Ways to manage Kindle collections

Ways to manage Kindle collections

When you have a huge amount of content in your Kindle library then you require some way to manage and organise it and Kindle collections is that way but there are also several other methods of creating and managing your content on Kindle.

If your device is flooded with a lot of ebooks then you need to manage and organize your content on your Kindle so an easy way out is to use Kindle Collections which classify your content into folders on your device. However, to keep your books in a correct order you can try several ways to manage your Kindle books and you don’t have to think how to manage my Kindle.

Create New Collection

1. To create new collection

 Kindle Paperwhite users can proceed to the Home screen and select “Create New Collection” from the menu. You can also create and name your collection by date, author name, subject etc. In addition to this, you can also characterize them as Currently reading, Samples Non-fiction, Horror, Sci-Fi , Fantasy etc.

2. Place your books in the collection:

Simply press and hold the cover of your ebook. Select “Add to Collection” and then check the box next to the new collection where you want your book to appear and now press done which is present at the bottom of the screen. Now head towards collections and add or remove items from the menu.

Using Kindle for PC/Mac app

Ensure that you have logged into Kindle from your Amazon Kindle account. Now right click on the book cover and select “Add to collection”. Click “New collection” and give the name to the title plus you can also move the book cover to collections by holding the mouse without losing it.

Import collections to kindle paperwhite (Kindle Touch):

This is only applicable to Kindle Paperwhite /Kindle touch with same Amazon account. Simply hit Home and then Menu and then tap “Sync and check for items” then switch to Cloud view and open the menu and select “import collections”. Now select “OK”. Wait for a while and you will notice your book will appear in the corresponding collections.

Best Kindle Collection Manager Alternative——Kindlian

Kindlian is add-on which works on Windows XP/Vista 7/8.The main function of this is to import and manage Kindle books and collections. The first download and then install Kindlian, then plug your Kindle and run this program.

Step1: First of all choose your Kindle version

For instance Kindle Paperwhite and tap on Kindle Paperwhite the screen will pop up saying disconnect Kindle. Now from the Kindle menu tap “Settings” then tap “update your Kindle “then reconnect Kindle with your computer and then press “OK”. After this, it will enter the scan mode and new interface will appear.

Step 2: Create new collection :

Simply Click “+” and give your collection some name like eBook author name, date, etc. Now drag the books in the collection folder which you have created. You can also add epub books from your computer to your kindle by simply clicking “Add files to Kindle icon” as it will automatically convert epub to Mobi files. However, if you are able to convert these files then take kindle support and take the help of the expert technicians.

After you have completed adding books to the desired collection just click “disconnect” icon. Once you disconnect your Kindle then tap “Settings”–>”Update Your Kindle” and at last tap “Settings”–>”Restart”. Now you can see “Kindle collection test” on your device after successful completion of the process or else take Kindle help if you need any clarification.


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