Microsoft Xbox One’s new controller in two new colors will make you fall in love with them and encourage to play more games on Xbox.

Microsoft is coming up with two new color range for Xbox One wireless controller line. One is orange and green that looks like a Halo Bundle’s Escapee and the other one is in delicious and sweet red color and comes with colorful buttons which look like candies and analog sticks that look like delicious gummy. You can Call Xbox Support for more details.

Surely, they are not so basic like Magma Red and Wave Blue colors in which Dual Shock of PS4 is available. But also, they are not much fancy like Shadow models of last year. These controllers are exclusively available at Microsoft and GameStop at the price of $64.99.

The red color controller features a simple design of twin-tone in a red color design that reminds dark cherries Starburst, red licorice, and some other things that are slightly more appetizing than a machined plastic. The buttons will remind you off hard candy and the analog nubs will look like soft gummies. There are gloss highlights on the bumpers and D-pad, triggers, and behind the sticks. Xbox live customer support will also be there for these controllers.

The latest design of the Xbox one wireless controller is gamepad. These are the models that debuted last year by Microsoft at E3 along with the Xbox One S. This recapitulation includes allowing for wireless gaming on PC without USB dongle and Bluetooth support. The same applies for the dongle designed by Xbox Design Lab that is customizable. In the case of any information or query please contact Microsoft Xbox Live Support.

Both red and green/orange controller will be available to Microsoft store. Former is available today but the later one will be released on Jan 24 in US and on Jan 31 at all selected retailers worldwide. American customers can also buy red controller at GameStop and get the green/orange controller at Walmart. For more details, you can contact  Xbox Live Support.