Are You Not Being Able To Link And Activate Your Roku Media Player?

Are you not being able to link or activate your newly purchased Roku media player on Roku com activate link? If yes, then there is a need to check the steps you are performing for activating the same. Sometimes, you may keep on adding the code at the wrong link or the Roku account is not created. If you have a Roku account, then only you will be able to link and activate the Roku device. In your Roku account, you will find your personal details like Name, Phone number, email ID and details of Roku player added to it. You can check the list of configured devices from Roku account.

The steps required to activate the media player can also be checked online from the Roku support page. If you want to activate it on your own, then follow the steps as it is as given on the screen. The Roku activation is done free of charge. It is necessary to log in to the Roku account while activating the device and linking to account. If you have not registered yourself on Roku account link, then create an account first and confirm the same from your mail address.

To start with the activation process, open the Roku comlink on your computer browser and enter the code on your device given on the browser screen. This will be a 4 digit code comprises of numeric and alphanumeric characters.

Finding Error while entering the code on the link

If in case, you are getting an error message while attempting to enter the code on the link, then sit back and relax. You need to enter the code again and check if all the characters entered by you are correct or not. If the passcode is correct and you are still facing any problem, then check the network connection. Any problem with the network connection may prevent you linking your media player.

  • Open ‘Roku’ settings and click on ‘X’ button from Roku remote. You will be taken to the screen where you have to enter the code.
  • Now, generate the new code and enter before it gets expired.

My code activation screen stuck in between

If your code activation screen stuck in between, then wait for a while as the activation process may take some minutes for configuration. You can check the progress bar from the activation screen. If you still find the same problem, then you can contact Roku support and talk to experts.

Check the steps. You must ensure that all the steps are properly implemented. If you skip any step, then this may lead to a problem. You will not be able to watch any channel until your device gets activated.

If you find Error 001 or ‘Not connected’ message on the linking or activation screen, then it means there is some problem with the internet connection. It might be slow, broken or totally dumb. If you are not getting the signal strength at all, then you must contact your internet service provider or switch to another mode of the network if available. Check whether the device or smartphone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network or not because here, your network will act as a medium of interfacing between Roku and smartphone.

How to Troubleshoot Different Issues on Roku 3 Media Player?

Roku 3 model is a media streaming model, which provides you an access to online videos and movies from your favorite channels. In case, you are getting problems in watching TV shows or any other content, then you can follow the below-mentioned tricks.

  1. No Wi-Fi connectivity: If there is a problem connecting Roku to the network, then the following things can be a possible reason behind it.
  • Incorrect login information: Information entered by you to login to the home Wi-Fi network is incorrect or the username is not known to you. To fix this issue, you need to confirm your username and password first, then enter in the field.
  • Wi-Fi out of range: This problem generally arises, when there are too many hindrances in-between router and the Roku device. We recommend you to place the router in open so that the signal doesn’t get affected by the walls, buildings or windows. If there is an antenna available for the Router hardware, then change its orientation to get the maximum signal strength at your location. This will definitely help you in fixing the network coverage problem.
  • Rebooting is required: If the above-mentioned steps don’t solve your glitch, then you can perform rebooting function on your devices. Power cycle your network device and Roku by disconnecting it from the power supply. Connect both the devices again to the supply after a gap of 5 seconds. Check if the problem is resolved or not.
  • Wrong IP address: Check the IP address of your router. If there is a need to change it, then go to ‘Settings’ from the router manufacturer page.
  1. Low video quality: Following things may oppose you to watch high-quality content from your Roku device.
  • Weak connection between Roku 3 and router: If there is a weak connection between Roku 3 and Router, then you will find a quality issue on video streaming. It is recommended to place Roku3 away from the devices which emit electromagnetic radiations.
  • The speed of internet connection: The speed of internet connection should be 3 Mbps minimum for seamless streaming of videos. Yes, if you want to watch high-quality videos, then 10 Mbps is required.
  1. Remote not working: The permanent steps to fix the remote responding problem are:
  • Replace the batteries: This is the first step to troubleshoot remote related problem. Replace old batteries and check if the new batteries have started working or not. You can check this by noticing the LED light glowing on the top of it. If the problem still continues, then go to next troubleshooting step.
  • Pairing problem: Pairing of remote with Roku device is required to control all the functions from it. To start pairing, click the purple button on the remote and hold it for 3 seconds. A dialog box will then appear on the screen. Read on-screen instructions carefully.
  • Restart Roku and remote: To restart Roku remote, you need to remove the batteries from the back compartment and re-insert them. In the same way, restart Roku by disconnecting it from the power supply and connect it back to the source after 5 seconds.
  • Clear Remote: To clear the remote, firstly remove the batteries from the remote compartment and insert them back. After inserting the batteries, click on pairing button. You will find this button in the center. Click A, B button together. An LED will start flashing on the remote depicting the device is properly paired.

