The best in class media streaming device is now powered by top class services. Roku Stick is now available with a proper support and assistance that will help its users to easily install the desired features and will eventually help in resolving any issue with the device.

The company has been working hard to provide the best possible help and assistance to their valuable clients across the globe. You just need to get in touch with them. Some people nowadays are experiences an issue which states as “Error 011”. This error is generally seen while you are installing your Roku device for the very first time. This means that the device has lost its connection with the Roku servers. This issue is caused due to some problem in connecting with the main Roku servers and is an indication of poor internet connection. Although a proper Roku help is provided by the company and they are always ready to serve you the best. Make sure that you get in touch with them and let them solve your problem.

How to troubleshoot the Error 011 issue on your own ?

This error can be easily eliminated by just following some simple steps. These steps contains a proper step by step guide to install your device for the very first time and will eventually help you in getting your job done without any difficulty. For more details you can visit the official website at www Roku com support anytime and search for various issues and their solution. Here is the list of things you can check and correct on your own:


  1. Check for the connections of the device to the wireless network, if they seem to be alright, then you must restart the device and then try to connect it to the servers.
  2. You must unplug the device from the main power source, wait for at least 30 seconds and then turn it on. Now check if the problem has vanished or not. If you still face the same issue then calling the experts will definitely work.
  3. Check for your internet connection. There could be nothing worse than a poor internet connection. If you have issues with your internet connection, try to contact your internet service provider immediately and try to solve the issue. The main requirement is of internet, so you can’t proceed further without having a good connection.
  4. Try to restart your wireless router on your own. This will eliminate any of the errors that are causing poor internet connectivity. Restarting will give you an idea about the internet connectivity. This thing works in most of the cases. For more details you can visit www Roku com link and search for the issues related with the internet connectivity.
  5. Apart from all these things, it is seen that sometimes you need to get in touch with the support team and get your issue resolved. They are professionals and will guide you the best in setting up your Roku device for the first time. Also, you can make a call to them or can have a chat session with the customer care executive. For this you have to visit the official website and click on customer support option. They will help you instantly and make sure you have your device and TV in ready state.

You can also seek for account related support from the service providers. They will assist you in setting up your device and creating a new account. Just search for Roku account setup on the website and you will be provided proper guidelines and further you can get in touch with the support team for any help.