What To Do If You Don’t Find Video On TV Screen?


Today, we are going to publish a post for all those who are getting the problem in watching video on the TV screen with Roku media streaming player. If you are not getting audio on your TV, then follow the below-mentioned suggestions for your Roku media streaming player.

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What can you do?

You must ensure that your Roku player is connected to the TV. If you have connected the Roku player to TV with AVR, then disconnect it and connect to the TV directly. This will bypass the AVR or soundbar.

First, ensure that TV is turned on and Roku is not in sleep mode. If Roku is in standby mode, then disable it.

Reasons for not being able to see the video on your TV:

  1. Wrong input selected on your TV:

    This is most prevalent and easy mistake made by too many users. If your TV has several input ports on the back of it and you are using different devices to connect to them, then there are chances of getting confused with the port. Select right input that must match with Roku player. Check the input label marked on the back of your TV. It can be in the form HDMI1, HDMI 2, AUX video etc.

  • The method of changing the video output may differ with the model number and name of the company. For more information, you can read the guided manual.
  • Locate button on Remote which says Aux, TV/Video, input, and You will find source names on the screen, select required port.
  • Wait for some seconds to detect TV the right input port.
  • If you find the menu buttons displayed on the screen, then with the help of remote press the right input or select each input alternatively to select the right one. This may take some seconds.
  • If no input gets detected, then you will usually find a message on screen which says, ‘No video’ or no signal detected.
  1. Video cable not connected or faulty cable:

    Check the video cable whether it is properly connected at the back of Roku player or not. If you have used a connector for HDMI cable, then check the connections. For streaming stick users, you need to check the connector connected to the TV.

  • If the cable is faulty, then connect your Roku player with the new cable.
  1. Problem with the TV:

    If there is some problem with the port on which you have connected your Roku device, then change the port. You may get an error message on the screen for this issue.

  • Connect the Roku to the different TV to see if the problem is resolved or not.
  1. If all else fails:

    If all the above-mentioned points don’t solve your problem, then disconnect all cables from the player and reconnect them back to the power supply

If you have connected a Roku to a TV which is capable to play 4K videos on the screen, then check the www Roku Com Support and setup process for Roku streaming media player on Roku official support page. A step wise information will be displayed on the screen.

What Steps to Take If Netflix App Cease to Work on Your iPhone?

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Netflix app is so popular these days that everybody wants to subscribe to it. People are using Netflix app on their smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops and all other devices that support Netflix. You will find a number of users accessing Netflix on their Apple devices. Netflix works smoothly on Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and MacBook. But, some iPhone users have complained about Netflix not being able to work on iPhone.

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It is quite normal for an app to stop functioning on smartphones. As Netflix is also an application, and people are not being able to access it on iPhone, there is nothing to worry. The problem of ‘Netflix not working on iPhone’ can be solved by taking certain steps:

Steps to fix the problem of Netflix app not working on Apple iPhone:

Restart your iPhone

The first step of troubleshooting begins with restarting your iPhone. You have no idea how many problems can be solved by just restarting your device, so do it right now. There are certain apps that run in the background, which could create problems, so restarting the phone may solve the problem. Moreover, there is no harm in restarting the phone, so you must press that power button and restart your phone.

Check your Wi-Fi connection

If you are accessing Netflix over Wi-Fi network, then you need to check if the Wi-Fi is working properly or not. If there is any issue with the signal, then you won’t be able to stream in a proper manner. You can check the speed of your network on various websites for speed test.

Forget your Wi-Fi network

If you have tried all the things, but are not able to stream your favorite shows from Netflix over Wi-Fi connection, then you need to stop toggling your Wi-Fi off/on. Make use of another method, i.e., forget the Wi-Fi network, and after that, enter the password for the network so as to make a connection with it. The problem could be in the Wi-Fi network, so you need to pay attention towards it more than anything else.

Close and re-open Netflix app

The problem in accessing Netflix app on your phone could give rise to frozen or jittery videos. If you want to resolve this issue, then turn off the application, restart the phone and turn on the app again.

Check for updates

If there is a new update available for Netflix app, then you must get that update, as the problem of Netflix app not working on iPhone could be resolved by updating the app. If the app is up-to-date, then check if there is any update available for the device OS. If there is, then update the OS of your iPhone.