What Is ‘HDCP Unauthorized Content Disabled Roku’ Problem And How To Eradicate It?

One of the most common issues in Roku is ‘HDCP unauthorized content disabled’. If you are dealing with this issue, then you need to first ensure if your TV supports HDCP over HDMI. If yes, then check HDMI cable that you are using. If HDMI cable is also fine, then take help of Roku experts by logging at Roku Com Link page.

The combination of elegant design with incredible features makes Roku the most formidable streaming device today. While you may find many streaming devices with the same functionality and design, but what sets Roku apart is its easiness to connect with multiple platforms without too many changes in the settings.

Currently, there are two models that are being sold by Roku, which are; Roku Express and Roku Streaming Stick+. Both these devices are capable of streaming HD quality content, and they both can support thousands of channels that are associated with Roku.

Roku currently has 5000 channels, which consist of more than 500,000 movies and TV shows combined. Just imagine the number of hours of content Roku currently has. It will boggle your mind, so there is no other streaming device that is even closer to Roku.

With the ability to work seamlessly with any smart TV, Roku may experience issues at times due to several reasons. One of the most common issues arising in Roku is ‘HDCP unauthorized content disabled Roku’. Regardless of its common occurrence on Roku, people still are not aware as to why this issue occurs in the first place, let alone fixing it.

What is HDCP?

HDCP means ‘High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection’. HDCP is a content protection standard, which helps to protect the data while it is streamed from the source to the display. Video piracy is a big problem, and to curb that, HDCP standards are used. The data remains concealed until it reaches the output, thus barring the video pirates to steal data. So, when ‘HDCP unauthorized content disabled Roku’ issue occurs, then the data becomes vulnerable to hackers.

Solution to ‘HDCP unauthorized content disabled Roku’:

To every problem, there is a solution available, but the only thing that matters is where you are looking for the solution. The solution to the problem that we are discussing lies in the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Start with unplugging HDMI cable from your TV as well as Roku player.
  2. Turn off the TV and the Roku Take off all the wires and cables that are connected to both devices for half a minute.
  3. Now, connect all the cables and wires that you have taken out back into their respective ports. While connecting HDMI cable, pay a little extra attention because if HDMI cable is not properly inserted into the HDMI port, then there may be a chance of facing that HDCP error. Make sure that the HDMI cable is fully inserted into the port.
  4. Now, connect both devices to the power source and then, turn the power button ‘On’.
  5. Now, play a video on Roku, and see if it is properly streamed on TV or not.

If you are able to see the video crisp and clear, then it means the problem is solved, but if not, then you should use a different HDMI cable. Maybe the cable that you are using is defective.

Note: If the error accompanies with a purple screen as well, then maybe your TV doesn’t support HDCP over HDMI. If you have encountered HDCP error right after setting up the Roku player for the first time, then it is the problem of an unsupported TV. But, if you were able to stream videos through Roku onto your TV properly, then there could be some other reason, maybe a faulty HDMI cable or a loose connection.

A Complete Analysis Of Non-Certified Channels On Roku And How To Add These To Your Device?

Non-certified channels are channels developed by channel developer which can only be accessed through a dedicated access code. If you are having this code, then only you can access the non-certified channel. Before going further, let’s discuss what the Non-certified channels actually are?

These are the channels which are not available directly on the Roku app store but is available for a small chunk of users. The developers of these channels develop the channels to test it on a few users. Once they find it successful, they unlock the channel for whole users. The users need to be cautious while installing non-certified channels on the Roku device.

Why non-certified channels on Roku?

As we have discussed in the above passage that developers from different country develop the channels and test it on Roku store on a small set of people. When they get satisfied, they publish all over the Roku store. These channels are particularly meant for Roku employers who test and passes the same.

Why Roku blocks Non-certified channels for some users?

If any Non-certified channel is not following the rules and restrictions of Roku Company, then the company may take necessary action against the channel developer and the user. If a company is violating the rules or showing illegal content on the screen, then Roku may block the account due to the same reason cited above.

