Accessing the ultimate Xbox Preview program was the best way to give reviews regarding the system of the gaming console, which got updated to Xbox Insider Program. It’s quite simple to join the updated program. Existing users can go to Xbox Live support team for solving their queries.

Is your gaming experience is going well with your Xbox console? We are damn sure that you have been enjoying your gaming mode with the superlative Xbox gaming consoles. With the astonishing features and amazing gaming services, Xbox has actually become the supreme gaming brand in the gaming market. Being a loyal user of the Xbox and Xbox One, there may be some instances, when you face some kind of hindrances while using your gaming console. In case, if you get any kind of barrier, you can simply reach out to the Xbox Live Support Chat team to get the quick solutions of all your queries.

Being one of the prime products of Microsoft, the tech giant has always backup the gaming console with the latest updates. After the launch of the smart gaming console, Microsoft simply improved the gaming experience by adding many fine features with better updates for the system of the gaming console. The latest update with the Xbox one has now made the gaming console to support the games of its predecessor Xbox console. You can simply go the Xbox One Backward Compatibility list of games to get the favorite list of Xbox 360 games and the latest add-ons in the list. Being a potential user of the gaming console, if you get any kind of barrier in your gaming experience, you can head to the Xbox Support Chat team to get any kind of assistance.

To make the gaming capabilities of Xbox one much better, the gaming console lets the users give their feedback regarding the system of the gaming console in the Xbox Preview Program. With the program, the gaming console gets updated with many new features. But, now the program is available in the updated version as Xbox Insider Program. In this version, users will get the opportunity to preview the features, apps, games and content. And those users who participate in the program also get the benefit to be a member of the Xbox insider. If you are still about to join the program, then you can get on to the simple way to join the program.

  1. The first thing which you can so is to make sure that you were previously the part of the previous program or not. If you were the member, then you just need to go the updates section of your Games and app to update, and if not, then you can search the store in the Xbox insider hub.
  2. Now, to unlock the Xbox Insider hub, just accept the terms and conditions.
  3. Go to the main screen of the Insider hub, then head to Insider Content Section and then choose the section of Xbox One Update Preview.
  4. Now, you just need to press the join button, which you will get on the next page, and there you will get the entry to join. Note that after 72 hours, you will start getting the preview updates. IN case, if you get any kind of tech bug with your console, then just navigate to the Microsoft Xbox Support team to get the proper solutions.