Hulu appointed Linda Cardenas as head of its user experience team

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Earlier in this year, Hulu announced that it is working towards bringing more new features and improvements to Hulu to make its customer experience more engaging and enjoyable. It also stated that they might open a Hulu’s user experience operations headquarters at San Antonio. So now the time has come when Hulu has started running its user experience operations office in San Antonio and has appointed Linda Cardenas as its team manager on Monday the 21st of August.

The company officially declared her appointment and stated that “Being the head of Viewer Experience Operations, Cardenas will serve as site manager for more than 500 employees and will drive customer-focused efforts for improving the service operations and create an enriching work environment for the Hulu viewer experience team,” in an interview by Express-News.

According to the LinkedIn page of Linda Cardenas, she joined Hulu in July. The company said that she would directly report to Karen Van Kirk, the Vice President of the Viewer Experience team of Hulu.

It is stated that Company has transferred around 30 of its existing employees to San Antonio, who earlier worked with Hulu at California. The company needs around 500 employees to run all the operations smoothly. Among which at present it has only 30 employees working at its office located in San Antonio. So the company has started hiring for around 470 positions to complete its employee’s headcount. It might take time for the Hulu to make the Viewer experience team completely operational, but still, it is expected that the company might complete its staff by the end of the year 2018.

According to an email sent by Cardenas, she said that “After visiting the Hulu’s office and knowing about the mission, vision, and values of the company, I came to knew that company would change the San Antonio market and I wanted to be part of it.” She told that Hulu’s Company culture is entirely different from all of her earlier experiences. She is very very excited to bring up slight changes by introducing the fusion of cultures of her office in California and Texas. Also, she mentioned that “Hulu’s culture also allows its employees to reinvent the contact center space in San Antonio with a fun and casual vibe.” In an e-mail, she said that “Our community and workforce is different also our team gets to build the San Antonio culture from the ground up. I am passionate about delivering an outstanding service and differentiating ourselves in the market.”

Linda Cardenas earlier worked with SWBC as a Vice President for Customer service staff and the “Voice of the customer” team. She said that although these both companies are quite different from each other still her primary goal is to provide the best experience to its all of its user base.  Cardenas has done her graduation from UT San Antonio, and according to her LinkedIn profile, Cardenas even has a work experience of four years with now-defunct Scooter and Lucent Technologies. Cardenas always tried to explore many different technologies, and now she considers her working with Hulu as an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience about this new technology of entertainment industry.

How to Troubleshoot Hulu App Crash Down Problem on Kindle Fire Tablet?


With more and more apps on kindle fire tablet, you can enjoy many programs, movies, and series of shows. Similarly, with Hulu app, you can enjoy all the contents which are available for watch on it. You can enjoy full HD contents along with high-quality sound if you have opted for high-speed internet connection.

To enjoy seamless contents through Hulu app on your kindle fire tablet, you need a high-speed internet. However, there are some users who are getting the problem with this app. They said that their app keeps on crashing and not opening properly on their Kindle fire models. Most of the users who have complained about this problem are using 3rdgeneration Kindle fire tablet. If you are also among those who are facing the same problem, then we recommend you read this guide. This will be proven helpful for you.

Things that you need to confirm before troubleshooting the app:

  • Check that your device is properly connected to the wireless internet or not: This is one of the important parameters if you want to connect to any app. If you are signing onto link then you must be connected to the wireless network.
  • Check whether the payment method is valid or not: If you are not being able to purchase any contents from Hulu plus app, then you need to verify the payment method. Any invalid payment method may prevent you from opening the content and syncing with it. For this, go to ‘Settings’ followed by payment option. Click to check the method of payment.
  • Check the parental controls: The parental control feature must be turned off otherwise, you won’t be able to watch restricted contents. For this, open the flag menu from the top and go to settings. Tap on parental controls and swipe to turn it off or on. You need to enter the password for the same.
  • Sync the device: Open the flag menu again and go to ‘Settings’. Scroll down to open ‘Sync and check now’ option. This will sync your device and start downloading the latest updates for the device. Click ‘Hulu activate’ now.

