Skype is an important communication tool for business professionals as well as for individuals but there are some problems that have been noticed in this software. These are quite annoying for users. Now, we are going to discuss the solution for these 5 worst problems one by one.

1.Skype can’t find your webcam, speakers or microphone

one of the common problem with the skype is skype microphone not working, skype webcam not working. Moreover some problems related to drivers and windows are also common. Rebooting a device can be best solution to this problem. Other solution is; go to tools from the menu then open options. Click on audio settings and check for the connected devices, whether these are visible or not. If it is plugged in then you will see it greyed out. Similar is the case for webcam. Check the video settings under drop down menu.

2. Terrible call quality

This fault is due to the poor Wi-Fi connection. If your internet connection speed is ok but yet your skype not connecting to the internet then the problem is due to the distance between the skype enabled device and the router. Keep your mobile device or laptop on the position where you get the good signal strength in your device. You can also try connecting to the network through wire. Use Ethernet cable for this purpose. This will improve the video quality as well as audio quality of calling. Limit the bandwidth usage of your network by hogging the other device from streaming contents online otherwise your skype software will be effected.


3. Skype replaced the phone numbers with ‘click to call’ button

This feature is auto-installed feature. When you install the skype software in your computer then it is auto-install by default. Don’t worry you can remove this with simple skype help. Uninstall skype click to call from the window control panel. Go to the web browser of your system and check for add-ons. If you find the skype add-on in it then open the tools from skype page and uncheck both the boxes to remove the skype particles from your browser. It is easy to replace the phone numbers on website with the help of copy and paste option if you are finding a solution for voice calling only. This is simple task and you can do it easily.


4. Unused skype credits finish after a certain period of time

Have you used a skype for calling on a landline number. If yes, then you might have noticed that there are few dollars that are lying around for credit. You have to use it within specific time limit. There is time limit of 180 days, after which skype deactivates your credit. The credit records will never get deleted but it hides in a virtual room. For more information and support, you can call at skype support number. The solution to this problem is; search for ‘reactivate credit’ option where your credit appears. If the button is not displayed on your screen then, visit the website for the same. You must sign in to your skype account for visiting this page.

5. Skype disturb with noisy notifications

 By default, skype will notify you about the new notification and message with the beep sound and chirp annoying noise. This will notify you even on somebody’s body, who is in your contact list. To change the settings: Go to tools then options and notifications. Under notifications, you will find the options there. Uncheck the box provided in front of each sound. To mute all the sounds, uncheck all the boxes and any additional information that contains sound option.