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Are you facing problem in streaming Netflix 4K and HD content on TV?

Returning home after a tiring day at office, we all need some type of entertainment either in the form of music or in the form of movies. You can watch movies directly on your TV with the help of Netflix app and that too in HD format. You can listen to your favorite music in standard definition in Netflix streaming service. If you play 4K content, then it will squeeze more MB of your internet data.


While trying to play content, if you have ever come across any streaming problem, then this may disappoint you, but here we want to suggest that there is nothing to worry. You can fix the problem with simple and easy tweaks. Just apply them in the same sequence. Check whether the streaming device is properly connected or not to the internet. Don’t hold Netflix directly responsible for any problem as the problem can be in hardware even.

  • Go to source

Inspect all sources like connection, Netflix settings and finally the data service you have subscribed. Whether you have subscribed to High definition pack or not. There are some packages, which provide standard definition only. If you have a good budget, then go for ultra-high definition plan.

If the entire subscription package is properly opted, then check the settings of your Netflix. Log in to your Netflix account and check the profile section of it. Inside this, you will find playback menu. Click on it. Check the options given to it. You can select from ‘Medium’, ‘High’, ‘Low’ and ‘Auto’. If you want the settings to be changed automatically based on internet speed, then click ‘Auto’.

  1. Low: If you select this type of option, then it will hardly consume 3GB of your data in an hour. This type of playback may affect the quality. If your connection speed is poor, then this type of playback option is best preferred.
  2. Medium: The max data, which you can consume in this quality, is 7 GB per hour.
  3. High: You can watch HD and UHD videos at this speed. This speed is meant for Ultra High definition videos. It consumes 3GB data in an hour normally but if you watch UHD, then it consumes 7GB per hour.
  4. Auto: When you select this mode, then it will automatically adjust the screen resolution based on incoming speed.
  • Browser limits

All browsers have certain restrictions and limitations. You can’t browse flawlessly on any browser. Yes, you can browse HD content on every browser. Now, we are going to discuss different browser with respect to its video resolution.

  1. Microsoft Edge: Up to 4K
  2. Google Chrome: Up to 720 p
  • Opera: It’s up to 720.
  1. Mozilla Firefox: It’s up to 720 p.
  2. Internet Explorer: Up to 1080 p.
  • Willing to watch UHD or HD videos?

If you want to watch such format of videos, then you require a good internet service. However, even after subscribing to internet service, it doesn’t guarantee that you will get the best performance. In case you are getting the problem with the internet service, you can call at internet service provider. They will troubleshoot the internet problem.


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