Remove the app and reinstall it

If you have tried all above steps, then you can try one more, i.e., remove Netflix app from your iPhone, restart the app, download the app from Appstore and install the app. Maybe the version you were using earlier was having some problem. Try this method and see if it works or not.

Check Netflix server status

If the Netflix server is down, then you won’t be able to stream anything. Moreover, you can’t do anything about the situation except wait until the server gets back up. 

Reset iPhone settings

If all steps failed to work, then you can reset iPhone settings. You can even reinstall the operating system if you want. 

Do You Want To Fix The ‘Blank Screen Or Video Won’t Play’ Error From HBO Go Channel On Your Computer? Here’s The Guide.

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Are you feeling disappointed with routine video playback errors on your HBO Go channel? If yes, then we have bought a solution for you. We hope this will work for you. There are different types of error messages which have been received continuously by some of the HBO users on their computer. We have bought a quick fix for them.

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If the HBOGO com activate stops working on your computer, then close the windows first and restart your computer. Check if you are able to login to the HBO com page now or not. If you are still getting the problem, then follow the below-mentioned tips and tricks.

  • Check the version of your browser:

When you activate the HBO service on HBOGO activate device link, then the first thing which is reminded to you is; check the version of your computer browser. If the version is old, then you may find a problem in streaming the videos from HBO page.

  • Clear the browser cache and data:

Another troubleshooting step to fix the video problem is; clear the cache and old data from the browser. For this, you need to go to the browser and enter the clear data and cache in the Help link. You will be directed to cache page now. Click on ‘clear all’ to clear the data and cache completely. Now try playing the content after restarting the browser. Enter the details of your HBO Go account on the HBO Go page.

  • Check the flash and browser configurations:

In this step, you must check the version of adobe flash player installed in the browser and the plugins whether these are properly installed or not. If not, then download them from the internet. If you are using the HBO service on other devices like Roku, apple then the help link for these devices is different. You need to go to HBO GO Roku page from the browser for Roku related problem or HBO GO apple TV for Apple device. Download the player update immediately as soon as it launches on the internet.

  • Check the browser configurations after this.

You need to ensure that all the third party cookies are enabled on the browser. Turn off the incognito mode or private data browsing mode on your browser.

  • Clear the cache memory of flash player:

If you are still facing the same problem, then clear the cache of the flash player through the following steps:

  1. Open the video and pause it in the middle. Right click on it to open the settings.

  2. Open the storage panel of the website and check the ‘Settings manager’.

  3. Delete all pages from here and confirm your submission.

  4. Close the program and re-open it.

  5. Try playing the videos now and check if the problem is resolved or not.

  • Reset the license files of your flash player:

The last but not the least trick to troubleshoot the problem is; Reset the license files of your flash player. This may solve the video playback problem. To do this, follow the on-screen instructions after opening the settings of your player. If the problem is still at large, then you can download the plugin for your Firefox browser or click on ‘Video won’t play’ link from the Internet Explorer.

Twitch App Is Back On Roku, But In A Different Way!

Roku has brought back a popular app, which went missing for past many weeks. Twitch app is the name of the app and it is being widely used by Roku users. The app basically belongs to the Amazon, and it is up to Amazon as to what needs to be done with the app. There is some information regarding the Twitch app turning into Twitched Roku channel, but it is not sure. Let us find out what this whole scenario is and how will it benefit Roku users.

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A few days ago, one news broke out in which it was mentioned that Amazon will no longer provide Twitch app support to Roku. So, those using Roku devices will not be able to access this app in the same way as they used to. There are certain changes that this app will undergo and it is only after those changes that people will be able to use the application.

But, people who have installed Twitch app don’t have to remove the app because there is one way of watching contents from Twitch app without having to remove it. Amazon has removed the twitch app from Roku Channel Store (A channel store is basically a place where all the channels that you have installed are present; popular channels include Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, VUDU, HBO GO, Hulu & YouTube). The reason for removing the app is the transformation of the app into a Roku channel. This will allow Roku users to access more features on the same application.

Amazon has decided to remove the support for Twitch app and instead, give back the twitch app to Roku player with a unique category i.e., Twitched Roku Channel. All credit for this transformation goes to Rolando Islas (Developer).

What Is Actually Twitched Roku Channel?

