The Xbox one is the most admired video game console and is the best experience provider for gaming lovers. It has been providing a great gaming leisure but has some issue in its performance. Here are some of the issues which many of the people face while they are playing their favorite games. 

The device is made up of great hardware and software combination but still there are times when you face some issues in your device. You can anytime call the customer care services for Xbox help and they will provide you proper assistance regarding any issues that you are facing. Here is the list of various issues that you may face while you are enjoying your games:

Xbox live not responds and terribly goes down

Xbox Live is that service provided by Microsoft which connects your Xbox One console to the Internet. It is an essential service which enables you to play online games, connect to the Xbox Store, and also stream some cool stuff. You cannot have an access to various movies and some streaming problems can also be faced. Sometimes it is often seen that this service goes down due to any technical error. This can be really annoying and must be resolved in order to enjoy seamless services provided by the company. Xbox tech support is provided by the company and will help you in sorting the issues.


Essential games installation files

This is the most annoying thing which is faced by many users. You need to install all the essential files before playing any game of your choice. It simply means that the game you have purchased will not work until all the necessary files of that particular game is downloaded and installed from the store. You cannot play the game by simply playing the disk on the console. Some people are unaware regarding this issue and they find it difficult to get resolution of this issue. Xbox support is easily available for complete guidance for any issue. Moreover, you can get instant support for any issues that you are facing. You just need to get in touch with them.

Xbox controller not responsive

Sometimes it has been observed that your Xbox forget that you have a controller attached and will eventually annoy you. This issue can be due to various technical issues but the solution is to restart the entire console. This might help you in resolving the issue for the moment but it can reoccur without any prior intimation. You can have a contact with the service providers for resolving this issue Xbox live support chat is available for your help and it is mandatory for you to make a contact with them immediately if you face any of the problems and then get instant help.


Puzzled dashboard

The dashboard of the console seems to be very baffled and it is quite confusing. This makes it difficult for the users to seek for the right thing for which they want to access. This gives a strange feeling to the new users as the entire dashboard is so jumbled. The interface should be properly aligned and must be in proper order. Some gamers have also complained that they end up without changing the settings for the dashboard and are unable to find a solution for it. For resolving this issue you must seek the expert help from the Xbox official website. You can also have a support regarding this issue over a call. You just need to call Xbox one support service providers in case you find it difficult to sort out things at your own. Make sure you have your device ready before contacting them.