Are You Finding Trouble Converting Your Kindle E-Book Format? Here’s A Fix

Kindle E-Book Format

Converting an E-book in your kindle is not as easy as you think it is. You may encounter problem while publishing a book with different format on different kindle devices. This problem is quite common for all the self-publishers who want to publish the books on kindle device with different format. Are you also facing trouble in converting the E-book format? If yes, then don’t worry, we are going to fix your problem in this blog post.

Self-publishers use different software in order to make the E-book best suited for kindle. They take constant kindle support from the website so that they will not face problem in future. There is one kindle direct publishing software approved by the Amazon service that helps in converting the EBook from one format to another but the problem in this conversion is that the result is not up to the mark. Although, kindle com support this tool but this is not applaud able. Another alternative method used by some authors is caliber tool that converts the HTML file into kindle compatible file. Authors may face problem with this tool because this is third party software and not compliant with the kindle direct publishing platform.

Here we are going to provide some tips that will help you in fixing the formatting errors. You don’t need to go around anywhere for getting kindle help. The first and the foremost thing is make the documents that are:

  1. Absolute in HTML.
  2. NCX containing Table of contents.
  3. Table of contents from HTML file.
  4. An opf

If you are using these documents, then any small error in it can create an immense problem and moreover, you cannot fix these errors with Amazon kindle support link. The only solution is link the cover photo with all the above mentioned documents that work on kindle generations. You can check the preview after uploading the format in your kindle device. If you find any problem thereon, then you need to go to the actual document for editing. There are some manuscript tips with which you can make your E-book format conversion better. Main characters that hinder the conversion are:

  1. Hyphens
  2. Apostrophe
  3. Ellipse
  4. Single or Double quotation marks.

You can use replace and find option to omit these errors up to some extent but this is not reliable for finding each and every error. Major obstructions that you may face during the whole process are:

Complex file conversion

Manuscripts are mainly developed in PDF format and cannot be replaced easily with other format. If the authors use word file for publishing then they can easily rectify the errors without taking kindle customer service support.

Count on print to digital conversion

You may have seen that there are some books that processed through OCR method. In this process whole Book is scanned on per page basis. In this process, the blacklist titles also get converted without eradicating the common character errors from it. The OCR reads the ‘be’ word as ‘he’. These silly mistakes are common in the OCR conversion process.

Larger size images

Any larger size images in the E-book may create problem while converting from one format to another. The size of the book should not exceed the limit. Otherwise, too much large images may create problem in downloading Even. You can take help from www kindle com support link to know the actual size prescribed by the kindle for uploading an image.

E-book with large Size

Downloading a large size E-book is quite an annoying process. It will take time to download the whole E-book that is large in size. The prescribed sizes for different E-readers are: 2 GB for Apple, 20 MB for B&N and kindle fire support 50 MB for direct publishing.

What Is The Process To Remove Kindle ‘Invalid Item’ Error From An Android Kindle App?

Bag the best solution for issue of getting ‘invalid item’ error on the kindle application for Android based smartphones. There is no compelling reason to take kindle help from kindle com support. You should simply take after the procedure that is discussed in blog post below.

Kindle is unarguably the most flexible gadget. The purpose behind me to compose it is to put a light on the fact that I have seen numerous gadgets, however no one plays the same number of things as kindle does. It is a tablet, weariness buster and E-reader and call it of your own choice. Kindle as a gadget is magnificent, however with regards to kindle app, it is similarly improved or I would preferably rank the app higher than the gadget. Kindle app has empowered the Non-kindle clients to take advantages of high class kindle platform.

Kindle app is accessible for iOS and android, which implies, individuals utilizing iPhone and Android cell phone can get to EBooks that kindle has in the library. This is an incredible move by the organization to authorize the platform for individuals who realize what it is, but can’t invest money on purchasing this device. With this kindle app, individuals will get attracted to kindle gadgets and would likewise presumably purchase those.

Unfortunately, one problem has been observed in the kindle for android app. This problem is displayed on the screen when you try to open the app. The error message ‘invalid item’ shown on your screen that prohibit the book from opening in kindle library. The problem may be in the kindle downloaded book or in the app itself. Some people have even updated their kindle app version but didn’t able to get rid of this problem. We are going to discuss the way with which you can remove this error. We have taken some important points from Amazon kindle support link as well so as to help you out in a best suitable way.

The troubleshooting steps discussed by the amazon support team on the website earlier are: de-registering a device, uninstalling a kindle android app, downloading app again and re-registering on kindle account. Though solution was simple, but everyone was not able to practice it because of lack of knowledge about the functions and menus. If you want any help or guidance, then you can go to www kindle com support link.

Now we are going to discuss another fix to this problem. This solution is simple and barely takes your 5 minutes for finishing off. If you are suffering from this same problem, then try these steps as these are more convenient for you to implement

Solution: clear the cache from the kindle app. If you face any problem in opening the kindle app after clearing the cache memory, then go to kindle com support link.

  1. Go to home menu and open the settings from menu button.
  2. Click on manage downloaded apps.
  3. Find kindle app from the list of apps.
  4. Click on the app and clear the cache from the available option.
  5. Exit the settings.

