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We are in a generation where we call each others addicted to the Internet, and actually feel proud about this fact! Internet is integrated in anything and everything, and very soon It will become as vital as oxygen for the humans to survive. The impact of connectivity on our lives is visible. From a small conversation to a billion dollar business deal, Internet and networking has its application everywhere.

We do not have the time or the efforts to spare to manage all this.  There is a very basic rule to troubleshooting anything, and that is to start from the basics. The most basic and closest device to you, that is keeping you connected is the router. A router is a device that forwards the data packets received from your inputs, and to also receive the data packets from the other networks to provide you the outputs that you desire. As the word suggests, router basically routes the information over the internet.

This is no rocket science, and you need not know anything about it. If you believe that your connectivity is down, and are facing any of the issus mentioned below, you have to give us a call, and let us fix it for you:

•    Fixing network connectivity issues with router
•    Fixing adapter related issues on your router
•    Firewall problems related to routers
•    Diagnosing, troubleshooting and fixing any router related problems.

Router Setup:

If you just got a new router, and need to set it up with your Internet provider’s settings, you need not worry any more and just give us a call, and we will help you set it up.
Wireless Router setup support:
If you plan on turning your home or office network into a Wireless network, and have already purchased a wireless router, you can give us a call and we can help you inculcate it with your Internet provider’s network, and turn your home into a Wifi zone.

Internet Browser Optimization:

Do you feel like that your browser is slower than what it should be? Does your Internet provider promise you something else, and you are getting something else, there is a great chance that your router is not optimized. You can optimize your router, and help yourself get the best performance while browsing!

Security Settings for router:

The hackers are everywhere. If you have a weak security protocol on your router, you are at high risk of facing data theft from your computer, or someone spoofing on your network, and using your private network, which can even lead to higher bills! You must get your router fully optimized in terms of security!

How to solve Router issues in minutes:

  • Call us now, toll free on our number +1 (855) 856-2653 .
  • Explain the router problem to our experts, and let them diagnose it.
  • Our advanced network diagnostic tools can resolve any problem in minutes, and you can be worry free about the durability of the solution.
  • Get back to your seamless life.

Why Choose us:

With the number of netizens growing in a huge number, there is always a calling jam, whenever you call any ordinary customer support helpline, but at Technicalbullz, we have the shortest waiting time, and we solve your problems in half the time than a normal customer support.


Our engineers go through an intensive training, and have a great prior experience, which gets your job the earliest, and saves your time.

We have a single hotline for all your devices. Now, you need not write down separate support phone numbers for every device that you own. You just need to call us on our single number, and get any of the devices fixed.

We offer the best service at the most competitive price, because we believe in customer satisfaction in all aspects.

With all our callers being native English speakers, they understand your problem in a more proficient manner.

And most importantly, we do not ask for any upfronts. Once your job is done, that is the time you pay us. This assures authenticity of our organization in the minds of the customers.


Single Incidence Support

$29.99 One Time

Get your issue diagnosed and resolved for a one time fee of $29.99

6 Incidences Support

$99.99 One Time

Pay $99.99 and get exclusive support for 6 times in the price of 3 .


Service Our Service Official Service
24/7 Support With No Waiting Time YES NO
Highly Trained And Speacialised Technicians YES NO
Computer Optimization and Speedup YES NO
Price $29.99 for single service Paid If not under warranty else free
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