The next console of Microsoft is going to be a quadruped, but a heap of secrets is hidden in it.

Xbox Scorpio, the coming project of Microsoft has been designed like a next big step in the field of gaming hardware, even though the company states that it is almost like Xbox One and Xbox One S.

The Xbox Scorpio has been envisioned as a way to bring 4K HDR and VR gaming to your living room but isn’t exactly what you are expecting. Despite a planetary jump in terms of power, this gaming console isn’t the Xbox 2 or whatever the name you’d like to give this successor of Xbox One. This is just a progression of the current machine. During E3 2016 keynote session of Microsoft, the US tech company talked very little about its secret coming project. We saw the inspiring developer endorsements and facts about 6TFLOPs of graphical computing performance and the lusciousness of gameplay of 4K HDR.

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Besides these facts, no one knows about the upcoming project of Microsoft. We have collected some facts that are floating around the internet

  1. The way Microsoft is talking about Scorpio project it seems that it is still Xbox one at heart. Now the company is also coming up with Xbox One Slim so the everything is comparable between Xbox One, Xbox One Slim and Scorpio. This launch is not the full-fledged launch of a new console rather it is a high-end alternative for the people who want the best of Xbox One experience.
  2. The launch of Scorpio will be in the new year so that it could not overshadow the other project Xbox One Slim. The Scorpio is going to release almost after four years after the launch of Xbox One. No price has been announced currently but you can’t expect it to be cheap.
  3. We already know that by releasing Xbox Scorpio, Microsoft wants to try a different approach towards the gaming console. Just like Sony’s PS4 Pro, Scorpio is a release of mid-generation that has been composed to be a massive jump in the terms of power and potential, despite being its complete compatibility with old Xbox One games and hardware. But Microsoft is looking Scorpio as a different thing.
  4. Microsoft said that it wants to make Xbox Scorpio powerful and from the things and facts we are getting to know, it seems like that. One thing that Digital Foundry has come to know that it is coming up with AMD CPU which means that it is coming up with AMD’s vegs chip. By the announcement of the project by Microsoft one thing that comes in the knowledge that it is capable of transferring 320GB./Sec.
  5. Xbox Scorpio is fully compatible of playing Xbox one Peripherals and titles but Xbox one is not compatible of playing titles of Scorpio.
  6. It is, however, unclear what would be the price of Scorpio. But Microsoft is planning to trade in programs with retailers so as to soften the blow for those who want bigger and better gaming hardware.
  7. Scorpio is coming up with VR integration and Microsoft is taking it very seriously. Microsoft is working with Oculus on Scorpio for making the better VR integration in Scorpio.


  1. Sony fans will not feel happy after knowing the fact that Scorpio is more powerful and faster than PS4 Pro. It will be interesting to see how Xbox will stand in front of Ps 4 Pro in the field of pricing as Pro will be available to consumers at an acceptable price.
  2. As a fact, no one knows how Scorpio will look like. The Image of the final product of Microsoft will only be clear after its release.
  3. Microsoft has previously told that its Scorpio will be like a high-end PC worth thousands of dollars. By saying this, the company has given a very big hint related to the pricing of the Scorpio and it’s a good news for its fans. It’s likely that the price of Scorpio will be almost near PS4 Pro, whose current price is 349 pounds.

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