You Can Transfer Documents Wirelessly From Your PC To Kindle


Various documents can be sent to Kindle from your PC and you can access these documents at any time but you need to have Send-to-Kindle email address or take Kindle com support for better assistance.

 E-readers give us the opportunity to carry books wherever we go. Amazon Kindle support helps us to tackle any difficulty and also provides a solution for our problem. If you have lots of documents on your computer and you want to read them on your kindle device wherever you take your Kindle along then these facile steps will be easy for you to transfer your documents from your computer wirelessly to your Kindle.

  1. Firstly, look for your customized Send-to-Kindle email address from the settings in Amazon’s page-settings. In case you don’t have it yet then create your email address. If you already have created the email address but somehow you forget then worry no more as you can find it on the second page of your Kindle settings.
  2. Now open the new email message on your PC.
  3. Now enter your Send-to-Kindle email address and attach the document to the mail.
  4. After that type “convert” in the subject box.
  5. Now send the mail.
  6. Look for a place where Wi-Fi is accessible and also try to use your device at that time when Wi-Fi has the highest bandwidth time.
  7. Now turn your Kindle device on.
  8. Now connect your Kindle device to the Wi-Fi network and if your device has 3G then Amazon will not transfer files over Whispernet when Wi-Fi is on. In case your Wi-Fi is not on you still reminder on your device that your documents are queued and documents are ready to be transferred once you turn on the Wi-Fi.
  9. Now give some time to the device to convert, initialize and receive the document.You can find your document on the Home screen of the Kindle device and if you are unable to find it take Kindle help to know what could have gone wrong.

How To Download eBooks On Kindle Fire Through Amazon Store

How To Download eBooks On Kindle Fire Through Amazon StoreHow To Download eBooks On Kindle Fire Through Amazon Store

Amazon store is full of books and you can easily download these books on your Kindle Fireby following simple procedure discussed below.

Kindle Fire is a versatile device and it is very similar to iPad. The Kindle Fire not merely allows you to read books but it also allows you to watch movies, play games, listen music, and browse the web. However, there are variety of ways to download books on your Kindle Fire but you need to create Amazon Kindle account before purchasing any book. If you already have a Kindle Fire then Kindle Fire support is there to make you familiar with the functionalities of your Kindle Fire. If you want to download books to a Kindle Fire then you can easily do it after following simple steps discussed below.

Head towards Amazon store:

  1. First of all, go to the home menu and this the page which appears when you turn your Kindle on. Make ensure that your Kindle is connected to WiFi and you have to register it.
  2. Now select “Books” you will find this option on the top of the screen, next to Newstand and Music and this take you to a “shelf” where you will see all the books you have received or downloaded.
  3. To download a book select “Store” and you will find this option in the upper right hand corner. It appears as an arrow pointing to the right.
  4. Now you will be able to browse through the books and check all the books those are available in Kindle store. Further, you can browse by category such as “bestseller” or “non-fiction” by just tapping the “Browse books” option. You can also search for specific titles by simply typing the name of the book. If you are looking for free books then you can search for them through the option “free books” and all the free books will be available.
  5. Now select the book and the screen will appear which will have price of the book, its rating, cover and description. If the book is available as rental you will see a “Rent now with 1-Click button and if it is available as sample you’ll see “Try a sample” button. You can try the sample first and then decide whether you want to read this book further.
  6. If you have decided on the book tap “Buy”.  If you’re an Amazon Prime member then you will be eligible to “Borrow for free”. If you are not a Amazon Prime member then you can go for usual method of purchasing the book. Tapping the “Buy” option will charge the default 1-click payment method to your account and the book you have requested will begin downloading to your Kindle Fire.
  7. After this you will be asked for enter your Amazon credentials to proceed further. Wait till your book is downloading and after that “Read Now” will appear.
  8. Now click on your “Books “tab again and select the book you wants to read.

Free Games to play on you Kindle Fire tablet

Free Games to play on you Kindle Fire tablet

It is always good to play games on a tablet’s bigger screen so try these Free Kindle Fire games on your Kindle Fire Tablet.

Games always keep you engage if you are stuck in a situation where you don’t want to be or when you have nothing to do then games become of savior and get you out of boredom. If you have a Kindle Fire and looking for free games that you play on your device then this blog is all you need, let us help you in choosing a good game for you. AlsoKindle Fire support is available for all Kindle fire devices if they experience any technical issue.