Twitched is an unofficial video player for the Twitch streaming service. Roku users can watch top streams, search or browse followed streams.Twitch is a channel in which they can review the games that they love. The developers working on Twitch app also promised that are there are many more features in the pipeline such as chat capability, managing channels that are followed by users on Roku platform and a much awaited ‘video-on-demand’ feature.

Twitched have a long list of features including the ability to sign into your Twitch account to find your favorite channels. If you are facing any issues while signup on your Twitch account or Roku Channel Store, you can get in touch with Roku help and support providers and get the most reliable solution for the issues.

Now, Twitch app comes to Roku with an official channel in Roku player. Back in the day, it was just an unofficial app. Now again, an unofficial application has made its way back into the Roku player for subscribers who don’t have any access to the official twitched app.

In August 2014, Amazon bought the very popular Twitch game-streaming service for $970 million. Amazon has been building a wide range of Twitch features into their platform in order to use it to market its Prime videos and other intriguing features that are available on Amazon.

When this news reached out to Twitch and Amazon’s PR teams, both teams refuse to comment and said we don’t have much to say on this. So, the scenario is still not clear as to when this Twitch app is going to transform into a Roku channel and what features will it bring for the Roku users.

Know The Top Service Providers Offering Free Netflix Service.

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In today’s scenario, your mobile has no longer remain an application-oriented device. You can perform multiple tasks on your phone. You can consider it as the best source of entertainment for yourself. If you want to get relaxed, then you can easily plug headphones and listen to soft music.Technical Bulls

The companies keeping their customers interest in mind have started providing facilities according to customers need. They are providing the data plans at subsidized rates to lure more and more number of users. Some companies are in the race of connecting themselves with the streaming media channels so as to provide the content available on those channels on their networks.

Although these services are not comparable to TV service but can solve the purpose temporarily. These services will save your pocket up to some extent. The main thing that is important in these services is that you can get these offers free of cost without paying any service charges.

For AT&T users

If you are an AT&T subscriber, then you can stream free Netflix on your network. You don’t need to pay anything extra for this service. All you need to have is DirecTV Now login credentials and browser. You will find complimentary services on the left side of the screen. It will save your money. The main pros of this service are that you will get free of cost streaming for the data pack subscription you have subscribed.

For sprint users

All those users who have subscribed to Sprint wireless network will grab free of cost streaming on popular channels like Netflix. In this internet service, you will get unlimited data and ad-free content on TV. You can save $7 a month on this plan. To subscribe to Netflix service, you are required to pay $12 a month. In case, you want to watch ad-free content, you have to pay $39.9 a month.

For T-Mobile users

There are two different services, which are offered by the company as of now. One of the services named Free-Netflix is promoted and launched by the company itself in 2017. There are different line packages available in this company. If you have a subscription to 2 or more line with an unlimited data plan, then you can watch free of cost Netflix on your device.

In case you have subscribed to single line T-Mobile, then you can use free of cost MLB given you must have paid $115 a month but in this plan, you can’t watch home team and games of MLB. If you want to enjoy all games at home without going to an actual location where the matches are being played, then you need to spend some extra money. If you have subscribed to service post-2017, then you can’t access this service at all.

For Verizon user

In latest offers, the Verizon Company is providing free of cost streaming for Netflix channel. If you have installed Netflix app on your mobile, then you won’t be able to redeem the offers available for Verizon wireless service provider. If you are using a landline service of Verizon, then you can stream Netflix free. Login is required for this whole process.

In the last, we can say that if you want to be entertained from free Netflix, then pay special attention to the latest offers, which keep on displaying on a screen.

HBO GO Not Working On VPN? Here Is How You Can Fix ‘VPN Won’t Connect’ Error.

HBO GO usually works fine on VPN, but if it doesn’t? Well, it is complicated problem, which needs to be sorted out quickly, especially when you are highly dependent on a VPN service for your daily dose of entertainment. There could be a number of reasons that result in a non-working state of VPN service.TECHNICAL BULLS

But, when it comes to the most common problem, then it will be ‘VPN won’t connect’. This problem could arise due to hardware as well as software glitches, and I don’t think if there is any need for me to mention that how frustrating this issue is. People who come across this issue try all sorts of things to restore the functionality of HBOGO on their VPN, but sometimes, things are meant to be restored only after they get into the hands of experts.

