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6 Different Ways To Stream HBO On Your LED TV

 Do you want to know the ways to stream HBO Activate on your TV in coming future? If yes, then keep reading this guide. We are going to tell you 6 different ways through which you can enjoy HBO on your TV. You can easily watch ‘Games of Thrones’ or other comedy specials like ‘Amy Schumer: Live at Apollo’ thereafter.

You can only watch HBO with the 6 different ways, other channels are not available as of now. You can watch CBS but only in four ways.

  1. Cable/Satellite TV: If you have a cable connection at home, then you can easily watch your favorite show or movie on HBO. This channel is otherwise paid and you need to pay $15 a month to subscribe to this channel. You will get access to the complete HBO library once you have paid the charges with the regular TV plan.
  2. HBO Go: HBO Go and HBO now both are different. You can’t stream one from another.HBO Go Login is a complimentary service with cable TV or satellite TV if you are paying for it. If you want to watch the shows on the laptop, then you need to open the website. For mobile devices running iOS or Android OS, you can open it through app after downloading it from the app store. You just have to log in to the HBO account with the credentials and start watching your favorite show using Pay-Tv credentials.
  3. HBO Now: This is a standalone service offered by a company. This service is basically meant for those who have not subscribed to the cable network and want to stream it directly. You can get this service on your streaming player by just paying $15 a month. In case of any clarification or help, you can contact HBO support.
  4. Amazon Prime: The best deal for HBO lovers is Amazon Prime. In this deal, the users can watch the shows without any additional cost. Prime members of Amazon Prime can add the HBO service to the plan by just paying $15 for a month. They can stream any video, show or movie according to their preference from Amazon Prime platform directly. The advantage of using this service is that you can pay for the service through Amazon account even which is linked to your Prime service. No separate account is required.
  5. Individual seasons or shows: If you want you can buy the favorite shows from HBO. These shows are available for download on iTunes and Amazon video. You will be charged $3 to $4 per episode and $50 for complete episode. If you want to purchase a Blu-ray or DVD, then you have to pay $100 for complete series or season.
  6. Addon to service: You can also stream HBO as Add-on service for some cable services includes Sling TV, Sony PlayStation, Vue Right now and DirecTV. For best deals, you can go with DirecTV, where it will cost just $5 a month.

So, these are the 6 different ways to watch HBO on a big TV screen. If you are having any problem or want to confirm something, then you can contact HBO customer support. The team is available 24×7 for assistance.

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