Skype Is very good platform for communicating with the people who are far away from us even for the business purpose also. But sometimes you experience some calls issues. Read the article and know how you can troubleshoot the issues of Skype calls.

Skype lets you call or video call those people who are far away from us and make us feel that they are in front of us. Sometimes you encounter the issues like Skype Audio Not Working or the quality of calls is poor, calls are freezing, or delaying or dropping etc. So, you and person whom you are calling should follow these steps so that issue like Skype Not Working can be resolved easily:

  • Firstly, ensure that you and the person you are calling must be using the latest and updated version of Skype. Skype always tries to improve the quality for their best performance because there might be some features that may not work with or available with the older version.
  • If you are facing the problem of Skype Video Not Working or audio or video calls are freezing it means either your video is motion blur or it is blocked. It could be the fault of the internet connection used by you can person whom you are calling. If the connection is weak, then Skype will try or stop that calls altogether by bringing the quality of the calls.
  • If you are using a computer or laptop and issue like Skype Not Connecting occurs, then plug your Ethernet cable directly into router or modem. Try to move near to the router.
  • If you are using a mobile phone, then take a speed test app to check the performance of your mobile phone connection. After that check the results against the upload and download speeds required for Skype.
  • Check whether there is any other application which is interfering with your Skype calls. Applications related to file sharing, just opening the web browser and doing nothing over it, and streaming any audio or video files, these are the things the eats the bandwidth of the network connection and slower down its speed.
  • If you want to do a group call for this, the device or computer whatever you are using that is hosting a Skype call needs sufficient network bandwidth and processing power for the call. Having too many persons on a single call can sometimes cause call quality problems and put too much pressure on the hosting device. So, for improving the quality of the calls you need to ensure that the network connection is super strong and a powerful processor and reduce the number of persons on a single call.

So, these were the basic steps that you should check at your end and to the person whom you are calling that person’s end so that you may experience any issue during or making Skype calls.