Are You Finding Trouble Converting Your Kindle E-Book Format? Here’s A Fix

Kindle E-Book Format

Converting an E-book in your kindle is not as easy as you think it is. You may encounter problem while publishing a book with different format on different kindle devices. This problem is quite common for all the self-publishers who want to publish the books on kindle device with different format. Are you also facing trouble in converting the E-book format? If yes, then don’t worry, we are going to fix your problem in this blog post.

Self-publishers use different software in order to make the E-book best suited for kindle. They take constant kindle support from the website so that they will not face problem in future. There is one kindle direct publishing software approved by the Amazon service that helps in converting the EBook from one format to another but the problem in this conversion is that the result is not up to the mark. Although, kindle com support this tool but this is not applaud able. Another alternative method used by some authors is caliber tool that converts the HTML file into kindle compatible file. Authors may face problem with this tool because this is third party software and not compliant with the kindle direct publishing platform.

Here we are going to provide some tips that will help you in fixing the formatting errors. You don’t need to go around anywhere for getting kindle help. The first and the foremost thing is make the documents that are:

  1. Absolute in HTML.
  2. NCX containing Table of contents.
  3. Table of contents from HTML file.
  4. An opf

If you are using these documents, then any small error in it can create an immense problem and moreover, you cannot fix these errors with Amazon kindle support link. The only solution is link the cover photo with all the above mentioned documents that work on kindle generations. You can check the preview after uploading the format in your kindle device. If you find any problem thereon, then you need to go to the actual document for editing. There are some manuscript tips with which you can make your E-book format conversion better. Main characters that hinder the conversion are:

  1. Hyphens
  2. Apostrophe
  3. Ellipse
  4. Single or Double quotation marks.

You can use replace and find option to omit these errors up to some extent but this is not reliable for finding each and every error. Major obstructions that you may face during the whole process are:

Complex file conversion

Manuscripts are mainly developed in PDF format and cannot be replaced easily with other format. If the authors use word file for publishing then they can easily rectify the errors without taking kindle customer service support.

Count on print to digital conversion

You may have seen that there are some books that processed through OCR method. In this process whole Book is scanned on per page basis. In this process, the blacklist titles also get converted without eradicating the common character errors from it. The OCR reads the ‘be’ word as ‘he’. These silly mistakes are common in the OCR conversion process.

Larger size images

Any larger size images in the E-book may create problem while converting from one format to another. The size of the book should not exceed the limit. Otherwise, too much large images may create problem in downloading Even. You can take help from www kindle com support link to know the actual size prescribed by the kindle for uploading an image.

E-book with large Size

Downloading a large size E-book is quite an annoying process. It will take time to download the whole E-book that is large in size. The prescribed sizes for different E-readers are: 2 GB for Apple, 20 MB for B&N and kindle fire support 50 MB for direct publishing.