Why HBO Go App Is Not Working On Apple Mac?

HBO Go app is not working properly on Mac. Thousands of users are currently facing the problem, and the sad part is, they don’t know when this issue will get resolved. HBO Go says that the problem is not within their platform. HBO Go blames Apple for this issue, but Apple denies their involvement in this issue. Let us find out as to what the issue is and how users can get to access HBO Go in the same old way.

Users of the HBO GO website, who want to watch movies and TV series on Mac computers with the Mac OS Mojave system, have to accept the lack of subtitles. HBO does not sway his finger in this matter, because he is waiting for Apple’s move.

On-demand video services from HBO have technical problems. Even before HBO GO was released, the web version and mobile applications that gave access to the library of movies, series, and other programs often refused to obey.

This year, we’ve come to a completely new version of the video on demand service from HBO, which works much better, but you can still find various mistakes and shortcomings. Recently, there have been considerable problems with subtitles in HBO GO.

Why do not the subtitles in HBO GO work?

A few weeks ago, some customers discovered that the subtitles on HBO GO are no longer displayed after a minute of viewing. The only way they could come back was to restart the player. Unfortunately, it only helped for a moment, and the situation was repeated.

The problem occurred on Apple brand devices with iOS, TV OS and Mac OS. So far, it has been eliminated on iPhones, iPads and Apple TV, but Mac users have not been so lucky. In addition, it turns out that they are at the mercy of the manufacturer of their computer.

HBO will not fix this error on its own.

In the matter of the problem with the subtitles in HBO GO, I contacted the company representative. I was able to confirm that HBO is aware of its existence, but unfortunately, I do not have good information for customers. It is not known when the situation will return to normal.

HBO argues that the problem with HBO subtitles has appeared due to changes in new versions of Apple’s operating systems. The company will not prepare an on-demand video update service on its own. Customers are left to wait for the producer’s move.

The problem with HBO GO needs to be solved by Apple.

In the case of phones, tablets, and TV sets, the subtitle problem was eliminated after updating the iOS and TV OS operating systems. I can confirm that the situation has returned to normal on the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

Unfortunately, in the case of HBO GO on the MacBook, the subtitles still do not work. In addition, in the browser version, the problem will occur until Apple fixes it with the update of Mac OS.

It remains to keep our fingers crossed so that the Apple system will get the appropriate update soon. Until this happens, customers must use a different device or accept movies and series without access to subtitles.

What’s Premiering On HBO Go In October?

Whatever happens, time always continues with its usual course and, having left September in oblivion, the calendar received October. The same also did HBO announcing the new products that can be enjoyed both on your screen and on your HBO GO platform.

So that you do not miss anything that the chain part of the AT & T conglomerate will present in the coming days, here is a list of the most outstanding films, series, and documentaries of Home Box Office.


– All Eyez on Me (October 2): a biopic of the famous rapper, actor and poet Tupac Shakur. The film ranges from the childhood of Tupac in New York City to its evolution as a cultural icon and premature death at the age of twenty-five.

– Justice League (October 6): Inspired by the sacrifice of Superman, Batman joins the Wonder Woman to create a team of metahumans. Along with Cyborg, Aquaman, and Flash, the Justice League must defend Earth from an attack of catastrophic proportions.

Hard to Care (October 13): When all witnesses of the trial against the Belarusian dictator Vladislav Dukhovich are murdered, Interpol hires former bodyguard Michael Bryce to escort The possible witness and famous hitman Darius Kincaid to The Hague.

– The power of ambition (October 19): the ambitious Kenny Wells needs a plan to continue in the mining business after the death of his father. Determined to do so, he joins a geologist with a dubious reputation and decides to search for gold in the remote jungles of Indonesia.

– Last night of the devil: The last key (October 20): Elise always has nightmares about the house in New Mexico where she used to live as a child with her family. One day, Elise receives the call of a patient who moved into this house and is constantly tormented by an evil entity.

– Comes Night (October 26): a family is protected from an epidemic inside a house. When another family arrives seeking refuge, the balance of the quarantine collapses and then the fear of what is outside beginning to be confused with the threats of what is inside. “

– This is just beginning (October 26): Duke is the manager of a resort that offers its residents the most fun during their stay. When a former soldier named Leo arrives, Duke will compete with him for the role of alpha male. But his past will force him to ally with Leo to save his life.

– Girls Trip (October 27): Four lifelong friends travel to New Orleans to attend the annual Essence festival. During the trip, their bond of friendship strengthens and their wild side comes to the surface. There will not be enough dance, conflict, and romance for these friends.

