Underrated Sci-Fi Flicks in Netflix Lineup 2017 that You Haven’t Seen


Every month the new stuff is added to Netflix so that viewers should never be out of content and there will be no stop on entertainment.

The ever-growing catalog of videos of Netflix that is available for direct streaming and is known for showcasing the massive range of content has added a new selection of movies and episodic series from popular stuff to lesser known modern classic. Now the new addition to Netflix is 3 sci-fi films that every fan needs to watch. Though new titles are substantial but these titles are those that everyone would like to see before they are gone. For more information please contact Help.Netflix.Com

Spectral (2016)

This is Netflix original and probably one of the most stimulating sci-fi releases of current times. This film was added to Netflix catalog in late 2016 and now it’s getting recognition for its original and innovative approach towards science fiction genre. The movie centers around the character of Dr. Clyne played by Badge Dale as he travels with an enemy which is invisible to the naked eye and lurks everywhere through an active war zone. Dale might be familiar to viewers for his roles in the films. The departed and iron Man 3. Use Netflix Com Activate and get all the information about the content that will entertain you in future on Netflix.

Emily Mortimer is playing the role of an agent Fran Madison opposite Dale who you might have seen in the films like Shutter Island, The Newsroom, and our idiot Brother.

Spectral differs in the presentation of a facet of sci-fi lore that has not yet been explored in mainstream films. In comparison to other most of the films who either borrow concept or themes from other films, Spectral is different. All in all, it’s a good film to watch and entertain yourself for two and a half hours especially if you are a fan of sci-fi mythologies that have established in other films.

Bad Milo (2013)

This might not be on your bucket list but if you have Netflix at your disposal and 90 minutes to give then surely you can watch this sci-fi comedy film that will make you laugh, cringe and cry at the same time.

This is another Netflix original flick which is available for streaming now. When it was released in 2013, it wasn’t a big hit but it, however, picked up the stream and gathered something of an unusual following. Undeniably, people seem to really crack the chemistry between Ken Marino’s Duncan and Milo, the demon who stays in his gut. Some fans even want a sequel to this hysterical sci-fi adventure. For more details please contact Netflix Help Center.

Bad Milo is the movie that you will probably want to indulge if you are in the mood for something sci-fi irrational and tinted, along with a dramatical touch.

John Dies at the End (2012)

This is the combination of horror and comedy and was developed in 2012 and it’s now making its place at Netflix, it means almost after 5 years of its release. In the entertainment industry, five years are equal to lifetime.

Regardless of the time of its release, but this film gets little to no reaction at the time of its release. The main reason behind it was that not much watched this film. The film fails to attract audience may be because of its title or may be that happens at the end. To know more about the sci-fi films please log on to www Netflix Com Activate.

But we must acknowledge that film was nominated for SKSW Film Festival and was shown at Sundance in the year 2012. But still the film fail to get the audience to the movie halls However, the film offered the measure of originality. This is the only reason to see it. The damsel in distress play was not at all used more than its requirement. Not even the supernatural abilities were used extra. The explanation for the use of sci-fi elements used in the film was trustworthy.

So, these were some underrated sci-fi films that have got success in making their place in Netflix streaming.


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