How do you check if the company is using the pirated or duplicated content on the Roku platform or not that violates Roku terms and conditions?

All the channels available on the Roku store must abide by the laws and restrictions. It doesn’t test the channel before publication. However, if it comes to a light that a company is using the pirated content or violating the rules, then Roku may stop its distribution among users. The user needs to aware of this thing before installing any non-certified Roku channel.

How to add Non-certified channels?

  • From the computer screen or smartphone, open
  • Login to the Roku accounts for verification purpose.
  • Under manage account, go to ‘Add a channel with code’ option.
  • Enter the code on the next screen.
  • Check if any warning message is appearing on the screen.

The channel will not get added automatically at once. You need to wait for 2-3 days till the website gets added. If you want to add the channel immediately, then download the channel from the store and go to ‘Settings’. Click on ‘System’. From there perform a system update.

After downloading the channel, you will have to add the channel immediately. Check the same from the home screen if it started appearing over there or not. You will find this channel under recently added channel list. If you want to move the channel to the first position then either drag-drop it or click on ‘How to move channel’ link.

How to get a refund for the subscribed Non-certified channel on Roku?

It has come to the fore that some users have subscribed to the Non-certified channels without their consent and knowledge. though Roku doesn’t charge for Non-certified channels at all. In case, you are charged falsely, you can ask for a refund from Roku support. They will first examine the issue, then provide the solution accordingly.

What To Do If Your Roku Express Is Not Turning On?

Most of the Roku streaming players require constant power supply through adapters that come with the packing.  Alternatively, some players like Roku express, stick, and Roku Express+ can even power on with USB cable

You will find a white light on the front of your Roku express player which indicates whether your device is turned on or not. If you find that this light doesn’t turn on, then instead of searching for a solution, you can read the below-mentioned steps. This guide is for all those who are facing problem in turning on Roku Express model. If you are unable to watch videos, then you can follow the same steps.

If you have connected your Roku Express to the wall socket and getting the problem in turning it on, then the steps are mentioned here as under:

  1. Use the original power adapter: You are suggested to use the original power adapter that is included in the packing.
  • If you are using an adapter of another Roku player which your family member has owned, then you may get this turning on problem.
  1. Attach the adapter properly: Unplug the power adapter from the power source and firmly connect it again to the power socket and to the Roku express.
  2. Try different power socket: There are chances that the power outlet you are using may be faulty. So, you must try connecting it to a different Another thing you can do is try connecting another electronic gadget to the same power outlet. If it turns on, then there is some problem with the Roku adapter. If your Roku has a power strip, then first remove it and then connect it to the power outlet.
  3. Check the light: Check the light if it is working or not. If you are still not being able to watch videos, then click on ‘Help’ link from Roku support page.
  4. Try USB port of your TV: Your Roku express supports USB power, so you can try connecting the player to the USB port of TV for powering it on.

If your Roku express still not turn on, then there is definitely a problem with power supply. You can go to nearby Roku store and get your power adapter checked from there. If your product is under warranty, then they will replace the adapter free of cost.

If you have connected the Roku express to the USB port on the TV, then the steps to troubleshoot the problem are:

  1. Use the USB cable which comes with the Roku player: You must ensure that you are using a standard USB cable for connecting the Roku to the TV. Use of spurious quality of cable may put you in trouble.
  2. Connect the USB cable firmly to the TV and the power connector on your Roku express.
  3. Try different port: If your TV includes more than one USB port, then try connecting the player to the different port. You can check if it is working or not. If there is insufficient power drawn at the USB port, then the videos will not start playing. You will get a warning message on a screen.
  4. Try using your Roku express on different TV: If possible, connect your Roku express to a different TV and check if the problem is solved or not.

Do You Know The Important Things About Roku Premiere Plus?

Roku premiere plus model is a premiere model developed by Roku in 2016. The main feature introduced in this model was its support for HDR and 4k playback. This model was designed mainly for those people who have an interest in HDR and 4k streaming.

If you are going to buy this product in the coming days, then there are 5 points about this device which you must know prior to buying. We are going to provide these steps just for the knowledge sake so that you can decide the best product for yourself.

