Know The Top Service Providers Offering Free Netflix Service.

Technical Bulls

In today’s scenario, your mobile has no longer remain an application-oriented device. You can perform multiple tasks on your phone. You can consider it as the best source of entertainment for yourself. If you want to get relaxed, then you can easily plug headphones and listen to soft music.Technical Bulls

The companies keeping their customers interest in mind have started providing facilities according to customers need. They are providing the data plans at subsidized rates to lure more and more number of users. Some companies are in the race of connecting themselves with the streaming media channels so as to provide the content available on those channels on their networks.

Although these services are not comparable to TV service but can solve the purpose temporarily. These services will save your pocket up to some extent. The main thing that is important in these services is that you can get these offers free of cost without paying any service charges.

For AT&T users

If you are an AT&T subscriber, then you can stream free Netflix on your network. You don’t need to pay anything extra for this service. All you need to have is DirecTV Now login credentials and browser. You will find complimentary services on the left side of the screen. It will save your money. The main pros of this service are that you will get free of cost streaming for the data pack subscription you have subscribed.

For sprint users

All those users who have subscribed to Sprint wireless network will grab free of cost streaming on popular channels like Netflix. In this internet service, you will get unlimited data and ad-free content on TV. You can save $7 a month on this plan. To subscribe to Netflix service, you are required to pay $12 a month. In case, you want to watch ad-free content, you have to pay $39.9 a month.

For T-Mobile users

There are two different services, which are offered by the company as of now. One of the services named Free-Netflix is promoted and launched by the company itself in 2017. There are different line packages available in this company. If you have a subscription to 2 or more line with an unlimited data plan, then you can watch free of cost Netflix on your device.

In case you have subscribed to single line T-Mobile, then you can use free of cost MLB given you must have paid $115 a month but in this plan, you can’t watch home team and games of MLB. If you want to enjoy all games at home without going to an actual location where the matches are being played, then you need to spend some extra money. If you have subscribed to service post-2017, then you can’t access this service at all.

For Verizon user

In latest offers, the Verizon Company is providing free of cost streaming for Netflix channel. If you have installed Netflix app on your mobile, then you won’t be able to redeem the offers available for Verizon wireless service provider. If you are using a landline service of Verizon, then you can stream Netflix free. Login is required for this whole process.

In the last, we can say that if you want to be entertained from free Netflix, then pay special attention to the latest offers, which keep on displaying on a screen.

HBO GO Not Working On VPN? Here Is How You Can Fix ‘VPN Won’t Connect’ Error.

HBO GO usually works fine on VPN, but if it doesn’t? Well, it is complicated problem, which needs to be sorted out quickly, especially when you are highly dependent on a VPN service for your daily dose of entertainment. There could be a number of reasons that result in a non-working state of VPN service.TECHNICAL BULLS

But, when it comes to the most common problem, then it will be ‘VPN won’t connect’. This problem could arise due to hardware as well as software glitches, and I don’t think if there is any need for me to mention that how frustrating this issue is. People who come across this issue try all sorts of things to restore the functionality of HBOGO on their VPN, but sometimes, things are meant to be restored only after they get into the hands of experts.

The purpose of accessing HBO Go on VPN is to browse its content anonymously. People who want no geo-restrictions or censorship prefer to access HBO Go through VPN. But, when VPN stops working will be very annoying because all your entertainment has ceased. If you want to get rid of ‘VPN won’t connect’ error, then you can try the following methods;

  1. Check whether you are online or not

Most people forget to see this and start blaming the VPN service or HBO GO app straight away. It is important to check whether you are online or not because if you are not, then it will affect your VPN connection. Try and open a website without connecting through VPN, and if it opens, then it means, you are online. If the site doesn’t open, then you will have to restart your router. If the internet is still not working, then you will have to get in touch with your ISP. You can also go to the website of your VPN provider in order to confirm whether the server is down. VPN services go for scheduled maintenance, so just check whether it is not that time of the year.

