There are two new updates for Skype users, which will excite Russian Skype users and Apple users. To know more about it, read the below-mentioned blog post.

Skype, the world’s most popular messaging and chat application has a great news to share with its Russian customers. Skype translator will now support Russian language as well. Well, this is indeed a great news for Russian speaking people because they were waiting for something like this for quite a long time, and now, the company has announced that the translator will come with Skype support as well. With the support to Russian language, Skype now supports English, Chinese (Mandarin), Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian) and German.

The Skype team has been ecstatic with the inclusion of Russian language, and they have also said, “Russian language has been requested by many people for so long, and we have responded to their request and added it in our Skype translator’s audio language portfolio. Russian is the 8th most widely spoken language in the world, so having this language a part of Skype will further expand the customer base of the company. Skype translator has been developed on the machine learning technology, which permits users of Skype to communicate with each other in real-time. It is clear that with the increment in the translation service, the quality of translations will be improved.


In order to get Russian translations in Skype, you need to click on the globe icon, which you can see in the Skype desktop version. After that, you have to turn the translator preview option ON. You can try this feature and share your experience as to whether you have liked this new feature or not. You can use Skype reviews and feedback forum for that if you want.

There is one more update about Skype, but this one is for the Apple users. Skype has incorporated Siri and Call Kit support for iOS. You can get all these without taking Skype help and support.


With many applications taking advantage of the new APIs of Apple iOS 10, Skype has also entered into that list. This app is a popular VoIP product that will come with Siri and Call Kit support. So, people are going to get a better user-experience with the integration of these two platforms.

If you are using Skype version 6.25, then you can easily place calls via Siri. You just have to say, ‘Call followed by name of the person whom you want to call’ to Siri. This is as easy as it gets. If you are not able to receive any call, then maybe Skype audio not working properly, so take the help of Skype support providers.

There is a lot more than just making phone calls that you can do like, integration of your contacts list. This feature can be enabled by the app named CallKit, which is available in iOS 10. You can also invite your friends to Skype There are many more features in CallKit like, enabling incoming Skype calls to be seen as the normal phone calls when viewed in the lock screen. You can simply slide the call button to pick the call up.

There are many more things that you can get with the new version of iOS, so you must get it. But, if you are finding troubles in using Skype, then you should take the help of Skype support providers. There have been many occasions where users have found Skype not connecting to the internet, so when you come across such a problem, then you can take the help of a professional customer service.

Skype must also come up with updates for the issues such as Skype video not working. Skype without a proper video is of no use, therefore, it is important for every Skype users to ensure that the video is working properly.

When you find your Skype not working, then you should not try things on your own, as you may further damage the application. The best thing for you to do is, take the help of Skype customer service chat because they can only help you in the best way.