Skype is a software that is used to connect the friends and colleagues with you through chat and voice calling. You can call your friend and send him a text as well as video message on it. Moreover you can do video call and share your computer screen with the individual. You can do more things in broader way with the help of skype software. This program has now become a part of Microsoft. If you are facing any problem related to skype not connecting or problem with your phone calls then the problem is definitely with the internet connection or speed. We will try to troubleshoot this problem in this blog post.

The possible points that can be reason of this problem are discussed below. You have to go through the points carefully and sort out your problem of skype not working.

1. Do you have latest version of skype?

The latest version of software always come with the fixed bugs and issues that are observed in the previous versions. The skype version should always be latest and updated for best performance and proper calling. You can download the latest software from skype support website.

2. Internet connection

 Improper connection or bad network also results in poor quality of phone calls and frozen videos. The bandwidth requirement for the video calling is normally 2MBPS.  The signal if gets disconnected during the call also result in call failure. So make sure that the Wi-Fi signal is strong in your laptop. You can use Ethernet cable too for better signal strength.


  • Close the other programs that work on the internet or that is consuming the download volume of internet.
  • You can check the call quality speed with the help of indicator provided on the top right corner.

If everything is proper as we have discussed above then go to the following points that are going to be discussed below. You can take skype help from the support website also if you are having a common problem. The official site also provide the troubleshooting process for the most common issues.

3. Check the webcam, speaker and microphone

Sometimes the problem is with the microphone or with the video camera and you get the message that skype microphone not working. Check the mic and webcam of your system that is connected with it. Try to connect the external speaker and microphone rather than depending on the built-in hardware. You can check out the best mic and web cam that fits well with the skype on the internet. Other issues related to these hardware devices are:

  • Ensure that your mic is not muted or the volume of speaker is not on zero level.
  • Get it checked through test call. Test call button is provided on the home screen of skype. You voice will be recorded in the test call. You can check the quality by listening it afterwards.
  • Check the webcam by getting into the settings. If you see the streaming on the screen it means that the camera is working.
  • If the skype audio not working then your friend will not able to hear your voice and vice versa.
  • If you receive the echo of your voice then the problem is with the friend’s setup. Ask your friend to call back you again in this case.

4. Check The Computer

The system requirements also must be satisfied from both the sides otherwise problem may come.

  • Don’t sign up with skype when your laptop is in power saving mode.
  • Connect to skype only when your laptop is fully charged or you plugged the charger into laptop.
  • Check for any issues through the call quality indicator.