Troubleshooting steps

  • Check the status of your order: Check the contents which are ordered from an online store or go to Hulu manage devices.
  • Force stop the Hulu app: To force stop the app, click on ‘options’ given at the center of the screen and search for Hulu app. Open the app and drop it in the center of the screen.
  • If you are using third party app, then re download it: From the home screen, go to apps. Long press on the app, which you want to remove from the device. Select ‘Delete’ option. Click on ‘store’ to open Amazon official app store. Search for Hulu app and download it. Enter the ‘Hulu activation code’ again in the field.
  • Re-purchase if necessary: If you find that the contents downloaded in your app are not properly downloaded, then you can go to activate page and check the status of contents. If required, then repurchase them from the official store. It is worth mentioning here that you will be charged for this order.
  • Restart the device: This step will solve your crashing problem. To restart the Kindle device, Press and hold the turn off button for at least 30 seconds. The device will get restarted. Now release the button once the device gets restarted. In case the device doesn’t get restarted, Press the power button again and try playing the contents again through Hulu app.

Be a Hulu champ with these useful Hulu tips


All Hulu streamers, how is it going with your ultimate Hulu streaming service? Having Hulu with your big screen is the fine way to get the quality entertainment with the extensive range of content. Still, if you are a new user in the chain of all the Hulu users around the world, then there are a bunch of tips and tricks which can help you out to get the better streaming experience and become a Hulu champion.

  • Defeating the Lag by accessing the Router QoS- You must have been having issues with the bandwidth before, as you are willing to watch your favorite show but your siblings wish to play the video games, downloading from torrents, and many more things.

Well, QoS is classic Router feature for anyone who has to share the internet connection with their family or any other person.

  • Track down all the latest episodes with the Watch list- One of the amazing thing that I adore about Hulu is their dynamic and fabulous Watch list feature, which helps out to get the most and easiest shows and movies within no time.

This is the reason; it’s very nice that Hulu directly upgrades the list of latest episodes directly to your Watch list as soon as they are available.  For doing this, all you are required to do is just to visit the page for any particular show and then tap the “+” watch list button. When the latest episodes of the show are available, the show will directly jump to the front of the Watch list.

  • Changing out the Video Quality- It would be a great pleasure to stream all the favorite shows in the HD quality, but in the practical sense, it’s not a great thing for many of us. As some of the concerning factors like the cost of the internet speed matters a lot to many users out there. So, instead of heading to for the HD quality, settling down on the average quality can still give you the amazing streaming experience.
  • Watching Hulu on Your TV– Watching out Hulu on a TV can’t be compared watching it on a desktop, or on a tablet or laptop. The Hulu-on-TV experience is still the better option as compare to others.
  • Using your Smartphone as a Hulu Remote- You may not be aware of this, but you can watch out Hulu on your TV while navigating everything else with your smartphone like searching the library, adding up of latest episodes and shows to your Watch list, switching to another account, and tweaking the account settings.

All you will need to do is just install the Hulu app, log in to your account on both the smartphone and TV and enabling the remote control feature. Check out all the supported devices-

  • Chromecast
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • LG TV
  • PlayStation 3
  • PlayStation 4
  • Samsung TV
  • Wii U
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One

With these classic tips and tricks, you can easily get started with your Hulu streaming service and can head to all your favorite shows and movies easily on your big screen.

Hulu is bringing 3000 more TV episodes with the 20th Century Fox deal

Century Fox deal with Hulu

All the Hulu streamers, how are you doing with your classic Hulu service? Nobody can deny the fact that in this Netflix era, Hulu has stood out to be the most promising and tough competitor in the lineup of streaming services in the market. By rendering the fascinating features and services, the ultimate streaming service has also marked itself as one of the top user choices for having the quality entertainment at their big screen around the world.

To keep entertaining the users, Hulu has got into a sizable content deal with 20th Century Fox Television Distribution that will permit the Hulu to come up with 3000 more episodes of the popular TV shows, including comedies and dramas to the classic Hulu’s streaming service. The deal will allow the Hulu the streaming rights to many well-known titles, like “Glee,” “Burn Notice,” “How I Met Your Mother,” and “Bones” and it will also provide the full back catalog of the older shows, like “NYPD Blue” and “MAS*H.”

The 21st Century Fox has a third of Hulu streaming service, but Hulu has to move ahead to negotiate for the streaming rights to the content of 20Th Century Fox. However, the deal has finally been done.

In the latest agreement after the declaration of another deal with the 20th Century Fox, which renders the right to the service to extend the offerings of animated series, including the classic shows like “American Dad!”, “Bob’s Burgers,” and “Futurama.”

