

Hulu Plus, one of the best streaming company is soon going to roll out the low-cost alternative for cable users. It will include the CBS network for all the streaming televisions. The company in its press release has not released the final date of its commencement but it is definitely going to unveil this year.

After addition of CBS networks in the streaming channel like Hulu or activate. The channel is going to come up in the list of top-rated programs which includes; NCIS and Big Bang theory. Apart from this, you will be able to enjoy the inherent favorites like NFL games and Prince Right and Basketball tournament. Direct TV now and Sling TV are still the missing out figures. They are not going to add CBS channels on their list.

Mike Hopkins, Chief of Hulu account team while talking to the media persons has disclosed that the exact prices for this service are still unclear but it will be less than $40 a month. This subscription plan includes Existing Hulu library of your Hulu activate channel and on-demand programs which costs $8 along with the commercial advertisements.

Though the exact dates and details about the channel lineup are still vague, it has come to the fore that the Company has added Networks like ESPN, ABC and Fox News on November 2017 and the deal is also going on with the CNN, Cartoon Network, TBS, National Geographic, and TNT. For latest updates, you need to stay updated on sign in page. Here you will find all the updates related to Hulu service.

Mr. Hopkins said this service has video recording capabilities as well which is not likely available in traditional cable networks. He said this will be the point of attraction for a number of people who are going to watch it for the first time. The process for watching the channel is same as other ones. You don’t need to go to Hulu manage devices section in order to enjoy the new service.

One of the major drawbacks of this service is that the service is accessible only from two devices at a time. It means that if you are having more than two devices at home and want to access slash activate on all devices, then it is not possible.

It is going to be made available on all the devices that include Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Android apps, and IOS. We are sorry to inform you here that Roku is not on the list. You won’t be able to enjoy the contents of this CBS service on Roku players. Although Hulu activation code works on Roku device but still the CBS service is not available. Mr. Hopkins said these services will soon going to add it on other devices. So, it’s a good news for all the users.

If we talk off Hulu competitors like Amazon and Netflix, then they are providing with the facility to watch on-demand videos without chewing the Carrier data. It means that the videos will keep on playing even without data network. This feature is available only in its rival network but not on Hulu itself. The chief of Hulu said it’s soon going to be made available on Hulu as well.

CBS is available for $5.9 a month. If you don’t want to get advertisements while streaming the contents, then you need to pay $9.9 a month. The subscribers are efficiently using this service and there has been an exponential growth reported in the subscribers since last year.

DirectTV Now is offering a package with 60 channels for $35 a month whereas Sling TV is offering the half number of channels for $20.


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