I always tell people not to go for a smart TV because at times I am not convinced with the thing of paying some pennies extra for the whistles and bells that often come clunky, slow, and difficult to manipulate. Sometimes some apps are not available and at times it will give you the feel of not giving everything that was promised.

The models of Roku, the latest one with smart TCL TV is better than others. But the question is would the sentiments related to Roku streaming devices would ever transfer to smart TV?

The Roku Experience

The Roku TCL TV is a smart TV but not of yesteryear. First of all, it prevents you from unwanted wires. Secondly the Roku software is built in and you need only a remote to watch TV. With the help of remote you can do whatever you want to do like changing channels, volume, and inputs.

Roku also features an antenna as an app, so you just have to push the button on your remote to watch ESPN live streaming over the air news.

Chas Smith, GM Roku TV & Players said that we have made the switching input easy with the icons for over the air antenna, set top boxes and gaming consoles. All these icons are immediately next to your favorite streaming channel.

The picture quality of this TCL TV will blow you away. This is just the best you can ever get.

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Cons related to Roku TCL TV

Yes of course, there are some cons of this smart TV as everything is not perfect. The con is minor even its worth mentioning here. The thing that is not good about this TV is its remote back cover. It comes off very easily, even when you accidently drop the remote. But there one solution for this is using Roku TV remote app. This is rather an amazing app as you just need a Roku account setup for using this app.

Also, there is one another problem of Roku not working when connected to the laptop using an HDMI cable. The picture keeps on blinking continuously. It may be the problem of laptop’s compatibility or it may be related to Roku.

Overall the Experience with Roku has been good and far better from others. You will get whatever you are promised or you want.

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