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ABC News Live And CBSN Are Now Added To The Hulu Live TV Lineup

Not more than two weeks left for 2018 U.S Midterm elections, Hulu has announced the addition of 2 channels: CBS News and ABC News in the live channel lineup. Both these channels are news channels that will cover each and every moment of upcoming elections.

From coming week, users will be able to watch 3 channels ABC, CBSN and cheddar on their subscribed Live TV service. In the $40 package, you will get traditional channels like CNN International, CNN and Fox news.

ABC News live and CBSN are the two news channels which are available for free on other platforms other than Hulu. Let’s start watching the brand news for no extra cost. The news organizations are trying their best efforts to reach the untargeted market by placing their service on Hulu front screen.

Hulu is a major player in OTT service as told by Colby Smith, Senior VP at ABC news. According to him, our company wants ABC to be omnipresent where cord-cutters are.

The primary focus for ABC News live is on live coverage rather than on headlines delivered by newsreaders sitting behind a desk. There are more than 1300 staffers who have contributed for ABC news around the globe.

According to the Smith, there is a large chunk of young audience who are not at all satisfied with the cable news format. We are trying to provide the more refined and best live news to them.

On an average, per user spends 3 hours per week watching ABC live news. The younger generation with the average age group of 40 is the main audience of their TV. ABC Live will soon touch a limit of 1 million hours per week.

As of now, no advertisements are being telecasted on ABC News Live. Currently, ads are replaced by network promos. ABC is planning to launch dynamic ad insertion on live-streaming service by the end of 2018.

Disney, a parent company of Hulu owns ABC and is looking forward to getting major control after the deal for 20th-century fox assets closes. According to Smith, Disney parentage had no bearing on Hulu for ABC live.

CBS was launched in 2014 and had partnered with Hulu live under an agreement with CBS Corp that is delivering CBS, CBS sports and POP to OTT service.

CBSN is bringing the live news coverage and reporting from CBS news journalist worldwide and has aired 25 original long-form documentaries till date. The channel has recently introduced CBSN AM, live daily programming in 7-8 A.M ET hour.

Apart from Hulu, you will find the CBSN on as well and this same app is available for Android and connected TV devices.

This is the significant step taken by the company towards increasing the user base and distribution network of CBSN. This channel is available now on multiple platforms. Christy Tanner, EVP, and GM have said in his press conference with the news agencies.

Hulu, released in May 2017 is now contributing through Live and on-demand programming from more than 50 sports, entertainment and kids channels. You can access more than 75000 episodes from Hulu VOD library. The list includes NBC, Fox locals, CBS, and national cable networks include ESPN, Fox Sports, CNN, Fox News, A&E and Telemundo.



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