1.Triple Town:

If you love solving puzzles then this game is for you. The graphics of this game is very cute and it is a simple yet challenging game and it is the winner of best unique Kindle Fire game.

2.Temple Run:

If all have might have this game on our smartphones but the fun gets doubled when we play this game on a bigger screen such as our Kindle Fire tablet. It is a free game, it is superfast. It is simple but difficult to be an expert in this game.

In this game, you have run for your life and save yourself from the giant angry monkeys and simultaneously collect gems which can be used for gaining power.

There is also the second version of the Temple run which is fabulous.

Optional versions:

Temple Run Brave. Well, it is not a free version but Disney brings variation to this game. It is based on animated movie Brave.It has extra bow and arrow feature.

Another new version of Disney of Temple run is based on the new movie OZ.

Other Options:

The EndApp:It is a different version of this game but by different developer. The EndApp is an apocalypse running game.

3. FlipPix Art

This game is based on Japanese puzzle called nono is the game for puzzle lovers.

4.Alchemy Challenge:

This game is a challenging game here you have to destroy your opponent’s tower before he destroys yours.

5.Fruit Slice/Fruit Ninja

Here you just slice fruits in two half like a Ninja and you have to perform this task quickly.Other games that you choose are

•    Sudoku

•    Sherlock

•    Random Mahjong

•    Checkers

•    Greedy Spiders

•    Candy Crush Saga

And the list doesn’t end here and there’s lot more free games.

Amazon prime members now get free audible content

amazon prime

Amazon Prime Members gets various services like choose from library of videos, free streaming music, Kindle Lending library and free photo storage and this time you get access to audible channels where you can listen to the best sellers and other content too.

Audible is service provided by Amazon it offers great collection of audio books, audio version of magazines and newspaper too. Now Amazon Prime member and Audible members will be able to get access to Audible channels for free which includes hand crafted playlist which caters everyone’s interest. You can turn any time into story time and listen your favourite stories on your iPhone, iPod Touch  or iPad, etc. If you face any difficulty while accessing these audio channels then Amazon Kindle support can provide solution for this issue.

Amazon Prime members will be able to stream from group of more than 50 audiobooks. In addition to it you can listen free content which includes podcasts on Audios new on-demand Channels. However, non-Prime members have to pay $4.95 a month to listen to these audiobooks and other content.

Moreover, with audible the possibilities are endless as you got to choose from thriller, mystery, romance and many more.

 Listen to best sellers:

•The Girl on the Train

•Truly, Madly, Guilty

•The Power of Habit

•Harry Potter

•The Martian

•A Man Called Ove


•The Gene

•When Breath Becomes Air

•End of Watch

A wide range of popular categories like:

•Crime and Thrillers

•Science Fiction








•Mindfulness and meditation


•Children’s books

So, avail this opportunity Prime members and choose from your best sellers and various categories.

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Five Things You Must Know Before Buying A Kindle E-Reader

Five Things You Must Know Before Buying A Kindle E-Reader

Here are the five things that you have to consider while buying a Kindle device. This doesn’t include Kindle support, which is obviously a feature that makes Kindle devices so popular.

Taking a decision to keep books in the book shelf and grabbing an e-reader for reading books is big, but you have to take it someday, so why not now! The time has gone when people collect books because they don’t have space in their homes, plus they don’t feel comfortable carrying pile of books whenever they are on an outdoor trip. Carrying an e-reader is 100 times more convenient than carrying books. In the e-reader, Amazon Kindle is the one that is ruling the market. If you will research on the web, then you will find that there is no other device that is as better as Amazon Kindle. One reason that I could think of is the Amazon Kindle support, which is far more responsive than support of any other company.

But, despite the fact that Kindle is such an amazing device, you need to consider a few things before buying a Kindle device.

1. Kindles offer a wide number of features

People don’t call e-readers, but they call it by the name of ‘Kindle’. But, there have been so many models launched by the company that it is not at all easy for a person to pick up the best one. There is an entry-level Kindle that comes at a price range of $79.99, and then there are expensive Kindle models such as Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage and Kindle Oasis, which are priced at $200-$300. You will have to determine the features that you want in the Kindle because only then, you will be able to pick the right Kindle device. If you need Kindle help to pick the right product, then you can take that as well.

