Updated Netflix app is now providing storage support for Android users


Streaming the list of original content under the different categories is one of the best things to experience with Netflix. Having the ability to download movies and TV shows has now become better with the updated Netflix app for all android users. Now, all android users can also store their downloads onto their SD card storage. Besides this, head on to www Netflix Com to explore the world of amazing content with fine services.

What are you streaming on your Netflix? You can easily answer this question when you have the company of one of the fine streaming services in the market. With the amazing features and fascinating services, Netflix has always been a key entertainer to all its users in the market. It’s rich and award-winning content has actually redefined the role of a streaming service in the global market. Original scripts, amazing actors, and fine production have also made the streaming service as one of the finest source of entertainment across the global boundaries. And with its innovative approach to expanding the market for its fine content to different countries, Netflix is adding many new streamers in its wings. If you are one of the new streamers who is looking out to get started with the streaming service can reach out to Netflix Com Activate to create the Netflix account and enjoy the unique list of original content filled with the flavor of movies, TV series, docu-series and much more.

Besides providing the spectacular content, it’s been a great thing to experience the offline download feature of the streaming service, which allows the users to download the content on an offline basis. But, it actually seems to be a less useful feature for those users who were having less internal storage on their tablet and smartphone. Taking the issue seriously, Netflix has now come up with the solution. The android app of Netflix has now got an updated version 4.13 which has got some fine updated features to better the streaming. With the updated Netflix app, all the android users can store their downloaded stuff to their SD storage and can watch it without taking any kind of storage tension. While streaming your content on TV, if you got any kind of streaming issue with the Netflix content, then you can head to Netflix TV Help to get the fine solutions.

Previously, the offline downloading feature was only available for the internal storage of the device. But, now with the updated Netflix app, the same downloaded content can also be stored on the external storage of the device. The updated version of the Netflix app is already available on Google Play Store. So, all the users who have already installed the app would have been witnessing the updated version in an enhanced way. Besides this, to set the location to internal or external, users need to go to the “Download location” tab in the Settings menu of the app and then do the adjustment of location to “internal storage” or “External Storage”. So, all the android users now don’t need to take tension to store their downloads anymore. By heading to Netflix Com, the users can also stream the exclusive range of content with the fine streaming service.


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