Xbox One is mainly for the game lover who love to play with a passion. With this gaming console, you can play a massive range of games as the company always keeps on adding games. You play these games with Xbox Live Support along with a network connection. But at times you don’t want this support and you want to play the Xbox One games offline. Then what to do. Then you need to set your console to offline. When your console is offline, then it will not be connected to any network connection.

If you are experiencing a network, Xbox Live service, or ISP outage, then we will recommend you not to set your console to offline. Although your console will show you offline, but it will connect to a network as soon as the connection is available. The Xbox features can still be used if your console is not connected to a service.

When you are offline you will get to use the following or you can also take Xbox One Tech Support:

  • Watch TV but to use OneGuide Listings you need to be online.
  • Change the settings of console but the family or profile settings. Content controls can also be used.
  • Save the clips of game if the space is available.
  • Earn the achievements.
  • If you have a Kinect, then you can use voice commands.
  • Sign in to your profile only if you have signed in before when you were online. This includes the Kinect automatic sign-in mode.
  • Play the games if you are on your home Xbox or have disc.
  • For any query, you can call on Xbox One Support.

There are some activities for which you need to be online:

  • Playing apps and games that need network connection.
  • Playing games that requires online sign-in.
  • Using Xbox Smart Glass.
  • Updating the apps or console.
  • Using the social features like friends, messages, and parties.
  • Syncing and playing the games on more than one console.
  • Browsing and buying the content from Groove, Music &TV, and Xbox Store.
  • For any detail, you can take Xbox Com Support.

How To Go Offline

Follow these steps to go offline:

  • On the Home screen scroll to the left side to open the guide.
  • Select the option of Settings.
  • Then Choose All Settings.
  • After that select Network option.
  • Then select the option of Network Settings and after that select the option of Go offline.

Now your network status will change to offline. For going back online again, follow all the above-mentioned steps, except in the last step after selecting Network Settings select Go Online option. In case of any difficulty you can freely take Microsoft Xbox One Support.