  1. Check if the username and password are correct

You will find a number of cases where login details have come in the way of making a successful connection with the VPNs, hence resulting in non-functional HBO Go app. At times, the account gets expired, as a result of which, they can’t connect to the VPN service. Therefore, it is important to check if the username and password are correct or not.

  1. Change ports

You will find a number of ISPs and networks blocking traffic on specific ports, which can result in denial of access to the VPN’s connection request. Therefore, it is important to check the documentation of the VPN you are getting connected to. You need to check whether it requires connections to specific ports or not.

  1. Try connecting to a different network

If you are sure that the problem is with the VPN, then you can try joining to a different network in order to see if that helps. If there is any issue in connecting to the other network, then maybe your own network is problematic, so what you will have to do is, you will have to check your Wi-Fi and internet settings in order to figure out as to what is barring you from making the connection or signing into your VPN service.

Try these methods, and you will definitely be able to watch your favorite content on HBO GO anonymously.

What Is The Process Of Setting Up Roku Premiere+ With Roku Com Link?

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The process of setting up Roku Premiere+ can’t be completed until you go to the official Roku website, i.e., Roku com link. We have discussed the entire process of how to set up Roku Premiere+ in this blog post, so if you want any information regarding this process, then all you have to do is go through the post.


Every year, Roku launched a couple of new devices into the market to keep things interesting for its users. Roku Premiere+ was also launched with the same purpose, but Roku didn’t imagine that this particular model will get so much name and fame compared to previous models. Setting up Roku Premiere+ is perhaps one of the easiest processes that you will ever do, given you have all the information. Today, we will be sharing that information with you, so that you can quickly set up Roku Premiere+ and start enjoying your favorite movies and TV shows.

  1. Audio/Video cables to connect Roku device to your TV.

  2. A properly working internet connection.

  3. Wall socket/power outlet.

  • How to set up Roku Premiere+

  1. You need to start off with plugging in your Roku Premiere+ device to the wall socket and then, connect your TV with Roku using audio/video cables.

  2. The next step to perform would be connecting Roku Premiere+ to your home internet network. You can choose between wired and wireless internet connection.

  3. If you have selected wired connection, then make sure to connect your Roku device to the modem/router through an Ethernet cable.

  4. In case you are looking to stream content from your Roku Premiere+ using a wireless connection, then you need to connect your Roku to your Wi-Fi network, which will be present on the list of available networks.

  5. It’s time to set the time zone in which you are living followed by activating your Roku player.

  6. Activating of Roku Premiere+ is a process that requires Roku activation code, so you need to get this code by going to Roku com link.

  7. Roku will now update its firmware. I would urge you to wait until the device downloads and installs all the updates. It won’t take much time, and you get the most recent firmware.

  8. Enter the code and activate your Roku device.

  9. If you haven’t created a Roku account so far, then you need to create one. For that, you will have to go Roku com link.

  10. You can only enjoy your favorite content if you have installed channels in your Roku account. There are some free channels, and then, there are some paid ones as well.

  11. You will also have to add a payment method, which will come into use when you pay the subscription fee of any channel.

  12. You should also create a PIN in order to keep your Roku account protected from any unauthorized use. To know how to create a PIN, you can get in touch with Roku support.

The process of setting up Roku Premiere+ is quite easy, but if you encounter any difficulty in any of the above-mentioned steps, then you should get in touch with www Roku com support service. There are many experts present on the market who remain ready at all times to help Roku users with their issues.

Watch the Top HBO Shows With HBO Subscription.

If you are studying or teaching at Manhattan College, then there’s an opportunity provided to you by HBO Go service provider. You can watch your favorite shows, movies, and episodes in your premises itself with the help of HBO Go subscription. The company is providing special offers to the students of Manhattan. You just need to have supported device for playback of your specific movies and shows. Apart from this, a valid email for login is required to start entertainment service. Now, we are going to discuss top-rated shows, which you can enjoy on your TV.


  • Games of Thrones:

This is one of the most watched show. This series of the show includes the drama of an old era to present era. The company has started broadcasting this show in Manhattan College. You will find all the family and social relations in this show. The important topics like family, dragon, and war have been discussed in this show. If you are fond of watching love and romance, then it is filled with this joy. This show has covered seven kingdoms in its series of programs. All the series are different from one another and interest will be created on its own after watching a single show. The artists have described everything in a pictorial manner.