– Pitch Perfect 3: The last note (October 27): after the World Championship, the Beaux are separated and without prospects of work for music acapella. But when they meet for a European tour, the girls will not miss the opportunity to show their peculiar talent one last time.


– Animals: Season 3 (October 12): animated series that focuses on animals from New York City with existential problems quite similar to ours.

– Superb: Season 3 (October 14): start of the last season of the trilogy. Manolo turns on the Magnificent production company. All believe that Dora and Santos were killed, but she is kidnapped in Helio’s house. Vicente recruits Carioca, Lucifer, and Wolf to shoot a new movie. Isabel starts a feminist struggle.


– It Will Be Chaos (October 8): original HBO documentary showing the consequences of the refugee crisis crossing the Mediterranean through the stories of an Eritrean trapped in the Italian immigration system and a Syrian family traveling from Turkey to Germany.

– The Brillo Box auction (October 15): shows the evolution of the iconic Andy Warhol sculpture, while exploring the ephemeral nature of art and its value, with a work that was sold in a thousand dollars in 1969 and then in three million dollars in 2010.

– A Dangerous Son (October 22): a documentary that showcases three families and their precarious situations, each with a child with some type of extreme mental illness, and looking for a concrete treatment, despite having limited resources and support.

– Stolen Daughters: Kidnapped by Boko Haram (October 29): original HBO documentary that shows the history and adaptation process of the young Nigerian students who were kidnapped in 2014 by the terrorist group Boko Haram.


Movie “Coco” Arrives At The HBO Channel To Mark The Day Of The Dead (Halloween)

The film “Coco”, which portrays the essence of the Day of the Dead, will be broadcast on November 2 through the HBO and HBO GO signal at 10:00 pm, in anticipation of its Latin American premiere.

With a slew of movies being lined up for broadcast on Halloween, this movie has come as a big surprise because people were not expecting to see ‘Coco’ at all. HBO believes that this movie is going to get thousands of eyeballs because it is a fresh and exciting story.

With this, the Disney Pixar film celebrates the family and pays homage to one of the most representative traditions in this country.

The Pixar team visited different corners of Mexico to define the history and characters of the film, including Oaxaca, one of the states where they were most inspired thanks to their culture, folk art, and traditions.

With intense colors and detailed confection of typical costumes, as well as with characteristic costumes, “Coco” takes to the screen without equal the reflection of one of the most representative parties in Mexico.

In that work, the story of “Miguel Rivera” is told, a boy who dreams of becoming a consecrated musician, but in his family music has been banned for several generations.

In his attempt to prove that he has talent, the character is involved in a series of events that take him to the colorful “Land of the Dead”, where he will meet the friendly “Hector”, who will help him discover his family history.

The film represented a challenge when telling a story so emotional and full of cultural elements. Similarly, it became a technological milestone for the production house for its advances in animation to give its own personality to characters made only of bones, as well as to illuminate scenes in the “Land of the Dead”, where it is always at night.

The scene in which “Miguel” arrives for the first time to his supernatural destiny required to animate seven million sources of light, for which a new software was developed, the channel said in a statement.

Personalities of Mexican culture such as Maria Felix, Pedro Infante, Emiliano Zapata, Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, among others, served as inspiration for the characters, who seem to come back to life in the film.

The Mexican voices that gave life to these characters correspond to those of Victor Trujillo, Xavier López “Chabelo”, Angélica María, Angélica Vale, Marco Antonio Solís and Gael García Bernal.

Directed by Lee Unkrick, co-directed by Adrián Molina and produced by Darla K. Anderson, “Coco” was recognized internationally and won two Oscars for Best Animated Film and Best Original Song for “Remember me”.

She was also honored at the Golden Globes®, at the Critics’ Choice Movies Awards and at the BAFTA for Best Animated Film. Her main song also received an award at the Critics’ Choice Movies Awards and was nominated at the Golden Globes in the Best Original Song category.

If you too are interested in watching ‘Coco’, then you need to check the timings of the movie at HBO GO. If you are unable to see the details of this movie, then you should get in touch with Technical Bulls, as they will help you find details of the movie, including the time at which it will broadcast.

Samsung Will Add A Subscription To HBO Go, Kuki And Voyo To The New TV Lineup

 If you buy this year’s Samsung TV model, you get a special gift in the form of a subscription to Internet TV. The bonus applies to the highest QLED, Premium UHD and UHD series. The higher the model, the better the package you get. The packages include subscriptions to Kuki, Voyo and HBO Go Internet TV. The event runs until the end of 2018.

