Will Amazon come with its new Kindle model this fall, which will give tough competition to its competitors and will amaze people and will be good on a budget too.

Amazon is working continuously and aggressively to understand the market and improving its platform with astounding features.  In 2009 Amazon introduced its second generation of Kindle and since then they have released a new model each fall and before the holiday shopping season. But last year they broke this cycle and kept people waiting for a new model especially Kindle Voyage 2. As people were waiting for the Voyage 2 it released its Oasis at the end of April 2016.They also released their new-entry level Kindle without a front-light in July this year. So the question arises here is that will Amazon has nothing to showcase this year or it will be coming with its third new model later this year.


Amazon has changed its releasing schedule so it becomes difficult to predict when Amazon will release its new Kindle. As far the rumours were concerned two Kindles would be coming in this year and later we all know that Kindle Oasis and new entry-level Kindle came. So far there are no leaks but merely made up stories like Amazon is coming with a new kindle is this fall. Moreover, you never know with Amazon that some new Kindle can come to take over its competitor Kobo Aura one.

Amazon needs to release some new model this fall else it would be very monotonous and boring. However, Kindle Oasis is a great device but it priced so high that makes it inaccessible to various people whereas, new-entry level Kindle is nothing different from e-reader that was released 5 years ago. Amazon has to come up with something new like a larger screen instead of 6 inches and many other features.

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