The problem with Xbox One screen and display are making things a lot more frustrating for gamers. They don’t know how to get rid of these issues. Let us find out more about these issues along with solution in this blog post.

Xbox has undergone a series of changes since the year it got launched into the market. There have bene changed in the interface, Kinect sensor, voice and gesture controls, playing avatars and more. Now, if you will see the new Xbox One, then you will find it quite impressive, as it has become 40% smaller and is equipped with features like digital data storage and 4K HDR video. There is no doubt upon the fact that Xbox One has become the most popular gaming console today.

But, it is not all good about this gaming console. There are certain issues as well, which people are facing with this gaming console. Let us discuss these issues in detail.

Xbox One Screen and Display Problems

If there is anything that could ruin your experience, then the problem is in the screen of the TV and the display. If you are seeing fuzzy, pixelated and distorted screen in which color depth is not correct or if there is a black screen, then you have to take Xbox help. Don’t play games when the video quality is poor. Infact, get in touch with Xbox chat support.

Fuzzy video on Xbox One

If you are seeing fuzzy videos, then there are some changes in the default settings of the TV, which are not right. When Xbox One is connected to the TV using a HDMI cable, then default video settings can change such as, color space settings, screen res and color depth.

How to adjust the color depth and screen resolution?

  1. Double tap Xbox button, which is going to launch the guide. Then, go to ‘settings’.
  2. Go to ‘all settings’ and then select ‘display and sound’ followed by ‘video output’.
  3. Now, select ‘TV resolution’ followed by ‘screen resolution’, then ‘color depth’ and finally, ‘color space’. You can adjust all these things as per your specifications.
  4. Choose the right screen res for the television.

You have to keep in mind that the color info per pixel that is sent to the TV, and the maximum value is 30 bits/pixel that are also known as deep color. Know more about it by calling at Xbox helpline.

How to adjust the color space in the TV?

  1. Again, press the Xbox button a couple of times to launch the guide followed by choosing ‘settings’.
  2. Now, visit ‘display and sound’, which is an option under ‘all settings’ option. After that, choose ‘video output’.
  3. Go to ‘color space’ and choose the right option among PC RGB and two-standard RGB.

It is better to use PC RGB if you are a gamer and using your PC monitor because typical color space settings work smoothly on every HDTV.

Experiencing Black screen while watching television with Xbox One

Well, if you are experiencing this, then there could be one of the three reasons behind it.

  1. The problem is within the HDMI cable. So, you must try a different cable.
  2. You need to adjust the settings of your set-top box.
  3. The cables that are connected to your set-top box are faulty.

For all these problems, you will have to get in touch with Xbox One customer support. They are going to fix these problems in a way that they never come again.

You can also take Xbox Live support, if you are in a hurry to get the support. The Live support is very efficient and fix the issue in the shortest possible time. They have done it in the past, and so, they can do it in the future as well.