2. You can choose only Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + 3G connections

While browsing different Kindle models, you have to each one of those, whether they have only Wi-Fi connectivity or Wi-Fi + 3G connectivity. If you have chosen standard Kindle model, then you will have to settle with only the Wi-Fi version only. Kindle Fire comes with both Wi-Fi and 3G, plus Kindle Fire support is also quite exceptional.

If you choose a model that has both, Wi-Fi and 3G options, then you can also access the internet wherever internet is not available. The price of the Wi-Fi + 3G model is $70 more than the Kindle, which has Wi-Fi only option.

3. Ad or ad free option

Amazon calls it ‘special offers’, but people refer to it as ‘advertisements’. If you choose the Kindle model with special offers, then you will receive sponsored screensavers and various other offers on your Kindle. The regular configuration of the Kindle device is going to have the special offers, but if you want ad-free version, then you will have to pay $20 more. If you are choosing standard Kindle, then you will have to pay $99.99 instead of $79.99. If you don’t want to see the ads, but don’t know where to turn this feature off, then go to www Kindle com support for more information.

4. Kindle are not exactly tablets

If you think that Kindle devices are like tablets, then they are not. They are specially designed for digital reading. Features like brightness adjustment, sharp text contrast and long-lasting battery help avid readers to indulge in reading for long durations. If there is any issue is any of the above-mentioned features, then you can go to Kindle com support to get all the assistance.

5. Plenty of room to accessorize

You can buy various accessories with the Kindle device such as screen protectors, covers, chargers and cases. You will have to pay an additional cost of $12.99, but that’s not going to hurt you at all.

Kindle Fire Vs iPad Air which one is worth buying

Kindle Fire Vs iPad Air which one is worth buying

Are you thinking of buying a tablet and getting confused between whether to buy iPad Air or Kindle Fire then let us help you to find the right one for you.

Market is flooded with numerous tablets some of them are complex as laptops and some of them are simple e-readers. To choose from the bunch of the tablet is a tough choice so it is important to consider your needs and purpose before buying any tablet.

However, if you are looking for some versatile tablet than the first generation iPad Air and fifth generation Kindle Fire which is the range of Kindle which is known for its e-readers worldwide makes an ideal choice. They both offers amazing features such as internet surfing, video streaming but it cannot replace your laptop but you can get  Kindle Fire Support regarding  any technical issue that you might come across handing Kindle fire devices. . However, if you want your tablet for just surfing and video streaming we have given both iPad Air and Kindle Fire a closer look and discuss them one by one.

iPad Air vs. Kindle Fire

The iPad Air:

The iPad Air weighs about a pound and has a larger screen than the iPad Mini. It is easier to hold because of its sleek design which is Apple’s signature. If you already have a Mac laptop or iPhone then Apple’s iOS software makes it compatible with your Apple devices.

Moreover, users get access to Apple’s store for streaming. Gaming, reading books and more. If you are looking for some creativity then apps such as iMovie, iPhoto and GarageBand come with the iPad Air.

However, if you are looking for a device that suits for pocket then it won’t be an ideal option for you. As iPad Air comes with a hefty price like Apple’s other devices. It comes with 16 GB and Wi-Fi connectivity starting at $399.You can also get the first edition iPad Air at a low price on Amazon but it still cost a lot more than Kindle Fire.

If you are looking for a lightweight tablet which you can use for work and play then it is a good option and worth buying the product.

Kindle Fire:

Amazon’s fifth generation Kindle Fire offers all the basic that you need like e-books, apps, games, email and calendars. You also get an advantage if you are Amazon Prime member you get access to movie, TV streaming and music. Plus Amazon’s Android compatible shopping apps gives you access to a variety of free apps and to know more about these services visit Www kindle com support.

If you want high-quality resolution then let me tell you Kindle Fire doesn’t offer good resolution and a visible difference can be seen in terms of performance when multiple apps are opened. Kindle can connect through Wi-Fi but lacks cellular compatibility. If you are not able to connect your Wi-fi to your Kindle you can ask for Kindle Help.

If you want a tablet that suits your budget and offers basic functionalities then go for the Kindle Fire. In addition, Amazon Prime users will get access to a variety of content. Furthermore, it won’t be a perfect device for tech-savvy people.