Kindle Fire HD 8

Amazon, one of the biggest online retailer company is now a days busy in developing an 8 inch color e-reader for their esteemed customers. They are making this kindle device under the guidance of liquavista. It’s a company based at Dutch mainly known for development of colored e-papers screens with elctrowetting technology that allows the reader to read without or without use of backlight. Amazon is taking kindle support from this company for development of its 8” colored screen.

Those people who are presently working on it revealed about its releasing month i.e., in October or early November. They also said that the work is on the fast lane and supply for its input is also regular so as to get its completion done on time.

Kindle is most admired e-reader device by the bookworms. It keeps on updating its OS versions as well changing their hardware with new features and shapes. Therefore, for regular updates on kindle from amazon, you can go to Www kindle com support website.

amazon fire 8

The manufacturing of electro wetting displays for new kindle will be undergoing at Beijing in china. It is being developed by century Joyo Information Technology Company branched at Shenzhen. This place is best suited for product assembly line and it generates revenue or produce the output for the companies. Amazon has also planned to build their production team and equipment as well as warehouses at this location in china. Because of easy availability of cheap and skilled labor. Easily available kindle help from senior engineers during its manufacturing is yet another great resourcefulness for Amazon team.

Amazon acquired Liquavista from Samsung in 2013 with hidden amount. Year after that they started building an initial executives team at Holland and send their some senior people to china to look after the work for manufacturing. Amazon also initiates the responsibility of maintaining the amazon kindle account, which is required for browsing the e-books from the online kindle book store. Further you can take support from Amazon Kindle Support official website.

The allocation of color e-paper will be done in Eindhoven, it’s a capital of Dutch having high tech industry. All the high tech industries can be seen in this city. All the high level plans will be made by recently hired amazon will be responsible for making various strategies and policies at higher level. While engaged with routine technical details of development, it will also take care of production samples which will be assessed for the purpose of Q/A and quality of product manufacturing there. All the queries related to kindle fire support will be looked after with product development.

Amazon 8 Inch Fire tablets

For more technical details and guide amazon is providing a Kindle Com Support website, where you will able to check all the technical details of your kindle device. The pre-requisites for additional accessories is also been read out from there. If you want to do changes in your previous Kindle account you can do it easily with help of manage my kindle menu. You will find no: of sub menus there and you can alter the settings according to your need.

We all hope that this new product will definitely attract the market with its new colored electro wetting display. This product is mainly developed keeping in view the needs of customers and it will definitely cater to your needs and fulfils your dream of learning through colored e-book. Amazon has never released such a kindle yet with best price. Majority of people in market are eagerly waiting for such device which can read digital comics, PDF files and Newspapers, as such facility has not been seen in earlier versions of kindle devices so far i:e capability to read different file formats.