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Amazon’s Kids-Friendly Kindle Has Become Friendlier Now

As we all know Amazon keeps the train of its deals running. So, now, it has come with a great deal on its product for young readers, Kindle for Kids Bundle. They have put some of kids’ favorite softwares from their other product Fire Tablet Kids Edition. They have also made it more interesting for kids so that they will use it freely and improve their skills.

This new Kindle is although has same hardware as of basic kindle but also has some additional features that will make it more kids friendly. This features 6 inches touch screen along with weak long battery life and enough space for adding lot more software. The additional features which this kindle has unlike the older kindle are two year protection plan and free outer case. The protection plan is same “no question asked” plan as you will get in old kindle. This plan will take away your load if you are worried about the safety of this e-reader. Also, you will get Kindle Support for this tablet unlike the older one has Kindle Fire Support.

The parents might worry that their kid is playing on the tablet. But stop its not like other tablets that have games. This tablet is actually a reader that will improve the reading skills and vocabulary of your child. The only thing that your child can do on this tablet is reading. This tablet has some of kindle’s software that will encourage your child to read more and more thereby adding to the skills of the child. The dictionary which is built-in is just a tap away. When the kid looks up for any word it automatically adds the word to vocabulary for future reference. All the tools have been linked with kindle’s free time parental controls to help the kid in reading their favorite books wherever they go. These controls will allow you to manage content access, educational goals and usage limit. This reader will solve the problem of forgetting the books as you will have all your favorite books in this reader. Also, this kindle can be updated by using Amazon Kindle Update.

This kindle features endless kid’s stuff that your kids can explore within a kids friendly environment. This will encourage your young reader to read and learn more with an easy to use applications. This unlimited featured reader is a useful tool for those kids who usually struggle with traditional books. This tablet can become the best time pass for your kid along with a great tool to enhance his/her skills. Another interesting feature of this tablet is it doesn’t come with a backlight, it means when lights are off the bedtime starts.

Also the hardware and the appearance of the reader has been kids friendly so that they can use it freely as they like. Kids don’t like restrictions and this is one which is free from any restriction because it comes with full security and safety features. Parents will have now worry about their kids’ growth and learning skills as they will have an amazing help and support from in the form of this reader. Parents can choose what their kids will read and what not.

If you have a young reader at your home then this kindle becomes a must for you as it will only benefit you and will takes your worries away regarding the skill improvement of their child.

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