Being the member of the Xbox live is always fascinating to have the bunch of classic games on the Xbox one console. But, recently the Xbox live service also got down and receives some fixing updates from Microsoft. In the case of other issues, simply Call Xbox Support for better assistance.

Are you enjoying being in action with your Xbox One? The amazing gaming console of Microsoft has been the finest gaming brand in the competitive market. Since the launch, the gaming console has captured the eyeballs of millions of gamers across the world by delivering the astounding features and enthralling services. In case, if you are a new player in the user’s list, and getting some issues with the console, then all you need to do is to head to Xbox One Customer Support to get the fine solutions and guidance.

With the moving competition and technology, Microsoft has continuously been involved in terms of improving the performance of the gaming console for all the global users. If you are one of the crazy users of the gaming console, then you must be a member of the ultimate Xbox Live service, which provides the free and gold membership. Being the gold member always stands out to be a perfect choice, as you get the astonishing bunch of games and many other features that make the gaming experience more enjoyable.

But, recently the Xbox Live service has been encountered with the sign in problems. Most of the gamers have faced the issue on all the Xbox platforms, including Windows 10 PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Microsoft even officially stated that they are already aware that some of the members are facing the singing in issue, which they are looking out to fix soon and also give the latest updates. This is not the first time that the gaming console has faced this kind of downtime issue. Relatively, this problem seems to be quite small in compare to other downtime popups. This has actually made the Microsoft hunt down the issue in order to bring out the stability with the gaming console. Since then, there has been less number of dropdown issues. Currently, Microsoft has brought out some updates for the bug. Check out the latest updates below. In case, if there is any other query with your console, then just head to Xbox Live Support Chat team to get the fine solutions and guidance.

Update 1(march 7)- The official page of Xbox Live status has given their confirmation over that the limited number of services has affected the Xbox One console. Xbox 360, Windows 10 Xbox, and Xbox on different devices. In this update, they just give their assurance to fix out the issue as soon as possible.

Update 2(march 7)- In this update, the page of Xbox Live status still just claims that a limited number of services are available. A number of users also reports that the downtime issue has now been dropped- suggesting that the issue has got the fixing way.

In the last update, they have claimed that the Xbox One should be working properly on Windows 10 platform apart from the Xbox 360.

In case, if the issue still persists, you can simply navigate to Xbox One Technical Support team for tech support and assistance.