The purpose of accessing HBO Go on VPN is to browse its content anonymously. People who want no geo-restrictions or censorship prefer to access HBO Go through VPN. But, when VPN stops working will be very annoying because all your entertainment has ceased. If you want to get rid of ‘VPN won’t connect’ error, then you can try the following methods;

  1. Check whether you are online or not

Most people forget to see this and start blaming the VPN service or HBO GO app straight away. It is important to check whether you are online or not because if you are not, then it will affect your VPN connection. Try and open a website without connecting through VPN, and if it opens, then it means, you are online. If the site doesn’t open, then you will have to restart your router. If the internet is still not working, then you will have to get in touch with your ISP. You can also go to the website of your VPN provider in order to confirm whether the server is down. VPN services go for scheduled maintenance, so just check whether it is not that time of the year.

  1. Check if the username and password are correct

You will find a number of cases where login details have come in the way of making a successful connection with the VPNs, hence resulting in non-functional HBO Go app. At times, the account gets expired, as a result of which, they can’t connect to the VPN service. Therefore, it is important to check if the username and password are correct or not.

  1. Change ports

You will find a number of ISPs and networks blocking traffic on specific ports, which can result in denial of access to the VPN’s connection request. Therefore, it is important to check the documentation of the VPN you are getting connected to. You need to check whether it requires connections to specific ports or not.

  1. Try connecting to a different network

If you are sure that the problem is with the VPN, then you can try joining to a different network in order to see if that helps. If there is any issue in connecting to the other network, then maybe your own network is problematic, so what you will have to do is, you will have to check your Wi-Fi and internet settings in order to figure out as to what is barring you from making the connection or signing into your VPN service.

Try these methods, and you will definitely be able to watch your favorite content on HBO GO anonymously.

What Is The Process Of Setting Up Roku Premiere+ With Roku Com Link?

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The process of setting up Roku Premiere+ can’t be completed until you go to the official Roku website, i.e., Roku com link. We have discussed the entire process of how to set up Roku Premiere+ in this blog post, so if you want any information regarding this process, then all you have to do is go through the post.


Every year, Roku launched a couple of new devices into the market to keep things interesting for its users. Roku Premiere+ was also launched with the same purpose, but Roku didn’t imagine that this particular model will get so much name and fame compared to previous models. Setting up Roku Premiere+ is perhaps one of the easiest processes that you will ever do, given you have all the information. Today, we will be sharing that information with you, so that you can quickly set up Roku Premiere+ and start enjoying your favorite movies and TV shows.

  1. Audio/Video cables to connect Roku device to your TV.

  2. A properly working internet connection.

  3. Wall socket/power outlet.

  • How to set up Roku Premiere+

  1. You need to start off with plugging in your Roku Premiere+ device to the wall socket and then, connect your TV with Roku using audio/video cables.

  2. The next step to perform would be connecting Roku Premiere+ to your home internet network. You can choose between wired and wireless internet connection.

  3. If you have selected wired connection, then make sure to connect your Roku device to the modem/router through an Ethernet cable.

  4. In case you are looking to stream content from your Roku Premiere+ using a wireless connection, then you need to connect your Roku to your Wi-Fi network, which will be present on the list of available networks.

  5. It’s time to set the time zone in which you are living followed by activating your Roku player.

  6. Activating of Roku Premiere+ is a process that requires Roku activation code, so you need to get this code by going to Roku com link.

  7. Roku will now update its firmware. I would urge you to wait until the device downloads and installs all the updates. It won’t take much time, and you get the most recent firmware.

  8. Enter the code and activate your Roku device.

  9. If you haven’t created a Roku account so far, then you need to create one. For that, you will have to go Roku com link.

  10. You can only enjoy your favorite content if you have installed channels in your Roku account. There are some free channels, and then, there are some paid ones as well.

  11. You will also have to add a payment method, which will come into use when you pay the subscription fee of any channel.

  12. You should also create a PIN in order to keep your Roku account protected from any unauthorized use. To know how to create a PIN, you can get in touch with Roku support.

The process of setting up Roku Premiere+ is quite easy, but if you encounter any difficulty in any of the above-mentioned steps, then you should get in touch with www Roku com support service. There are many experts present on the market who remain ready at all times to help Roku users with their issues.