A Complete Analysis Of Non-Certified Channels On Roku And How To Add These To Your Device?

Non-certified channels are channels developed by channel developer which can only be accessed through a dedicated access code. If you are having this code, then only you can access the non-certified channel. Before going further, let’s discuss what the Non-certified channels actually are?

These are the channels which are not available directly on the Roku app store but is available for a small chunk of users. The developers of these channels develop the channels to test it on a few users. Once they find it successful, they unlock the channel for whole users. The users need to be cautious while installing non-certified channels on the Roku device.

Why non-certified channels on Roku?

As we have discussed in the above passage that developers from different country develop the channels and test it on Roku store on a small set of people. When they get satisfied, they publish all over the Roku store. These channels are particularly meant for Roku employers who test and passes the same.

Why Roku blocks Non-certified channels for some users?

If any Non-certified channel is not following the rules and restrictions of Roku Company, then the company may take necessary action against the channel developer and the user. If a company is violating the rules or showing illegal content on the screen, then Roku may block the account due to the same reason cited above.

How do you check if the company is using the pirated or duplicated content on the Roku platform or not that violates Roku terms and conditions?

All the channels available on the Roku store must abide by the laws and restrictions. It doesn’t test the channel before publication. However, if it comes to a light that a company is using the pirated content or violating the rules, then Roku may stop its distribution among users. The user needs to aware of this thing before installing any non-certified Roku channel.

How to add Non-certified channels?

  • From the computer screen or smartphone, open Roku.com
  • Login to the Roku accounts for verification purpose.
  • Under manage account, go to ‘Add a channel with code’ option.
  • Enter the code on the next screen.
  • Check if any warning message is appearing on the screen.

The channel will not get added automatically at once. You need to wait for 2-3 days till the website gets added. If you want to add the channel immediately, then download the channel from the store and go to ‘Settings’. Click on ‘System’. From there perform a system update.

After downloading the channel, you will have to add the channel immediately. Check the same from the home screen if it started appearing over there or not. You will find this channel under recently added channel list. If you want to move the channel to the first position then either drag-drop it or click on ‘How to move channel’ link.

How to get a refund for the subscribed Non-certified channel on Roku?

It has come to the fore that some users have subscribed to the Non-certified channels without their consent and knowledge. though Roku doesn’t charge for Non-certified channels at all. In case, you are charged falsely, you can ask for a refund from Roku support. They will first examine the issue, then provide the solution accordingly.

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