  • Sex and the city:

As implies from the name, this show is related to women who indulge themselves in sexual activities. They do prank with male and arouse them to have sex with her. You will find stories related to fashion and life of 4 women who live in the New York City of America. You will find how a woman changes within a fraction of seconds. This show has also showcased how the living standard of present era woman changed from that of 1990’s. The attitude and moral behavior are totally changed in women now.

  • Insecure:

Another best and most watched show on HBO is ‘Insecure’. This show will make you go back to the old times when love and romance were a lot more exciting than it is today. You will find the witty, honest and unique approach to women for a love and romance. Basically, the idea of this show has been taken from the ‘Issa Rae’ web series. The most amazing thing about this show is that caption along with each dialog will appear on the screen so you can understand it properly.

  • Big Little Lies:

In this show, there are 4 women, which are, Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley, Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon. They play different roles of women. You will find the relation between wives, mother, and sister. Apart from this, minor fights with husband over the petty issue can be seen in this show. If you have a family, then you love to watch this show. This show is ending with a good climax. You will watch it till it lasts. The story keeps on creating in every show. If you are living near the sea in the mansion, then more than 90% people watch this show at this place. You will be eager to watch its next episode after watching the previous one. Here, we want to add another thing that Meryl Streep is soon going to join the crew team for coming up the season.

So, these are 4 must watch shows which you can watch after HBO subscription.

Voice Assistant and Smart Speakers from Roku Coming Out Soon.


Roku is a serious campaigner when it comes to adding new features. Roku never backs down from challenges because the company is aware of the fact that it is these challenges, which make the company better. Roku was doing well in its ‘content streaming’ space, but there has been news going on all around the internet, including social media that the company is in the process of making its own voice assistant.

Technical Bulls

Roku’s voice assistant, I mean ‘wow’, this company has the knack to surprise its customers. There wasn’t any need to come into this niche, but that’s Roku for you. With this voice assistant, Roku plans on competing with some of the industry’s well-established voice assistance services such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google Assistant. So, what will Roku name its voice assistant, that’s the question in everybody’s mind? Well, let me kill the suspense by mentioning the magic word which will be used to get the tasks done using voice commands. The word that you will have to say is ‘Roku’ only. 
  • Who will get this ‘voice-assistant’ feature?

When Roku launches a feature into the market, it wants everybody to enjoy it, including those who have bought the company’s device a few years ago. This is what will happen now. All the streaming devices and smart TVs with a ‘Roku’ logo on them will have this voice assistant feature. There will be a software update, which will run automatically, thus resulting in the inclusion of this amazing feature. The official name of this voice assistant is ‘Roku Entertainment Assistant’, but there is no need to call such a big name, as only ‘Roku’ will also do the job. You just need to say, ‘Roku, play Eminem’s song from his latest album in the guest room’.
  • What’s more in the offing?

Roku is not stopping after creating a voice assistant, but it has got plans for the rest of your house as well. Roku’s voice assistant is going to be available in smart speakers as well, but it won’t be Roku who will be making the speakers. Roku has partnered with some of the top companies who manufacture speakers, audio systems, and soundbars, so Roku is going to make some arrangements in order to label their brand name on those gadgets. The first company that announced Roku branded device was TCL.
The operating system on which the audio gadgets would work will be provided by Roku. So, users will be able to connect to those audio gadgets wirelessly and perform a number of things such as syncing audio, etc. Moreover, it will be possible for users to control all the gadgets with a Roku remote and not to forget, voice commands. Till now, it is only confirmed that users will be able to control music and videos, but a lot more can be done with voice commands, it’s just that users don’t know about those things.
It is worth waiting for this feature because when it is going to appear on the market, it will become an instant hit. It already is because it’s been trending worldwide. Roku really knows how to capitalize at the right time because, with ‘voice assistant’ feature, Roku is definitely going to rock the world of digital and wireless streaming.