It has been found that there is a restriction on Kindle e-readers that is undocumented. If you have been looking to download books multiple times, then you will find that after a certain period of time, you are not able to download a particular book. There is a secret number that is present beyond which you won’t be able to download. It doesn’t matter if you are using your Kindle device to download books or any other device, you can’t download a particular book after a certain limit.

Many people have questions regarding ebooks that come with DRM-free options. Let us find out which questions have been asked by the people on Kindle help forums.

  1. Are there a few things in Kindle EULA that is barring me from moving our bought DRM-free Kindle files to another device?
  2. Are there some things that are weird in the file format of Kindle, which can make it illegal to develop a Kindle type of tablet for another device?
  3. How many flags are there in the DRM-free Kindle format and is it possible to revoke the features of DRM-free Kindle after I bought it?

I was shocked to see that Amazon has the right to revoke the ability of your Kindle to loudly read the ebooks after you have purchased them. Moreover, I have also found the presence of a secret counter that makes your Kindle library refreshes limited. These are some of the things that people don’t know Amazon does, but these are happening for real. Kindle customer service is mum on this issue as well.

What I think is that the market might be willing to pay for the books with certain restrictions, but that is not right in many ways. Amazon is so proud on its products and services, but when it comes to transparency, the company has failed miserably. They are not telling its customers as to what is hidden. People buy ebooks thinking that they are getting all the access, but it is after a period of time that they realize that a few things are restricted. More information can be found on Kindle com support website.


Many people have tried downloading the books, which are present in their Kindle library, but they were not able to download or sent the book to a different device other than Kindle. Let’s say that a person wants to send a book to his/her iPhone, so when he tries to do so, he/she gets message that ‘unable to send the message to iPhone’. Well, this is a frustrating thing because the book has been purchased already, and now, the person is just trying to send the book over to a different device, which he/she has full access to, but it just can’t happen. Even on Kindle Fire, the problem persists in the same way. Kindle Fire support is also quiet on the issue.

This kind of problems can be very frustrating, given that the money has been invested, but then, it has come to notice that there are certain restrictions. So, this blog post is an eye-opener for all those who blindly believe in Amazon. There are certain things that are restricted even after they have been purchased by the users. If you want to know more about this, then go to www Kindle com support, as all the information as to what is restricted and what is not is given on this website.

If you have any problem related to the Kindle, then you have the option of taking help from Amazon Kindle support. The support of Kindle is great when it comes to fixing device related problems. But, the issue we have discussed is something that Kindle support will also avoid giving answers to.