These steps will certainly going to help you in fixing the problem. But in case you are still facing the same problem frequently, then call at kindle customer service number. This number is functional 24×7. The technical experts will help you step wise and bring you out of this problem.

If you are a kindle fire tablet user and facing the same issue, then you can directly follow the kindle fire support link that is extensively made for troubleshooting the kindle fire series models. The processes for troubleshooting the various models are properly discussed on this link.

Is There A Way To Get Rid Of Boot Loop Issue In Kindle Fire?

Kindle tab

There is a new issue in Kindle Fire that has been bothering people from all around the world who are using this particular model. The problem is ‘boot loop’, which occurs due to software update or by adding a new app. In this blog post, we will try to figure out how to get rid of this problem.

The Kindle Fire is one of the most popular e-readers in the world. It consists of a plethora of features that you will not find in any other e-reader. For people with great enthusiasm for reading, Kindle Fire provides a perfect platform. But, it is to be kept in mind that Kindle Fire is an electronic device, and therefore, it is prone to problems. Problems related to hardware or software can arise One such problem has appeared in Kindle Fire tablets, which is related to ‘boot loop’. This is a problem that makes the device restarts again and again endlessly. There are many reasons that could result in this issue. The most common method to get rid of this disease is ‘resetting the device’. A hard reset of the Kindle Fire device can resuscitate the device, but if not, then you must use utilities. There are many utilities that can easily rectify the problem and bring the device back to its working state. You can get the utilities from the internet for free, so I guess that won’t be a problem for you.

Boot loop: What it is and how it is caused?

Boot loop is a process that occurs when Kindle Fire tablet is unable to fully complete its boot cycle. When this process starts, it goes on and on. The device doesn’t gets on and you cannot access anything on the device. The problem occurs when you install a software update. The problem can also occur when you try to run any app on the device, which is not compatible. If you are facing this problem, then you can get in touch with Kindle Fire support because I think they will be able to provide you with an appropriate solution.

How about resetting the Kindle Fire tablet? Will it solve the problem?

You can reset the device, as it is an effective tool to get rid of the boot loop issue. You have to press the power button and hold it for 20 seconds. When you see the device getting off, then you will have to again press the power button to start the tablet. If you find out that the problem is there, then you must connect the device to its charger and charge it for 30 minutes. After charging it, try to reset the device. If nothing happens, then take the help of Amazon Kindle support providers.

How about getting third-party utilities? Will those work?

Well, you can try 3rd party utilities, who knows, they might work for you. But, it is important to seek permission from the tech support providers. For that, you can log onto www Kindle com support and get in touch with the company’s representatives over a telephonic call or chat. Most of the time, these utilities are effective and serve their desired purpose. But, in case, they don’t, then you must immediately get them out of the device.

You can take the help of Kindle support providers anytime, as they are available to help you only. You will be surprised to know that there are 3rd party Kindle support available as well, which you can try. So, find the number of the best Kindle customer service and explain your problem to them.

If you want to play the safe game, then you can just log onto Kindle com support and tell your issue to the people working there. They will also be able to provide you the best help.

Ebook Formats That Are Compatible With Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle Support Lets You Remove Books From Kindle

Ebooks are available in various format some are compatible with your Kindle device but some are not. The format such as PDF, needs to get converted to mobi or prc through Calibre so that you can read these files on your Kindle.

Kindle is an astounding device which is popular among the people which is manufactured by Amazon. This is portable and can be carried along. This device is specially designed to collect and read digital books. Kindle has a wide range to offer to start from basic Kindle to high-end Kindle Oasis and Amazon provides Amazon Kindle support which provides you the best solution for your problem.

Kindle has its own stop-shop where you can browse and buy books online plus you can also read books from other sources by loading them into your Kindle device. There are various e-book formats that are compatible with Kindle.

List of file formats compatible with Kindle


If you purchase a book on the Amazon store then it always comes in this file format as this is a proprietary system Amazon for your Kindle and it has many similarities with the .mobi format.


It is the new format of ebooks which is developed by Amazon.This format supports content HTML5, CSS, and Javascript and also allows animated and video content and graphics. This is more especially for Kindle Fire devices and if you have a Kindle Fire and experiencing any technical difficulty while handing your device then you can take Kindle support from the professional Kindle technicians. This format is also compatible with all the current devices of Kindle.


It is one of the best-known ebooks formats which is compatible with Kindle.


This format is very similar to mobi format and can be downloaded on a device but make sure it doesn’t contain DRM.


The Txt format is also compatible with Kindle as there are many electronic files that are created on a simple text file txt.


PDF format is not for an ebook but it is widely used in the computer. However, Kindle has certain limitation to read PDF files and Kindle com support can guide you further about this. For such cases if you want to read PDF or another format document that you want to read on your Kindle then Calibre tool comes handy and which convert books to mobi. or prc format which can be easily readable on Kindle.

You Can Transfer Documents Wirelessly From Your PC To Kindle


Various documents can be sent to Kindle from your PC and you can access these documents at any time but you need to have Send-to-Kindle email address or take Kindle com support for better assistance.