  1. No optical or USB port: If you love to enjoy high beats or music sensation, then you will be shocked to hear that there are no optical or USB ports available in Roku premiere plus for best sound output. You will have to accommodate in terms of sound quality if you are going to buy Roku premiere. While streaming any video or show through media streaming player, sound quality matters a lot. If you are watching a movie at low quality of sound, then you may feel disappointed and the whole streaming experience may get affected. You can connect external speakers only through optical output or through some other alternative. If there is some alternative available with you, then you can go for Roku premiere plus.
  2. Voice search feature is not available in the remote: The next thing which is absent in this model is ‘voice search’ feature in the remote. The remote of this model is normal. You will have to type the keywords related to the search manually with remote keys whereas in Roku Help you will get a voice remote through which you can search for the title through your voice. There’s also remote finder button given on the ultra player hardware which helps you to locate the remote at home. No such button is available in Roku premiere plus.
  3. High network speed required: In order to watch the HD or 4k content, a minimum speed requirement must be met. The normal speed recommendations from the company side are:

         3mbps for normal or standard streaming.

         5mbps for HD with 720p resolution.

         25mbps for ultra HD streaming.

  1. No HDMI cable inside the packing: We all know that for seamless streaming of videos, we need two things. First one is network connection on a streaming device and the second one is a Roku Com Link established to the TV. To connect the device to the TV, you need an HDMI cable. Without this, there is no other option to connect the device to the TV. You will be surprised to hear that no HDMI cable is coming with this Roku model. You have to purchase it separately from the online or retail store.
  2. A number of options are available: If you are not interested in watching 4k or HDR content, then there are a number of options available for you other than premiere plus models. You can go with roku com link code enter which supports HD streaming. Moreover, the price of this models is also low and include all those features which are available in premium-segment models.

At last, we will suggest you to take the decision wisely and analyze your requirements before buying any model. If 4k or HDr is not your requirement, then you can save few dollars by purchasing Roku ultra instead of Roku premiere plus.


How to Troubleshoot Video Playback Issue of Amazon Prime on Roku 4 Media Player?

Roku is known for media streaming players. It fetches the data from local sources like a smartphone, tablet, and laptop and cast content on the TV screen with the help of internet. Roku 4 does just like this. You just have to plug the device into the TV and connect it to home Wi-Fi network. With Roku app installed on your phone, you can stream any movies or show from thousands of movies and episodes.



If you are streaming Amazon prime from Roku app and stuck in the middle of the show, then it doesn’t mean that there is a problem with the Roku 4. The problem can be with the network, channel or player. Most of the times, the problem with the network connection mainly causes this problem. For HD video streaming, a min of 10MBPS speed is required. This can only be achieved if you have subscribed to the plan.

Now, coming to the steps for improving the video performance and fixing the video issue. To watch seamless videos on your TV, you need to follow the steps mentioned here as under:

  • Check the network speed:

This is the first step to troubleshoot video playback problem. Check the internet speed, you are getting on your device. For this, you can either go to speed test link or try opening the webpage on another browser. If the speed is OK, then you need to move to next troubleshooting step. If there is a problem with the network, then call your internet service provider.

  • Restart all the devices:

To restart the devices, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Disconnect Roku from the power supply by unplugging the adapter.
  2. Disconnect Modem and router from the power supply and connect it again.
  3. Connect Roku again to the supply and turn on your TV.
  4. Login to Amazon prime and Try playing videos from there.
  • Try additional steps:

The additional steps are available on Roku support page. For any information related to Roku 4, log onto Roku page and click to select the device. You will find short notes along with the videos on the screen. Click on anyone to start playing on the screen. If you are facing problem in subscribing to any channel from the store, then you can check the solutions online. You can add unlimited channels on your Roku 4 without any problem. Yes, you must have valid Roku account on Roku com page. For every channel, you will get an activation code which is to be entered in the space provided on Roku link page.

  • Select Wired network:

If you want to stream Amazon prime videos seamlessly, then I recommend you to use the wired network in place of a wireless network because the speed of the wired network is faster than that of the wireless To swap wired for a wireless network, click to open settings of your Roku 4 device.

  • Open ‘Network’ followed Type. Click on ‘Wired’ network.
  • Here, you need to select the type of connection whether Ethernet or coaxial cable.

This is all about the troubleshooting steps for amazon prime video playback issue. If you are still having any problem, then feel free to call us at www Roku Com Support number.

TCL Launches All New 6 Series 65 Inches Roku TV.


