With the latest Xbox One backward compatibility feature, there have been dozens of games which got released on Xbox One. In the growing list, three more games have now been added to the compatibility list of Xbox one. In the case of any query related to the compatibility mode, you can head to Xbox support chat to get a fine solution.

Which game are you heading on Xbox One? With the amazing collection of games and fine services, Xbox one has become the amazing gaming partner for all the gaming lovers. The amusing graphics and fascinating features have played a key role to establish the gaming consoles as one of the major gaming players in the market. Being a gaming charmer, Xbox one has always been on the edge of getting improved with the spectacular features to render the satisfactory gaming experience to all the potential users across the global boundaries. It’s fascinating gaming graphics and super support from Microsoft has been a key factor for all the potential users across the different boundaries of the world. Also, with such kind of adoring image, Xbox One consoles has become the prime choice for every game lover. If you are one of the loyal users of Xbox One, then there would be some instances where you just get stocked in the middle of your game. In case, if you counter any kind of issue with your gaming console, then you can move to the Xbox Live Support  team to get the fine assistance regarding your issues.

With the innovative approach, Microsoft has always been on the edge to improve its gaming brand with the exclusive features and fine services. And in the pace of improving, Microsoft enabled the fine Xbox One with the feature of Xbox One Compatibility Mode. The functionality of Xbox One compatibility mode actually proves to be a game changer for the gaming console and all its lovers. Now, all the Xbox 360 games have now got compatible with Xbox One. And this is the reason, Microsoft is continuously adding many fine games in the Xbox One compatibility list. In the fine list, the tech giant has added three more games. With three add ups, the total numbers of games have reached to 328 in the compatibility list. Let’s get the overview about the new three add ups.

  • JUJU- The game is all about the mysterious journey of a shaman panda with its lizard assistant, Peyo. Both heads to an allegorical journey to save the world and the Juju’s father from a former evil. So just run and hunt down the mammoth bosses in this cheerful adventure. The game is available for $14.99.

 mad tracks

  • MAD TRACKS– The 2 challenges of the free version of Mad tracks must have been the fascinating ones for all of you. But, now with the full 15 challenges, you will soon find yourself on the racing track. All the 15 challenges have the fine elements of action, madness, and thrill. You will also get your name displayed on the leaderboards with the Mad Track points, which you can simply compare with your friends. Isn’t it is enough racing action for you? Well, then you can also head for the future premium extended full version of Mad Tracks with the addition of 30 incredible challenges. Till then, head for these 15 challenges for just $9.99.


  • STUNTMAN: IGNITION– The sequel of 2002’s Stuntman is one of the fine stunt game you can head on your gaming console. In the whole game, you just need to perform different tricks while driving from movie shoots. Despite not being one of the advanced games, it’s quite fun while stunting and also having the feel of a fine Hollywood stunning Grab the game for just $14.99.

Besides this latest add-ons, if you counter any kind of tech bug with your gaming console, then you can navigate to  Xbox Support, where you will get the fine solutions of your problems.