Apart from this, another deal between the Hulu and 20Th Century Fox has made the whole service as the classic video-on demand subscription home to the amazing lineup of shows including “This Last Man on Earth,” “Fresh Off the Boat,” “Homeland,” and much more in the list.

According to the Hulu, all the TV programs will be wrapped into this latest deal to the Hulu’s streaming service over the weeks. Well, there was no announcement of any specific time frame about the adding up of all the shows.  There are many shows which will get included in the streaming list, but currently, Hulu is not in the mood to unleash the full list of all the shows.

The multi-year deal is for the amazing Hulu on-demand subscription service, including all the customers on the ad-free plans and the limited number of commercials according to the company. This signifies that the all the consumers who have subscribed to the on-demand service will get the ultimate benefit along with those who subscribe to the Hulu live TV.

The Hulu’s live TV service is a fine competitor with the DirecTV Now, Vue, Sling, and many others in the market. But, most of the users are only familiar with the Hulu’s in-demand service, and they tend to make up their mind to catch all the favorites, recent shows, rather than heading to Netflix. But, if Hulu wishes for mind-boggling success regarding the number of subscribers, then it has to add the additional bunch of content to make it feel like there are many things to watch beyond the what you stream on your big screen.

Do You Want To Enjoy Hulu Plus On Your Vizio TV?

Vizio tv with hulu

We all know that there is no as such functionality installed in Vizio TV, so you need to connect it to the supporting device that supports Vizio app on it.

Hulu Plus app

There is a particular app system named Via for Vizio TV that is connected to the Hulu Plus account. This app system is similar to one found in all Android and other OS based smartphones. You are not required to pay any additional subscription for this app. However, you will be required to connect your TV to the network for using this service.

We want to mention here that you can’t create a new account on via apps. If you are using the app for the first time, then you need to subscribe on the official website first and then open the app and enter the information by referring your site account details.

Connecting to the network using LAN cable

Step 1: Attach your Ethernet cable one end to the Router port and another end of the same cable to the Back of your TV.

Step 2:  Switch on the TV and press ‘V’ button from the remote and select HDTV from the source list in the app bar.

Step 3: Now check the speed of your network by clicking on ‘check speed’ from the screen. If the test goes successful, then you will find a successful message on the screen.

Connect using wireless router

Step 1: Note down the passcode of your wireless router that is required during the setup phase.

Step 2: The second step is same as that of Ethernet one i: e, Press the ‘via’ button from the TV remote after switching it on.

Step 3: Click on ‘Network’ and wait until your device scans the available Wi-Fi network.

Step 4: Select the right network from the list of Wi-Fi networks and click ‘ok’.

Step 5: Now, you are required to enter the passkey of your Wi-Fi network by using the on-screen keyboard of your TV. Click on ‘OK’ to proceed further. Once your passkey gets verified, you will get connected to the network.

Step 6: Click on ‘Test Connection’ icon to check your network downloading speed. Your TV screen will then display the Wi-Fi internet speed.

Downloading and installing the Hulu App

Step 1: Again press the ‘V’ button of your TV remote.

Step 2: Select Via from the app bar.

Step 3: Search for Hulu Plus app in the app list and tap on it.

Step 4: Click on ‘Install’ to start installing the app.

Step 5: Enter the account information to log in to the Hulu Plus app and start streaming.

Console box or Set-top box

In case, your Vizio app doesn’t support ‘via’ app, then you need to connect a streaming device to your TV that supports Hulu app. You can use any Gaming console or set-top box for this purpose. If you don’t know the list of supported devices, then you can visit the official website of Hulu Plus app. The popular devices that support this app are:

Microsoft Xbox


Sony PlayStation 4

Nintendo Wii and Wii U

Apple TV

Connection setup if used on computer

If you want to cast the contents from the computer screen to the big screen, then you need to connect the computer to the TV with the help of HDMI cable. Install the Hulu Plus app on the computer and start playing the contents through it.

The steps to connect your TV to the computer are as follows:

  1. Connect one end of HDMI cable to TV and other to the HDMI output of your computer.
  2. Switch on the TV and enter the login details on the Hulu website to start streaming.

How To Fix Hulu Streaming Errors In A Quick And Easy Way?

Hulu Streaming Errors

Are you getting the problem in streaming the contents from Hulu service or are you getting various Error codes on your screen while streaming or activating the device on activate. If yes, then read this guide properly. You will get back to streaming shortly.