The new 6 series 65 inches Roku TV is coming with number of exciting features. This TCL model is better than its older version. It has much advanced light panel for high resolution of videos on screen. The best thing you will find in this product is its price. The price of this product is very economical.Technical Bulls

The size of this 6 series TCL model is larger than the previous model. The picture and sound quality of this product is much advanced and better than the older model.


The Roku company has totally changed the shape and configurations of new TCL 65 inches model. If you notice its outer edges, these are made up of metal with bezel on display screen.

On the front side of this model, a power button sized IR sensor is engrossed. You can change the channel from your remote more easily with this sensor. You can control the playback functions from any direction in your room. Earlier, this sensor was fitted on the top of the body which no doubt was hidden but unable to catch signal from every direction. A power button given on the TV body plays multiple roles. You can open main menu, sub-menu and other features from this power button. If you just want to highlight any menu, then simply over the cursor to the menu instead of pressing on it.

Now coming to the back panel, there is a glossy panel with metal surface provided. The thickness of the rear panel is divided into 3 parts. There are 3 different sizes of surfaces you will find on the rear panel. The complete dimensions of this product are mentioned here as under: 57.1X32.9X3 inches.


On the rear right of the TV, a set of 2 ports are given. Out of which 3 are HDMI ports and one is USB port. If you have optical output speakers with you. You can connect it to this TV through the optical port given at the back of Roku TV. Besides this, A headphone jack is also given in this TV for private listening of favorite dialogues from any movie. If you want to connect your TV to the internet, then a standard 802.11 A/C wireless standard is available in it.


This TV is totally a smart TV. You will find all those features in this TV which are available in smart one. It can playback 4K content at 60Hz frequency. If you love to play HDR content, then this option is accessible in this 65 inches model. It’s worth spending money on this product. You can justify the price with its marvelous features.

If we talk of its color brightness, then it’s just above the average. You can measure the quality of color output with the movie mode through Delta-E rating. You will find the reading 1.1 on the table which is nearer to Zero.


The remote of this new TV model is also changed with addition of some new buttons. You will find navigations buttons, home, reset and microphone button of different colors on this new remote. All functions other than the above-mentioned one are almost same as that of older remote.

www Roku Com Support


What To Do If You Don’t Find Video On TV Screen?


Today, we are going to publish a post for all those who are getting the problem in watching video on the TV screen with Roku media streaming player. If you are not getting audio on your TV, then follow the below-mentioned suggestions for your Roku media streaming player.

Technical Bulls

What can you do?

You must ensure that your Roku player is connected to the TV. If you have connected the Roku player to TV with AVR, then disconnect it and connect to the TV directly. This will bypass the AVR or soundbar.

First, ensure that TV is turned on and Roku is not in sleep mode. If Roku is in standby mode, then disable it.

Reasons for not being able to see the video on your TV:

  1. Wrong input selected on your TV:

    This is most prevalent and easy mistake made by too many users. If your TV has several input ports on the back of it and you are using different devices to connect to them, then there are chances of getting confused with the port. Select right input that must match with Roku player. Check the input label marked on the back of your TV. It can be in the form HDMI1, HDMI 2, AUX video etc.

  • The method of changing the video output may differ with the model number and name of the company. For more information, you can read the guided manual.
  • Locate button on Remote which says Aux, TV/Video, input, and You will find source names on the screen, select required port.
  • Wait for some seconds to detect TV the right input port.
  • If you find the menu buttons displayed on the screen, then with the help of remote press the right input or select each input alternatively to select the right one. This may take some seconds.
  • If no input gets detected, then you will usually find a message on screen which says, ‘No video’ or no signal detected.
  1. Video cable not connected or faulty cable:

    Check the video cable whether it is properly connected at the back of Roku player or not. If you have used a connector for HDMI cable, then check the connections. For streaming stick users, you need to check the connector connected to the TV.

  • If the cable is faulty, then connect your Roku player with the new cable.
  1. Problem with the TV:

    If there is some problem with the port on which you have connected your Roku device, then change the port. You may get an error message on the screen for this issue.

  • Connect the Roku to the different TV to see if the problem is resolved or not.
  1. If all else fails:

    If all the above-mentioned points don’t solve your problem, then disconnect all cables from the player and reconnect them back to the power supply

If you have connected a Roku to a TV which is capable to play 4K videos on the screen, then check the www Roku Com Support and setup process for Roku streaming media player on Roku official support page. A step wise information will be displayed on the screen.