 E-readers give us the opportunity to carry books wherever we go. Amazon Kindle support helps us to tackle any difficulty and also provides a solution for our problem. If you have lots of documents on your computer and you want to read them on your kindle device wherever you take your Kindle along then these facile steps will be easy for you to transfer your documents from your computer wirelessly to your Kindle.

  1. Firstly, look for your customized Send-to-Kindle email address from the settings in Amazon’s page-settings. In case you don’t have it yet then create your email address. If you already have created the email address but somehow you forget then worry no more as you can find it on the second page of your Kindle settings.
  2. Now open the new email message on your PC.
  3. Now enter your Send-to-Kindle email address and attach the document to the mail.
  4. After that type “convert” in the subject box.
  5. Now send the mail.
  6. Look for a place where Wi-Fi is accessible and also try to use your device at that time when Wi-Fi has the highest bandwidth time.
  7. Now turn your Kindle device on.
  8. Now connect your Kindle device to the Wi-Fi network and if your device has 3G then Amazon will not transfer files over Whispernet when Wi-Fi is on. In case your Wi-Fi is not on you still reminder on your device that your documents are queued and documents are ready to be transferred once you turn on the Wi-Fi.
  9. Now give some time to the device to convert, initialize and receive the document.You can find your document on the Home screen of the Kindle device and if you are unable to find it take Kindle help to know what could have gone wrong.

How To Download eBooks On Kindle Fire Through Amazon Store

How To Download eBooks On Kindle Fire Through Amazon StoreHow To Download eBooks On Kindle Fire Through Amazon Store

Amazon store is full of books and you can easily download these books on your Kindle Fireby following simple procedure discussed below.

Kindle Fire is a versatile device and it is very similar to iPad. The Kindle Fire not merely allows you to read books but it also allows you to watch movies, play games, listen music, and browse the web. However, there are variety of ways to download books on your Kindle Fire but you need to create Amazon Kindle account before purchasing any book. If you already have a Kindle Fire then Kindle Fire support is there to make you familiar with the functionalities of your Kindle Fire. If you want to download books to a Kindle Fire then you can easily do it after following simple steps discussed below.

Head towards Amazon store:

  1. First of all, go to the home menu and this the page which appears when you turn your Kindle on. Make ensure that your Kindle is connected to WiFi and you have to register it.
  2. Now select “Books” you will find this option on the top of the screen, next to Newstand and Music and this take you to a “shelf” where you will see all the books you have received or downloaded.
  3. To download a book select “Store” and you will find this option in the upper right hand corner. It appears as an arrow pointing to the right.
  4. Now you will be able to browse through the books and check all the books those are available in Kindle store. Further, you can browse by category such as “bestseller” or “non-fiction” by just tapping the “Browse books” option. You can also search for specific titles by simply typing the name of the book. If you are looking for free books then you can search for them through the option “free books” and all the free books will be available.
  5. Now select the book and the screen will appear which will have price of the book, its rating, cover and description. If the book is available as rental you will see a “Rent now with 1-Click button and if it is available as sample you’ll see “Try a sample” button. You can try the sample first and then decide whether you want to read this book further.
  6. If you have decided on the book tap “Buy”.  If you’re an Amazon Prime member then you will be eligible to “Borrow for free”. If you are not a Amazon Prime member then you can go for usual method of purchasing the book. Tapping the “Buy” option will charge the default 1-click payment method to your account and the book you have requested will begin downloading to your Kindle Fire.
  7. After this you will be asked for enter your Amazon credentials to proceed further. Wait till your book is downloading and after that “Read Now” will appear.
  8. Now click on your “Books “tab again and select the book you wants to read.

Amazon prime members now get free audible content

amazon prime

Amazon Prime Members gets various services like choose from library of videos, free streaming music, Kindle Lending library and free photo storage and this time you get access to audible channels where you can listen to the best sellers and other content too.

Audible is service provided by Amazon it offers great collection of audio books, audio version of magazines and newspaper too. Now Amazon Prime member and Audible members will be able to get access to Audible channels for free which includes hand crafted playlist which caters everyone’s interest. You can turn any time into story time and listen your favourite stories on your iPhone, iPod Touch  or iPad, etc. If you face any difficulty while accessing these audio channels then Amazon Kindle support can provide solution for this issue.

Amazon Prime members will be able to stream from group of more than 50 audiobooks. In addition to it you can listen free content which includes podcasts on Audios new on-demand Channels. However, non-Prime members have to pay $4.95 a month to listen to these audiobooks and other content.

Moreover, with audible the possibilities are endless as you got to choose from thriller, mystery, romance and many more.

 Listen to best sellers:

•The Girl on the Train

•Truly, Madly, Guilty

•The Power of Habit

•Harry Potter

•The Martian

•A Man Called Ove


•The Gene

•When Breath Becomes Air

•End of Watch

A wide range of popular categories like:

•Crime and Thrillers

•Science Fiction








•Mindfulness and meditation


•Children’s books

So, avail this opportunity Prime members and choose from your best sellers and various categories.

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