Good news for new TV buyers or the ones who are planning to buy a new TV in 2018. If you are planning to buy Samsung TV in 2018, then you can get a subscription to many channels for free. Samsung has launched a special offer on its select TV models, so if someone was waiting for the right time to buy a Samsung TV, then that time is now.

For UHD models (NU71xx to NU73xx series), you will get Kuki for two months. For Premium UHD models (NU74xx to NU8xxx series), besides Kuki for three months, Voyo TV. The highest bonus awaits the owners of the QLED TVs, those to Kuki and Voyo will still receive HBO Go for half a year. Kuki runs Smart Comp, a company behind Netbox, together with Planet A (behind AIM). Voyo is Nova TV.

In the case of Kuki, there will be a tariff plan with 70 stations and a 2-day retrospective. However, the regular tariff Kuki Greater has 60 channels with a weekly view at a price of CZK 400 per month (without HBO). This is a slightly adjusted offer for Samsung, which differs slightly from the Kuki tariffs.

Samsung is gradually adding IPTV (OTT) to Tizen. Currently, Kuki, Better.TV, WatchTV, ModerniTV (which is overwhelmed by WatchTV, with other tariffs and prizes), 4Net.TV (a solution used by O2 TV) and Skylink TV (IPTV Satellite Broadcast).

The actual IPTV / OTT is only Kuki from the three. Voyo will give you access to New and HBO Go content logically to HBO content. For all of these Samsung models, all three Internet TVs will be launched without a set-top box. You probably will not get the subscription, but you cannot write about the limitations so you can watch the broadcasts in addition to the Samsung TV on multiple devices at the same time. Typically on a computer and on a mobile or tablet.

From Samsung, it is a pretty nice and useful gift (even if I could imagine a better combination of IPTV), just nonlinear television is one of the elements that make the TV still useful. Who only has an antenna on the roof at home, the new modern TV will probably not buy.

Out of all the channels, the one that intrigues me a lot is HBO Go because there is a huge repertoire of digital content available on HBO Go channel that the company should charge heavily. But instead, the subscription of HBO Go is not that expensive, and now, Samsung is offering free subscription, people don’t have to pay that much amount as well.


How To Watch HBO GO Programming On Google Chromecast

If you are interested in HBO content, then you must subscribe to HBO Go app by paying a nominal subscription cost every month. You can easily access the app through a streaming device. If you already have one and that happens to be Google Chromecast, then you can find the steps on how to access HBO GO on Chromecast in the below mentioned post.

HBO Go is one of the most exciting apps that is available on the market. If you are a fan of HBO content, then you must use this app. Well, the first thing that you will have to do is, subscribe to the service followed by finding a device where you can install the app. There are many streaming devices available on the market these days, such as Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Nvidia Shield TV and so on.

If you are already having a streaming device, which happens to be Google Chromecast, then you can easily install HBO Go on your Chromecast and enjoy the content that HBO Go has to offer to you.

It is now possible to subscribe to the streaming service without having a pay-tv operator account. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about having any operator account, as that won’t be necessary. If you want to know a step-by-step guide as to how the entire process of accessing HBO Go works on Chromecast, then read on.

HBO GO, a subscription-based streaming video service, has eliminated the need to have a pay-tv operator account to use the platform. Now anyone with an Android or iPhone (iOS) phone can get the service for a fixed monthly price, just like on Netflix.

Chromecast users considering subscribing to HBO can rest assured: the dongle is supported on both the PC and the smartphone. Want to know how to watch HBO GO movies and series on the Google device? Check out the step by step below. The tutorial was done with a Chromecast 2, a Moto G5 and a Google Chrome browser for Windows 10.

Through a web browser

Step 1. With HBO GO open, choose the video you want to play.

Step 2. With the player open, click the broadcast symbol in the lower right corner.

Step 3. Choose the device to which you want to transmit.

Step 4. The content will be broadcast on the TV, with a static image in the browser, and you can use the computer normally.

On the smartphone

Step 1. Open the HBO GO app;

Step 2. Click on the broadcast symbol and choose the Chromecast device to which you want to upload the video.

Step 3. Choose a movie and it will be broadcast on TV.

This was the whole process of how to get HBO GO on your Chromecast through the web browser and smartphone. The entire process is quite simple and can be done without taking anybody’s help. If you encounter any issue while performing the aforementioned steps, then you can get in touch with Technical Bulls, which is a top site for fixing all technical issues befalling streaming devices and apps.


Know The Easy Steps To Download And Record HBO Go Series & Movie Offline

If you are binge-watcher of HBO Go shows but unfortunately you don’t have an internet connection to connect to the HBO Go server, then there is nothing to create panic. You can download the shows and watch them later. We are going to discuss the complete guide with you.