In this guide, we have covered streaming problem, error codes that you may experience while streaming the contents from your smartphone or any other smart device.

Fixing Hulu streaming problems: If you are regularly getting problem related to video quality or streaming takes a long time to buffer, then follow the below-mentioned procedure and tap on Hulu Manage Devices.

First of all, you need to check the connection speed of your broadband. You can check the speed from online Speed test website. If you are not getting the proper speed as per your activated plan, then you need to contact the internet company in this regard. Try Hulu activate link from your computer to check the network connectivity. For seamless streaming of contents, Minimum speed requirement is:

3 Mbps for 720p HD

6 Mbps for 1080p HD

13 Mbps for 4K Ultra HD

Now switch off your router, modem and another network device, which you are using for Hulu account for streaming service. Another troubleshooting steps to fix this problem are:

  1. Restart your Smart TV, phone, and gaming console: Restart the device you are using with Hulu.
  2. Restart your Router: Disconnect the router from the supply for 1 minute and connect it again.
  3. Restart Modem: Disconnect your modem and connect it again after 1 minute.
  4. Check the location of your router: Check if your router is placed at a hidden location, then place it out from the congested area and check the connection again.

How to fix Content protected Errors 3343,3322,3307,2203, 3321: If you find any of these errors on the screen, then follow the below mentioned steps to fix them.

  • Clear all cache: To clear all cache and previous files from the system, go to the official link and click on ‘delete all sites’ option given under storage settings.
  • Reset your activation files on your PC. For this, you need to go to ‘Reset Hulu com slash activate files’ and then restart your Chrome
  • You must ensure that your browser and flash player is up to date.

Error Code 3370: If you notice this error code on your browser, then follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to Google Chrome browser, followed by a right click on the options
  2. Go to ‘Settings’ and then click on ‘Advanced Settings’ option.
  3. Click on ‘Privacy’ and content settings. Here we want to mention that there is a need to enter Hulu activation code in the space provided in order to enjoy seamless streaming.
  4. Check mark ‘Allow identifiers for protected contents’ option.
  5. Now restart your browser.

How to fix Hulu Error 500

While streaming the contents, if you come across Hulu 500 error, then you will not be able to stream the contents on your device or browser.

To solve this problem, restart your app and device and try streaming it again from your Hulu app. If you are still facing the same problem, then try connecting the Hulu device to another network. This may solve the problem. You can now enjoy your favorite program and movie on your Hulu Plus app without any problem.

Tips to help you in getting most out of your Hulu

Tips to help hulu

A strong option for anyone who wants to watch the TV online and that too legally is Hulu. I think Hulu is must have if you want to get rid of your cable TV by cutting the cord as it offers the access of next day to all the ongoing shows. This is something that you will not be able to find on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. There are many tips and tricks that you should employ for actually optimizing your Hulu experience. Here are the tips that you must start using right away:

Access Hulu from outside the US

One of the main reason for not cutting the cord yet is that you will not be able to watch Hulu if by any way you will leave the United States. There are two ways of doing this. One is to use a paid VPN that will allow video streaming and the other way is to include DNS tunneling and unblocking browser extensions. If the VPN is not the option for you to try, then you can try out this option.

Track New Episodes with Watchlist

One of the best features of Hulu over Netflix and Amazon Prime video is Watch list. This is the easiest and convenient feature of Hulu to use all features. Now you will get so much of the high-quality shows to watch. And keeping a watch list that is organized is a difficult task.  It is nice that Hulu automatically adds the new episodes into the watch list as soon as they are available for watching. SO, there is no need to check out the time for the availability of the episodes. But you need to do one thing that you will need to visit the page for the particular show and click on the button of the +watch list and new episodes will be added to your list.

Change the video quality

It looks nice watching everything in HD all the time. But this is a costly affair and not possible every time. Instead of watching the buffering screen all the time, you can drop the quality down to a mark. The picture may not be crisp but will better than the buffering screen.

Tweak the appearance of Subtitles

In any case, you will like the subtitles on and these are properly called closed captions on Hulu. You should be familiar with the tweaking of appearance of your closed captions of the text. You can make it as comfortable for reading and you will have a good going.

Watch Hulu on TV

Watching Hulu on a desktop is worse as compared to watching Hulu on TV. The Hulu TV experience is better in every way. If you have a smart TV, then you just need to have a Hulu app, launch the app, login in to your Hulu account and enjoy smart TV interface.