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8 Most Popular Shows And Movies To Watch On Hulu In July!

Let’s check out the 8 most popular TV shows and movies which you must watch on Hulu for complete entertainment.

  1. Columbus: This show is centered at smart and talented co-start John Cho, who is working with Haley Lu Richardson as a translator. He is from Columbus. One day, when his father has gone into a coma, he meets a lady name ‘Casey’ who is also present there to look after her ill mother. He starting talking to her in daydreaming and it soon changes to reality. Now, you can watch the complete climax in the series of the show on your TV.
  2. My mad fat diary: This is basically a British drama played on the life of a 16-year-old girl named Roe Earl. She was admitted to psychiatric hospital for last 5 months. She started communicating with her friend Chloe and gives no clue about her health and make her feel as she is in abroad. Rae struggling with mental issue try to keep her illness secret from all her friends.
  3. Too funny to fail: Directed and produced by Dana Carvey, this is show is totally funny and full of comedies. You love to watch it on your TV. Dana Carvey had started the show earlier also but it soon resulted in the downfall. Now, he has included some new guests in the show named Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell. You will be surprised after watching this show.
  4. Fix Upper: Joana and Chip are married couples in this show and are very talented. They work on the saying, ‘If it ain’t broke, it needs a fix’. The couple helps the local people to get space for a proper dwelling. The viewers of this show will love to watch the honor and hospitality provided by couples for their neighbors. They even encourage their children to be in the same activity.
  5. The Ramen girl: The story of this show is related to the heart-broken girl who lives in Japan and finds herself good at working in a ramen shop on the street. She helps her co-worker in preparing a delicious food for guests or customers.
  6. Selfie: This show is centered at Eliza Dooley, who is a social media user and after taking assistance from Henry Higgs, she got aware of the outside world in a day. This show is full of Drama, humor, romance, and humor. You can watch it individually. This show was however canceled in 2014, but with the participation of John Cho, the gem this time are doing their best.
  7. Bride and Prejudice: A classic novel published by Jane Austen. The novel is dubbed into a movie with proper actions and scenes. You will find vibrant colors, dancing girls and music filled with joy in this movie. If you are in love with someone, then you will enjoy watching this movie.
  8. Travel Man: A British man in this drama travel through different parts of the world and explore different things at different places. He is accompanied by the celebrities and guest throughout his whole journey. The name of the British comedian is ‘Richard Ayoade’. The celebrities who joined him are ‘Rebel Wilson, Paul Rudd, Greg Davies, and Chris O’Dowd. If you want to watch the short story, then nothing can be better than this show. You will come to know the different survival techniques during the journey of 48 hours around the world.


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