1st option: With the help of PlayOn cloud Mobile streaming DVR App we can record HBO GO

We can easily download and record from newly launched PlayOn cloud App for Android and iOS devices. You can start recording the show or movie from the phone itself. You will be notified once the downloading gets completed. You will find the downloading stored in the cloud locker from where you can download it on any other device.

2nd option: Record HBO Go through play On Desktop on PC

PlayOn Desktop is a software meant for PC for storing the content from HBO server directly on DVR. Your computer will act as a streaming DVR. You can record any movie, show or series of the episode. The working of this DVR is similar to that of DVR hardware. You can store .mp4 format videos and transfer it to any device without any hassle. With just one click, you can download the complete series of the show or top-rated movies from HBO Go when you are online and watch them later on your device.

Steps to download the PlayOn on desktop

  1. Download PlayOn for windows on your computer by right-clicking the ‘Save file’. Click to start installing .exe file. You are prompted to follow the on-screen instructions and record videos in just a moment.
  2. Enter username and password for your cable provider to log in to HBO Go.

Go to ‘Channels’ and locate HBO Go from the channel list. You are required to open ‘Settings’.

  1. Search for HBO movie or show you want to record and click on ‘Record’ button. Just enter the keywords in the search bar and browse the channel to search for titles. Click to start recording the show. This is how you can record the HBO Go show. If you want to add more than one show, then you can more titles in the queue.
  2. Now, you can do whatever you want on your PC. The PlayOn software will keep on recording the show without any problem. You can minimize it. Once the recording gets completed, you will be notified for the same.

Once the video gets recorded, you can do the following:

  • Download the show or movie on iPad, iPhone through iTunes button. To watch ad-free content, you can download PlayOn mobile app on iPhone.
  • Download the HBO Go video onto your android phone by moving from PC through windows file explorer. Watch-ad free with the same app as we have told for iPhone.
  • Watch videos on TV by just pressing the Cast button from the PlayOn PC console. This is possible with the media streaming player.
  • If you have a Roku media player, then you can watch HBO Go recording from PlayOn channel available on the Roku store. The downloaded file must be in .mp4 format. You can watch it on any device from anywhere.


How To Troubleshoot HBO Go Or HBO Now Problem Encountered At Home?

HBO is basically a cable and premium satellite TV network that offers live and original TV shows including the Veep, GoT and Silicon Valley for viewing on the TV screen. HBO has provided two services to the US citizens by the name of HBO Go and HBO Now. From both the services, users can watch unlimited shows and movies.

But, what to do if these services are not working at home? Don’t worry, we have been furnishing some steps today, which will help you in getting rid of the problems encountered on any of these services.

How is HBO Go different from HBO Now?

Some people are doubtful with these two different services however both offer the same content. The only difference is targeting the audience. HBO Go is for cable or satellite TV customers who want to access the content from their smartphone, tablet or top box. HBO Now is standalone service meant for those who haven’t subscribed to any cable or satellite TV.

Make sure that the password and username entered by you is correct

If you are not being able to access any of the services out of the two, then there is certainly some issue with the username or password. If you have forgotten the password, then you can contact HBO support.

If you are HBO now a user, then you can request for a password reset link on your registered mail address from the service support team. If the HBO now subscribed by you is through Hulu or another video app, then you have to enter the relative email address.

How to fix HBO Go or now streaming problems at home?

In case the HBO streaming is not working at home, there is a number of fixes which can troubleshoot the problem. First of all, the primary thing required for streaming is a high-speed internet connection. If the connection is faster, then only you can enjoy flawless content on the TV screen. A minimum of 3 MBPS is required for downloading the content.

Furthermore, if you have a streaming problem at home, then restart the TV, set-top box and other consoles connected to the streaming service. If this doesn’t solve the purpose, then you can reset the router by pressing the reset button for 1 minute. Try streaming the content now. You can turn off the modem as well and restart it. Sometimes, this may solve the problem.

Reinstall HBO apps:

If you are still encountering the same issue, then there can be the possibility of network strength issue. If the router is placed at a far distance from the device, then you will notice signal issue on it. Try connecting the router directly to the smart TV, smart box or game console. Occasionally, you may find HDCP content issue on your smart TV if the HBO Now or HBO Go is not working properly due to the unstable cable connection

HBO Go or HBO Now might be down

If there is some problem with HBO Now or HBO Go from the server end, then there are chances of getting the streaming problem at home. For this, you can’t do anything than to wait for some time. You can run down detector test on your computer and check if there is any service outage problem reported in your area.